5-Step Plan for Powerful Strategic Relationships: Get More Clients Fast with This Simple Execution Plan

Guest Post by Ryan Ketchum There are tons of powerful methods you can utilize to grow your personal training business. Referrals, social media, paid marketing, public speaking… the list goes on and on. One of the most misunderstood methods is leveraging strategic relationships or joint ventures to grow your business. Most of the time, these relationships are structured to be all take and no give. There really isn’t anything strategic about them, it’s just a “one and done” promo or ineffective trading of services. Sure, it’s great to get free haircuts or massages, but if you have a … [Read more...]

The Fitness Trainer’s Business Building Bible

This blog post could be called 'The Fitness Trainer's Business Building Bible' ...because it is TRUTH... If you're NOT focused on THIS stuff to grow your personal training business... immediately drop that other stuff you're doin' and do this stuff ... THIS is this "stuff" that will grow your business, get you clients, and put money in your bank...Now, as a reader of mine you most likely know that there are three big ways to make more money in your business...1. Get More Leads2. Convert More of Those Leads Into Paying Clients3. Maximize the Training Relationship in a Win/Win Way That … [Read more...]

Do You Offer Transformation Programs?

It's crazy that over 55 MILLION Americans join a gym or start a diet each year... And guess what their #1 goal is? Yup...you guessed it: Fat loss. They want to lose weight, transform their bodies and finally look and feel like the person that they’ve always wanted to be. They want to become the rock star version of themselves. They want to feel great and look sexy...yeah, even the dudes. HOWEVER... in spite of these 55,000,000 people’s best intentions, less than 10% are successful in losing weight and keeping it off. That's INSANE. But true... The typical dieter makes FOUR weight … [Read more...]

How to Make $200K Per Year as a Personal Trainer

I used to work in Texas honky tonks tossing out drunk and rowdy cowboys. And those boys could get WILD. Beer bottles flying at my head, switch blades coming at me, cowboy boots with blood all over 'em aiming for my head... I've dealt with it all. It was fun, but I didn't make much money at it. Being a bouncer doesn't pay all that well. Fortunately, being a trainer DOES pay well... IF your head is in the right place and you're focused on the right things, you can damn near set the world on fire. Earning a few hundred grand a year as a trainer is actually pretty easy. First start with … [Read more...]

Group Personal Training vs. Boot Camps

So there's no doubt that group personal training is BY FAR one of the best ways to make a great income in the training industry. It sure beats good ol' one-on-one training any day of the week. I mean, let’s face it, a lot of one-on-one PTs are nothing more than towel-carrying, rep-counting, wannabe therapists. Not all, but a lot. AND...most one-on-one trainers don’t make squat—usually less than $30K per year. With Group PT you can charge almost as much per client but train 4,6,8 people at a time. Personally my limit was 6 clients at a time, but some trainers are good with 8. (When I tried … [Read more...]

How to Charge More Than Other Personal Training Businesses and Bootcamps

I wanna share with you something that holds a lot of great trainers back from being able to charge what they're worth. I'm talking about trainers who know what they're doing in the gym, love helping people, have a clear idea of where they want their business to be, spend time marketing, care about their clients getting results and do everything in their power to help their clients get those results... But this one thing holds em' back and keeps em' competing on price—which is something you DEFINITELY do not wanna do They don't differentiate themselves from every other training program … [Read more...]

7 MASSIVE Mistakes I Made in My Personal Training Business

I've made soooo many mistakes in my training business it's ridiculous Fortunately I learned And fortunately for you, you can learn from MY mistakes... saving you a ton of time and money in the process Some of these mistakes I made early in my career and fixed 'em right away And some mistakes I made for YEARS before I finally learned and made the necessary adjustments And when I did, my training business grew faster than ever Here's 7 mistakes I made in my training business that you don't have to make... 1. I saw what the trainers around me were doing and did the same If you're modeling … [Read more...]

Don’t Do These 19 Things if You Want More Personal Training Clients

Here's 19 things you DON'T wanna do if you want more personal training or bootcamp clients... 1. Don't get your clients results 2. Use big technical words when you describe what you do so you can sound smart 3. Sleep with as many of your clients as you can 4. Injure as many of your clients possible, ideally while you're sleeping with them 5. Check yourself out in the mirror the entire time you train 6. Train in a monotone voice 7. Yell at your clients like a drill sergeant 8. Think about ways to get new clients... but don't actually get out there and do it 9. Only focus on training … [Read more...]

6 Big Reasons to Offer Transformation Programs

Guest post by Rob King If you are not running transformation programs as a part of your fitness business, you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity. These are a chance for you to expand your business while helping a lot of your clients attain their goals. I know a little about transformation.  In fact, I have been referred to as the "Transformation King.”  Not bad for a guy who started out with a group of only 9 clients! If you do not offer transformation programs as a part of in your business, now is the time to consider getting some started.  Here are 6 reasons why you need to add … [Read more...]

How to Get and KEEP Personal Training Clients

Hey it's Big Chris. Here's a short video from Grant Lofthouse all about a great way to get and KEEP personal training clients Grant is a trainer and facility owner in Australia and was one of my original 60 Day Fast Track Coaching Clients In this video Grant shares one of the client-getting and retention strategies that he's been using this past year and has been working like gang busters for him But ONLY watch this video if you get your clients RESULTS ok, otherwise this does not matter one bit. Results first. Grant is a serious action taker, which is KEY if you wanna succeed in your … [Read more...]

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