Learn the Best Places to Advertise Your Personal Training Services

A Personal Training Advertising Guest Post by Joe T.

As a personal trainer, you’re always on the lookout for new clients and expanding your network. So one day, you decide to advertise your services. “But what are the best places to advertise my personal training services?” comes the question. And it’s an important question because advertising costs money, and if you don’t use that money wisely, you’ll definitely put it down the drain.

But before you try going on the quest to finding the best place to advertise, ask yourself this question first, “who is your market?” Your advertising efforts should always begin with that important question because that will define where your advertisement will work.

If, for example, you’re targeting post-natal moms who want to lose weight quickly, look for publications or websites that cater to this market. Or if you don’t find exactly that kind of market, find publishers that come closest to it.

Why do you want to be very specific, rather than advertise on the biggest fitness publications instead? You can do that too if you have the budget, but I’m suggesting that your ad campaign be specific enough because you’ll get better responses this way. That’s because these are people who are already interested on the problems that you wish to solve.

Going back to the example of the post-natal moms, placing an ad on a publication that caters to this market has more chances of getting a response than placing it on a popular magazine that caters to health-conscious men and women. See where I’m getting at?

Now we got the advertising on publications part covered. We then move on to a more subtle way of advertising your services – having speaking engagements for as often as you can. How do you sell yourself this way?

Having regular speaking engagements make you more visible to your target market. And visibility is one of the important aspects of advertising. But you don’t stop at being visible. By speaking in public regularly, you gradually establish yourself as an expert in your field. And being considered an expert is a credential that all successful personal trainers have in common.

Another thing is that when you establish yourself as an expert, you earn the respect of your colleagues who can help sell your expertise through referrals, testimonials and yes, even more speaking engagements.

What if you’re afraid of speaking in public? Sure, it can be difficult to sell yourself if you’re shy. But don’t worry because shyness is a trait that you can learn to overcome. Take courses on public speaking if you must. Because think about it: the potential to drive your business in high gear far outweighs your fear of speaking in public.

So when looking for the best places to advertise your personal training services, do it the traditional way and the way where a lot of trainers won’t go. Just remember that when advertising, always consider your target market because it makes your advertising campaign easier to wage and more affordable.

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