How to Make Money As a Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer Business Guest Post by J. Brown

You’ve probably looked up how much money personal trainers make when you looked at getting into this industry, and I’m sure you weren’t excited to see that in the US, the average personal training salary is about $35,000 per year. Not impressive at all. So how do you make money as a personal trainer?

Obviously if the average is so low then the majority of trainers aren’t making good money, but there are a few out there who are very successful at what they do. The first thing to look at to make money as a personal trainer, is to find out what the successful trainers are doing to build their business. What types of marketing are they focusing on? How do they organize their business? Looking into these questions is a great way to start figuring out how to make money as a personal trainer.

One thing you need to consider is that a lot of trainers who are making only $35,000. are stuck doing one on one training, where they are limited in how much they can reasonably charge a person. However, if you start doing group training you can charge a group of 4-6 people a lower rate and make two to three times as much as if you just had a one on one client. It’s also often easier for your clients to reach their goals in group training because they have a slightly competitive environment where they are likely to push themselves more than they would otherwise. Also, groups will help you with client retention as they form a social network that people are slow to leave. If your group sessions are fun you will keep your clients for much longer than if they’re working out alone and aren’t that excited to be there. It’s easier to keep the energy up in a group than with a single client who doesn’t have the push of others working out as part of their group.

Group training is an awesome way to make money as a personal trainer, but you have to be careful to organize it right or your clients will get frustrated. For tips on how to make money as a personal trainer check out the Group Training Exploder program which explains in detail how to set up a group training program. It’s great because it walks you through choosing the perfect location, marketing to your target market, and how to bill your clients and handle business issues that come up when running a group training program. Some of the most successful personal trainers in the industry have contributed to putting this information together to clearly show you that you can make money as a personal trainer.

Another resource for you to check out as a personal trainer are the archives of articles on this site, which you can access through the categories to the right, or via the search bar above. There is a TON of free content available that will help you grow your business. Also check out the “Build your Business” page above for more products that you may be interested in to help you with gym advertising and developing personal training business plans.
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