Personal Training Websites That Rock

A Personal Training Websites Guest Post by J. Brown

If you’re starting out in the personal training industry you absolutely must create a great website to market your fitness business. Personal training websites help you to pull in clients from the internet, and also give you a place to direct potential clients to which speaks for itself and markets your business without you having to lift a finger once it’s up.

By not having personal training websites you’re missing out on a lot of potential clients that you could sign up. Everyone these days is online and most people, if they are looking for a product or service, such as personal training, will search the internet to find what they are looking for. A lot of people, if they can’t find something online won’t bother to call the company because they see a business without a website as either a sketchy business, or one that just isn’t on top of things.

You definitely don’t want to be seen in that light, so let’s take a look at what some great personal training websites do to not only get visitors to their site, but make sure their site is convincing people to sign up for their training:

  • Pictures: Great personal training websites feature things like lots of before and after pictures.  You’re strongest selling point is your results, so make sure to include as many before and after photos as you can.  Nothing sells a personal training client like seeing the great results others have been able to achieve working out with you.  If you don’t have before and after pictures right now, try and get a recent “closer to after” photo of your client and talk about how much weight they have lost since working out with you.  If not that, then at least get photos of your clients working out and having fun so that your page isn’t without pictures.
  • Sales Copy: Make sure that your page has good sales copy on it, for ideas check out other personal training websites to see how they layout the text, use bold text and colors to make the page flow, and insert headlines to draw the reader’s attention down the page.  Your salescopy should be carefully tailored to show people why you are the answer to their fitness problems.  Don’t skip over any benefits that your training service offers.  Sit down and think about what you offer that someone looking for a trainer would want.  Even if it’s a small detail, don’t forget to list it as a benefit.  Don’t assume that your reader will understand what personal training entails, a lot of people have no idea, so don’t be afraid to really market yourself and how amazing your program is.
  • Optimization: For people to find your personal training websites you need to have the page optimized to show up in the search engines.  There are a lot of tips on this site and the internet on how to optimize your site to make sure it is Google friendly and will rank highly in the search engines.  If your site isn’t showing up well in the search engines that will cut back a lot on visitors to your site.

Be sure to set up a website as soon as you can so you can start pulling clients in from the internet like other personal training websites do.

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