Tips on How to Advertise Your Personal Training Business

A Personal Training Business Guest Post by Joe T.

Getting the word out about your personal training business can be pretty challenging considering the costs you may incur and the risks involved in spending money for advertising. But I’m sure that you’re used to facing challenges and overcoming them since you’re a personal trainer.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the things that you can do when you want to advertise your personal training business.

First of all, you must be aware of who your target market is. When you are familiar with the people you wish to sell your services to, it would be much easier to find the best places where you can advertise your services.

So if you know the profile of your typical customer and the publications they read and the websites they visit, you can have a laundry list of possible publications and websites you should advertise at.

Now that you found your target market and the publications you will advertise at, comes the next question, “how would you spend your advertising money?” Although there isn’t a clear cut solution to this question, I suggest that you familiarize yourself first with the medium you wish you advertise at.

For example, you wish to advertise at a publication. Although you have the money to spend to place an ad at the inside cover of a popular magazine for only one issue, you would probably do better if you spend your money on smaller ads for several months. Why? Because it doesn’t take a single step for people to get interested with your product. Some people don’t notice your ad the first few times you publish it. So place your ads in publications as frequently as your budget allows. Awareness only begins with frequency.

Now let’s move on to the internet. There are companies that offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising like Google and Yahoo that allows you to advertise based on the keywords you choose. You then pay for each successful click to your ad that leads to your desired landing page.

So how do you choose keywords? These PPC companies have tools to let you choose the best keywords you think will work for you. However, keep in mind that the more popular the keywords are, the more competition there is to use them. And with competition comes the higher price for these keywords. Popular keywords can easily cost you at least $5 for each link. Pretty expensive, right?

To cut your costs for your PPC campaign, I suggest you target popular keywords with little competition. That way, you get more chances of getting qualified clicks for a cheaper cost. Google and Yahoo and other keyword research tools can help you find out which keywords are popular and have less competition.

Again, advertising has its own share of risks. A particular campaign may not work, for example, costing you a good amount of money. But to lessen your risks, make sure you do your research well and keep on testing until you come up with the formula that works best for you.

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