Advertising a Personal Training Business or Fitness Boot Camp On The Internet

Eight years ago I had just gotten sober off of a buffet of heavy narcotics, negative thinking and bad decisions. The year was 2000, and at the time I didn’t even have the balls to walk into a Target or some other minimum wage job and ask for an application… the thought TOTALLY freaked me out.

My opinion of my self was pretty low, plus my rap sheet didn’t help… kinda hard to walk into a place and say “I’m a convicted felon and I haven’t worked in years but I know I can bring a lot to the table”… trust me, it sucks…

Fast forward just a few years and I own a personal training business that does a high six figures a year, have 15 trainers working for me and the business takes less than an hour a day of my time, A LOT less actually.

On top of that I have more $200 an hour coaching clients than I can handle and an online internet marketing curriculum ( Market Annihilator ) that does extremely well… in fact it sold out in six days.

Funny thing is, I ain’t the brightest cat in the world… yet my businesses continue to grow and thrive, even in what some people would call a temperamental economy.

The key to building my personal training business ( as well as my other businesses) has been advertising on the internet. While it’s true, many types of online advertising don’t work (even though the annoying solicitors who call my business everyday SWEAR that their product or service is the best and gets amazing results… LIARS), there are a few things online that work continue to work for me on a consistent basis… and those few things can make you financially successful very quickly.

For example, many of my Market Annihilator members have already gotten to the top of the search engines and made more than enough money to pay off their entire cost of the year long program and put a nice down payment down on house… and the friggin’ program’s only been open six weeks and has just barely started to scratch the surface of my methods… soon I’ll be showing them how to not only get to the top of Google, but how to own as much of the first page of Google as they want, just like I’ve done and many of my coaching clients do.

The power of properly advertising a personal training business or boot camp on the internet is far beyond what 99.9% would ever believe… in fact if I wasn’t the guy getting all these results, I probably wouldn’t believe it myself.

And it’s actually pretty simple… you get found by your target market, convert them into paying clients and then get to stash massive amounts of money away into you bank account… it’s a pretty sweet deal when done properly.

Here’s a few of my favorite fitness business internet marketing and advertising strategies:

1. Get to the top of the Googles… that would include Google organic, Google Adwords and Google Local

To get to the top of Google organic, build a big website with lots of pages optimized for each of your keyword phrases.

So say for example you run personal training and a few boot camps and want your advertising efforts and website to reach 10 cities, you would optimize a page for each city mixed with your service phrases ( personal training, boot camps, fitness studio, weigh loss…. whatever it is you offer… mixed with each of your locations)

Let’s say you offer personal training, fitness boot camps and weight loss programs to ten cities, then you would want a MINIMUM of 30 pages, each optimized for the phrase for that page, with a 1-5% ( give or take) keyword density, your keywords in the title tag and with other pages on your site using that keyword phrase to point to that page.

Then you wanna go get as many links as possible from other sites on the internet that are related to the topic of your site to point to the individual optimized pages.

You can get these links mostly through creating link bait and providing high quality content to other sites. Getting listed in BOTW and Yahoo Directory will help as well.

To get to the top of Google Adwords create good direct response ads in multiple ad groups using your keywords for the searched phrase in the individual ads themselves. ONLY use ‘exact’ and ‘phrase’ match keywords and avoid ‘broad match’ like you’d avoid your psycho ex-girlfriend… ya know, the one who burned up all your stuff, tried to poison your dog and called you 32 times a day leaving evil messages about how you’re a no good S.O.B… that one.

Use lot’s of ‘negative’ keyword matches for terms you don’t want your ads to show for when typed in with your query ( which should be TONS)

Use positioning preferences and only bid for top positions.

Turn OFF the ‘content network’

Keep your quality score high, make sure your ads AND landing pages are optimized for the same phrases, and have contact and privacy policy links on your landing pages.

Continue to improve your click through rates by split testing your ads and constantly trying to beat the control.

Advertising your business with Google Adwords is one of the best things you can do, just make sure to do it correctly.

To get to the top of Google Local – I explained in detail how to do this in the Market Annihilator Program the other day and it’s far beyond the scope of this post, but lets just say it doesn’t hurt to be close to the city center as defined by Google Maps.

2. Use good solid direct response advertising techniques– Starting with a killer headline that gets the page read, load it with TONS of social proof ( including a sh*tload of before and after pics) and use a strong call to action.

Here’s a few good direct response personal training and boot camp sites from my consulting clients and Market Annihilator members:

(please don’t plagiarize their sites)

3. Get a nice following on Twitter… while I haven’t done this for personal training business or boot camps yet, I do it for my blog, and I can tell you the results have been nothing short of amazing in terms of driving traffic from Twitter to these posts ( super high click through rates)

If you aren’t already, be sure to follow me on Twitter, here’s my profile

4. Set up an auto-responder and send your list high quality content on a regular basis. As long as you do this you can pitch your list hard once in a while and get a great response, just be sure to to give more content related emails than you do pitch emails.

I’ve found the best content related emails are short and send people directly to a blog post through a few simple teaser sentences.

If you’d like to see how I do this, be sure to opt-in for my email list here


5. And quite simply, to learn more about how to do all this come back to this blog on a regular basis.

And if you’re a member of the Market Annihilator I’ll be walking you through all my ninja internet marketing strategies step-by-step in the video modules for advertising a personal training business, boot camp, fitness studio or fitness info product online.


  1. Good stuff Chris. This post is a great example of giving away awesome content first.

  2. Chris,

    Good advice. Don’t Forget about setting up a couple of web pages describing the local fitness scene and then get other trainers linking to that page for you.

  3. I’m actually running a bootcamp experiment right now to see how it works out – should be crazy – Awesome tip about getting that headline – CRUCIAL –

  4. Right on Chris.
    You’ve definitely done your homework with internet marketing (and direct response).

    The one method that I am apprehensive about is adwords.
    But, I’m sure you’ll clear that up in the annihilator program.

    Peace. :)

  5. Chris,

    Dude as always you are providing killer content. I know that with what I am learning from you and the boys at PTU that before too long I will be massive amount of people and makin tons more cash through my blog and own business than I am now working for a big gym. All the while heading towards what I perceive as an ideal lifestyle.

    Thanks again mate and see you soon

    Adam Toohey

  6. Great insight on Google AdWords! Thanks Chris.

  7. Chris McCombs says:

    Hey thanks for all the awesome words guys

    Alexander – we’ll definitely going super deep into the Adwords stuff in the Market Annihilator

    Adam – Happy to support you in the journey my man

    Kaiser – LOVE the new forum on your site man

  8. Chris,
    I found you by accident a few months ago and now I’m scratching my head wondering why I hadn’t found you earlier.
    Your information is right on the mark and will be very helpful in building my business.
    Thanks a lot Chris!

  9. hey chris, ive been working for major gyms and earning a decent wage through private PT but now is the time to change that, help!!
    im no computer whizz and making webpages just doesnt seem my thing haha

  10. Great marketing tips, I have used some of these and beginning to get results, will try slome of the tips here.
    Recommend using these tips for sure.

  11. Good Stuff here! Local Search Results are so important and the auto-responder is money in the bank!

  12. Hello there, just became alert to your website through Yahoo, and found that it is truly informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I will be grateful if you keep going this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers, Verlene Lewton!

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