Gym Promotions: More Than Just Getting You Clients

As a businessperson and gym owner, I’m sure you are aware about how promotions can work for you. One common use of promotions in business is to attract more customers to that business. But promotions can do more than that.

All About Promotions

More than just increase your gym’s clients, promotions can also help build your brand image, promote new products, position yourself in the market, among others.

Another useful concept you must understand when it comes to promotions is that they are divided into two categories: above the line and below the line. Above the line promotions are those promotions made in the media (TV, radio, newspapers, internet, and – until recently – mobile phones).

Meanwhile, below the line promotions are other forms of promotions outside the media. They include product endorsements, sponsorships, direct mail and personal relations.

Setting Goals for Your Promotions

But before you jump into brainstorming promotions for your gym, ask yourself this questions first: what is my goal for a particular promotion?

Having clear goals with your promotions will help you figure out what kind of promotion would suit your business best.

Promotional Ideas for Your Gym

Below are some ideas for promotions for your business and suggestions on when and where you can use them.

1. Offer discounts. This is probably the most familiar form of promotion to most people. Offering discounts to your prospective clients entices them to try out your gym with little risk (because they’re paying less than the regular price). You can maximize your profit further by offering discounts when your prospects sign up in groups.

2. Organize promotional activities. You can get more people interested in your gym by organizing an activity that lets your current clients bring a number of their friends and family members to train with them for a day. It lets your prospective clients try out your facilities with no risk. And what’s more, they’ll be more interested in signing up with you because a friend or family member recommended your gym to them!

3. Tie up with other businesses. One way of cutting your promotional costs would be to share it with other businesses. Say you partner with a store that sells health food. You can come up with a cross-promo that will offer people discounts to your gym if they spend a certain amount in the health food store.

4. Contribute to your community. This is a public relations strategy that will help improve your company’s image. You can do this by taking up a certain cause and supporting it. Want to combat obesity? Do a PR drive about it.

5. Join trade shows. Trade shows are a great way to showcase what your gym has to offer to a much wider audience. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t just give you the chance to look for new clients, but also for new business partners as well.

There are countless more promotions that you can come up with, I’m sure. But always remember that your goals must be clear before you start a promotional campaign. It makes your promotions more effective and keeps you from wasting money.

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  1. Great suggestions, I’m in the process of implementing a few of these ideas for our gym!

  2. How good it would be to build a system that would do all these above mentioned tips ? I am working on the prototype for the same and would be happy to get more inputs from you.
    Appreciate your help ..thanks.

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