43 KILLER Fitness Marketing Tips

Recently I asked some of my friends, cohorts, esteemed colleagues, co-defendants, coaching clients and fellow fitness marketers to spill the beans for you on their favorite fitness marketing tips.

After a few emails and a little convincing that I wouldn’t steal their ideas and claim them my own I was able to get some pretty damn good tips back. Some of these guys are guru’s, other are hardcore marketers and still others are just dudes who own extremely successful fitness businesses. But all of them gave some pretty killer tips.

After you read the post, be sure to leave a comment letting me know…

1. Which was your favorite tip

2. Add any tips of your own we didn’t cover here that are working in your business today

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Here are the tips, in no particular order… pretty much I just popped em’ up as the emails came in… and Justin was the first one to get back to me…

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Justin “Young Gun” Goff

1. Make connections with bloggers in your industry

Become good enough friends with the bloggers in your industry so that when you have a GOOD post they won’t think twice about linking to the post.

2. Write killer content and feature it in your navigation bar

Good content that gets featured in your nav bar gives new people to your site a place to look at right away. If they find great content on their first trip, they’ll be more likely to come back

3. Know EXACTLY what your customer wants

Don’t guess when it comes to this, find out through asking them or surveying them. If you are marketing to them with the wrong appeal, you missed out on a TON of money by not understanding what they really want. EVERYTHING becomes easy when you truly know what your customer wants and why they want it.

Justin has a fitness marketing blog at JustinGoff.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Kaiser “F*ck The Gym” Serrajudin

Ha!  Flattered Chris would include me in this thing!  Until very recently I was waiting for the “internet fad” to die out – looks like it’s not going anywhere so I decided to get on board.  So as you can imagine, my best marketing tactics are really “anti-tactics”.

Here we go…

1. Build yourself up in the real world

In my mind the web is just an extension of the real world.  It’s not the place to create a fantasy reality.  So if you work on building yourself up in the real world, it translates really well online.  It makes everything you do and talk about 10x more powerful.

2. It’s all about people

The people you know is power.  And the web has made knowing people easier than ever. We (or maybe just me) are only beginning to figure this part out.  Embrace it. Make 20 new friends a day. It’s impossible to maintain, but try it for a while and see how wide your reality is blown open.

3.  Always speak to root, real world desires

At the end of the day, we all want more importance, more social value, more self-esteem, more influence over others.  I relate anything I talk about back to these root desires.  I think it helps the value and application of what I’m talking about come through that much stronger.

So as you can see, all my biggest tactics are just about content – no marketing voodoo here.  But I’ve got some of the most active and ravenous readership on any blog I’ve seen on the web, fitness or otherwise.  So I think I just might be onto something …

Kaiser has personal trainer marketing blog at Super-Trainer.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Bedros “The Crusher” Keuilian

Three of my favorite fitness marketing tactics are also the easiest to do and most cost effective because they require no postage, so printing, no ads – nothing.

1. Dial for dollars

I recommend this to my 12 month mentorship clients when they need a surge in their business. You probably have active and inactive clients as well as prospects that you were unable to close in the past. And you probably have all their phone number, right?

If you can muster up 20-30 numbers and craft three call scripts (referrals request, reactivation, and consultation offer) you can easily pull 4-8 new clients without spending a dime within a couple days.

2. Belly to belly

Most trainers get freaked out by this but it’s one of the best and most cost effective marketing strategies. Think off all the places you go throughout the day and all the potential clients you pass by…

Get in front of people. Talk face to face. Ask open ended questions and lead them to wanting more. Then get their number, set an appointment and make the sale.

3. Professional referrals

How many businesses are there in your area who serve you potential clientele? What are you doing to get a constant flow of referrals from them? Consider bartering training for lead generation or referrals or endorsed mailings.

Return the favor. Target three businesses and send them leads and then and condition them to do the same for you.

Learn more about Bedros at 100newclients.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Zach “Killin’ It Bruddha” Even-Esh

1. Videos

This is an awesome way to connect with your fans, and allows you to express and show who you are to a much greater degree than e mails / words alone

2. REAL Life

The hand shake still rules, and with technology so huge, having live events and gatherings where you can elevate the human experience way beyond what can be done simply through the web is a HUGE advantage

3. Showing you genuinely care!

Not enough dudes on the internet give a sh*t…

If you truly care and truly want your fans to succeed by following you and investing in your products you will make BIG gains in business. I had a dude come to my $1,200 Underground Strength Coach Certification because he said “Out of all the big name strength coaches I e mailed, you’re the only one who ever replied and took the time to show you care.”

Zach has a blog at ZachEven-Esh.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Sean “Beast from the East” Khang

Here’s my top three Marketing Tactics…

1. Article Marketing

Amazing what you can do with 1 piece of really good content and spin it to various different article directories, web 2.0 sites and create rss feeds and have them all point back to your site for extra page rank love from google. This is a killer strategy to get lots of traffic fast!

2. Video Marketing

This is the age of Youtube folks. Youtube is the #2 search engine behind Google in terms of sheer traffic and searches.

With one video you can get thousands a people to your site,within 24 hrs. This is how you create thousands of $$$ overnight!

3. Giving away free stuff and build your list!

Face it, tactics come and go, as do sales, or commissions, BUT if you have a list of loyal subscribers who you build a relationship with, you will never go hungry.

Frank Kern built a multi-million dollar business with a list of 8,000 people. Jason Moffatt makes a high 6 figures (closer to 7) with a list of 6,000 people. Build a list, give them good stuff, and sell them better stuff and you’ll have all the money you need.


Sean has a site at InternetSurvivorman.com he keeps his real sites on the down low ( he’s one of my close friends who isn’t in our industry but happens to be an internet marketing whiz)

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Jim “Who Loves Ya?” Labadie

1. Public speaking

I don’t think anything out there is more productive. Why sell to one person when you can sell to 20,30, 50, 100 or more at one time?

It instantly positions you as an expert. And because there are so many groups, clubs and organizations looking for speakers there’s no better cost-efficient method for bringing in clients or campers fast.

2. Networking

Get out and meet people. Become known in your community as THE fitness expert. Going to networking meetings is probably the very best method for finding speaking engagements.

3. Hustle

Now this isn’t an exact marketing tactic. But nothing gets done without hustle. The fitness pros that I’ve worked with that are successful get after it in a BIG way.

Talk is cheap. It’s a cliché, but it’s true… Actions speak louder than words.

Jim has a fitness business building blog with Pat Rigsby and Nick Berry at PatNickandJim.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

AJ “I Squat a F*ckin’ Thousand Pounds” Roberts

I’m not a big fan of paying for marketing and being that most people use the internet to find what they are looking for so my focus would always be to dominate the Google search rankings.

With that in mind here are my 3 biggest tips to achieve this…

1. Build a content rich site

You need to load your site with content. 1 or 2 keyword rich articles will just not cut it. You need 1000’s! If you don’t have the time to sit and write these then outsource this.

The more you have the better you’ll rank.

2. Create videos

Google recently brought Youtube and so now you see lots of videos popping up on the search pages that rank really well for the related terms. So if your video isn’t showing up then someone else’s will be. Make sure to brand the video with you url as well as including it in your description so that people know where to find you.

3. Submit Online Press Releases

Google loves up to date news and online press releases for one reason or another always rank well. I reccomend trying to a press release at least once a week.

AJ is one of the brains behind PersonalTrainerU.com, as well as one of those crazy mofo’s who’s idea of a good time is pickin’ up really heavy sh*t

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Pat “Good Ole’ Boy” Rigsby

Pat’s 3 Favorite Marketing Tactics…

1. Reactivating Former Clients and Old Prospects

These people already know you and have shown an interest in what you offer. Heck, some of them have even worked with you.  Go back to them with a special offer and turn them (back) into clients.

As a bonus... there is no better time than the first of the year to do this while everyone is giving some thought to getting in shape.

2. Public Speaking / Networking

I put these two together mainly so I could squeeze in four marketing strategies, but they are related.  There is nothing better than face to face marketing.  There is no postcard, e-mail or newspaper ad that can compare to talking to someone in person.

Make a point of meeting several new people each day and adding them to your personal network. If you want to put this strategy on steroids, make sure you’re doing at least two public speaking engagements each month.  Not only will you be meeting significantly more people – but you’ll instantly be positioned as the resident fitness expert in your area.

3. UpSells and Backend Sales

There is NO ONE better to sell to than your current clients.  If someone is purchasing a training program from you, make them an offer at the point of sale and upgrade them to a nutritional coaching program, a bigger training program or a dietary supplement package that will compliment what they’ve already purchased.

If they’ve been with you for a while, you should know what products and services you can provide that would benefit them – so sell those products and services to them.  If it’s not something you currently offer – create new programs and packages to sell to your current clients.

Pat Rigsby has a fitness business building blog with Jim Labadie and Nick Berry at PatNickandJim.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Scott “Fit Bastard” Tousignant

It’s no surprise that my 3 favorite fitness marketing tips all involve social media. Use these resources and watch your business skyrocket…

1. YouTube Annotations

Youtube is so much more than a tool to upload videos. You’ve got to think of it as your own television station. When you incorporate YouTube Annotations in your videos you will keep your viewers on your channel longer which allows you to build and enhance your relationship and trust with them. Plus it keeps them away from your competitors channels.

2. Ustream Broadcasts

Ustream is the most effective way to communicate with your customers and potential customers. It incorporates both the power of live video and live chat. You can use Ustream to educate your viewers, soft sell your own products, or soft sell an affiliate product that you are promoting. The most effective way to use Ustream would be to have a regular broadcast schedule.

3. Twitter Hashtags

Think of Twitter hashtags (#) as a huge conversation on a trending topic. You can either participate in other trending topics that your customers or joint venture partners are participating in or create your own trending topic.

For example… immediately after you run a fitness bootcamp you could have all your clients log onto Twitter and share what exercise they liked the best, what their goals are from your bootcamp, or what areas they need help with the most.

It’s important that you tell them the hashtag to use such as #bootcamp and to include it in EVERY tweet regarding your bootcamp. If you have 25 to 50 people using your hashtag in the same hour, you could become a trending topic, especially if hey are tweeting more than once. Becoming a trending topic on Twitter will catch the attention of tens of thousands of people and have them wondering what your bootcamp is all about.

You can learn more about Scott at SocialMediaProfitCoach.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Sam “I Make Seven Figures in My SLEEP” Bakhtiar

1. You have to have a Kick ass website. A kick ass website should have all of these

  • Should be optimized for the words personal trainer, personal training, bootcamp, Boot Camps, weight loss, fitness trainer, fitness training AND any word that pertains to your business for the city or cities that you want to draw clients from. (Refer to Market Annihilator)
  • Should have a killer copy. If writing is not one of your strong points then I suggest hiring a professional copy writer.
  • The best system to follow for a copy is PROBLEM, AGITATION, SOLUTION, and SOCIAL PROOF. (to read more about this refer to the art of selling fitness)
  • Social proof, Social proof, Social proof. need I say more. The more testimonials you have the better. Can’t have too many testimonials.(I especially love video testimonials)
  • Risk Reversal. You have to assure them that you stand behind your work and they have nothing to lose by trying it. You can use 100% money back guarantee or some version of that. I know a friend of mine offers get in shape or we will train you for free until you do. His boot camp is BOOMING.
  • Generate leads by offering them something of value (report, audio program, etc…) in exchange for their email information.
  • Make sure all the leads go systematically to an autoresponder. This way they you following up with them consistently without lifting a finger.

2. Ask your existing clients for referrals

Give your clients incentives to refer you their family and friends.

What’s a client is worth to you? $1500, $3000?

Then do something generous for the person that referred you.

I offer my clients a month of free personal training for bringing their friends and family. It’s a total win/win. So many trainers overlook this easy and simple way to get clients.

Look, if you have crappy service and you don’t take care of your clients obviously this is not for you. But if you have excellent service and you are dedicated to your clients then why wouldn’t they refer you their family and friends.

Each and everyone of your clients have a sphere of influence and a network of friends and family. It is your DUTY to systematically remind them and incentivize them for referring to you.

I also give my clients gift card for two to a local restaurant or to the movies. You will be amazed on how something as little as that can get them to refer you more and more clients.

Best of all it is the cheapest way that I know to get a new client.

Remember your house list (list of people that you have at one time or another done business with) is the most responsive.

I ask for referrals in my autoresponders (I use Icontact), in my post cards(I use sendoutcards, see personal trainer university), in my gym via posted signs.

3. Stop being cheap and invest in your business by hiring a coach

Look here, I don’t get paid a shiny red cent for referring people to anyone but I will tell you this. I was the most successful trainer in the area before I decided to hire coaches and mentors to help me with my business.

Why did I hire business coaches when I was already successful?

It’s the same reason that you workout 3-6 days a week even though you are already in shape. As far as I am concerned you are either getting better or worse. There is no staying the same.

I think it’s funny how the most successful trainer in the area was also the first trainer in the area to ask for help. Coincidence I DON’T THINK SO.

A few years ago I was making a very good living working 14 hours a day. Today with the help of my mentors (both Bedros Keuilian and Chris McCombs) and self education I make twice that while working 2-3 hours a day.

4. Ok I know Chris asked me to post three BUT I have to put this in otherwise I can’t go to sleep and I feel like I cheated everyone

EFT, EFT, EFT, EFT. OK let me spell it out… electronic funds transfer.

You must absolutely build your EFT base so that you have some peace of mind. It feels good to know that you only have to sell a client once.

Gone are the days that every month you have to resell the client over and over again. It’s brutal.  I used to have NIGHTMARES about approaching clients to re-up.

Nowadays I know that if for some reason (like November this year when the economy everywhere suddenly stopped) if I don’t have any new sign ups then I still have plenty of money coming in. Hey companies like 24 hour fitness and L.A. fitness build their empires based on this. Why not model success?

Sam owns a gym in Chino Hills Ca that makes a KILLING, here’s the website for the gym FitConcepts.com

Sams site is totally pimp by the way

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Zach “Murder Rap” Hunt

Here’s My Top 3 Big-Gun Fitness Marketing and Business Building Tactics…

1. Have a Back Story

Just like with the example of Claude Hopkins promoting Schlitz Beer to #1, having a back story or reason why you exist can be uber powerful.

It’s all about presenting your service or experience in a way that bonds your reader to what you offer and locks them in.

9 out of 10 of my clients say what really made them respond was seeing my story on my website and how I had been through it all. If you weren’t “overweight” before, tell about how you fell over and hit your head one day and now see the world differently.

2. Membership To System / NOT Sessions

Without a doubt one of the best moves I made was when switching from blocks, sessions or packages to monthly “memberships” / transformation programs.

I sell all my programs as more than just sessions each month. They are everything needed to get to the body you want. Training, nutrition, coaching, unlimited calls / emails (although hardly anyone does), sold on a monthly basis with up to 1, 2, 3 or 4 sessions weekly. Meaning the monthly fees are the same for their program, no matter how many times they show that month.

3. Automation

It can truly transform your business. If I had to collect 81 checks from clients each month, I’d go shoot another snow plow driver right away (“Murder Rap” Zach – to be explained soon, stay tuned).

It’s quite a bit more relaxing to just see 81 charges to checking and credit card accounts come through to my email.

While billing is one area, this applies to marketing, client management, retention, training, and website. Automation may means, email campaigns to new clients, referral stimulation, website domination – link building, content generation, and so on.

Organize, systematize and automate or delegate.

Check out Zachs site that kills it in terms of search engines and conversions SpokaneFitnessCoach.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Steve “Pick-Up Artist” Hochman

Chris asked me for my three top fitness marketing tips, but just like I do in my training I decided to OVER-DELIVER…

Here’s 7 Ways To Skyrocket Your PT Profits Without Spending A Fu**ing Dime!

When I used to suck at Internet marketing, I had to come up with unconventional ways to make a 250k a year as a personal trainer.

And here’s my top 7

1. Brainwash Your Clients For Referrals

When your client first meets you, a new neural connection is made in their brain.

So what you say and do on the first day will be forever burned into their noggin.

On day one, here’s what you say…

“Mrs Jones,90% of my clients come form personal referrals. Make this agreement with me. As I help you achieve your goals, can I count on you to refer me two or three of your friends so that I can achieve my goals?”

BAM! Mrs. Jones is now programmed to be a human referral machine!

2. Human Billboards

Want to ad $46,800 a year to your income in 30 day? Do This…

Grab 20 people and tell them you’ll train em for $15 per session 3x per week (On auto debit) if they swear to try to refer you people… (It is so easy to find people to train for just $15 per session!!!)

Let’s do the math…

$15 per session x 3 = 45
45x 52 weeks in a year = $2340
$2340 per year x 20 clients = 46,800 (or 3900 per month) BAM!!! Instant pay raise.

(And the best part is if you do group training, then you don’t even increase the amount of hours you work!)

3. Give Away $257 Of Other Peoples Money As Sign-up Incentive

In your local area find a chiropractor, message therapist, hair stylist, tanning salon, and esthetician.

Ask these people if it cool for you to send them clients.  After they say yes, tell them that you are going to give all you new prospect a gift cert for a service from them… If they like the service, they will earn a new client. (also ask if they can do the same for you with their clients)

Now you can entice your new leads to try your free workout because they also get $257 in free gifts just for trying.  And it doesn’t cost you a dime.

4. Blast Text Your Clients

Every Sunday you blast all your clients a message that this week is gonna kick ass and your totally exited to see them.

Every Wednesday Blast text them how proud you are of so-and-so for losing “X” amount of pounds and inches.

This will keep them feeling ultra connected to you, which increases referrals and retention.

Here’s a quick tip…

Put a 1 in front of the names of all your clients in your phone.  When you go to send a mass text, all your clients will be grouped together and easy to find….

5. Close All Clients In Six Words Or Less

You already know the most common sales killers…

  • I have to check my schedule
  • I have to talk to my spouse
  • I can’t afford it
  • I have to think about it

This can all be dealt with over the phone with a prequalification call script.

During the initial phone consult, ask the following questions…

  • Can you fit 2-3 workouts per weeks in your schedule?
  • Is this 100% your decision or do you have to discuss this with somebody?
  • If you feel this program is right for you can you afford ($?$?$?) per session/month?
  • If after the workout you feel this is right for you, are you willing to start right away?

After the workout here is the six word close technique… “How did you like the workout?”

6. Call Your Clients At Work

At least once a week call your clients at work and really pour on the praise…

You will get the most referrals form their work.

When your client is feeling pumped up and emotional from your incredible phone call… He/She will quickly start spreading the word about your service.

7. Raise Your Energy!!!

What ever it takes… Music, caffeine… Just raise your f*ckin’ energy!

Energy and enthusiasm are contagious... It creates buzz big time.

Just look at any fitness pro with a huge following… Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks… They all bring the energy, and the best part is it doesn’t cost a f*cking dime.

Steve Hochman is boot camp and group training unconventional marketer, you can learn about him at SteveHochman.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Josh “You GOTTA Watch Dexter” Carter

When Chris first asked me to write out 3 tips I thought that will be easy – I’ll talk about my blog, direct mail and email campaigns. But then I thought, that’s weak- everyone already knows those.

Sure they can be exceptionally successful, and are probably the most successful ones a trainer can use. Those can be your staple programs.

But you can think of those as cake. We need to put a little icing on that cake…

So here was what I thought… I’m going to show you how to market doing sh*t you do anyway. You’ll see what I mean. As an added bonus these will not require any heavy financial investment.

1. Your Car

Got a car? Do you drive in the area where you train?

Then put your logo, website & phone number on the side. Most sign places will do it for a few hundred bucks. It does not have to be a fancy full car wrap. It just needs to say where to get more info.

I cannot tell you how often I see people peer down and read my info off the side of my car when I am stopped at a light. If nothing else it builds front of mind awareness. When people are thinking of getting fit they will automatically think about your car with your logo. I get calls all the time saying they saw my car on the road.

There is a downside… you can’t cut people off as they will know where to find you, and you can no longer pull into the drive through of McDonalds.

2. Your Body

Got a body? Do you wear clothes?

Me too! Where a shirt with your logo, website on it whenever you are around town. I assume you look like you work out – you are your best advertisement.

I wear my shirts to all my kids school events, every time I am at the store everywhere there is a potential client I wear my shirt.

True Story... I was at Jiffy Lube yesterday and another guy was waiting for his car to be ready. He saw my shirt, saw me and then started up a conversation. He is coming in today for a consult.

Side Note: He also said that while he was waiting he called up my website on his Blackberry. That is why it is important to have your website on all your promotional items. People literally have web browsers in their pockets, and they will be more likely to visit your site then call you.

Get your website on everything.

3. Your Clients

Got clients? Do they wear clothes?

Then give them a shirt with your info on it. I made the mistake of charging for shirts at first. Rookie mistake. These people work hard, and they will actually be honored to wear your logo around town.

Here’s how you do it…

Tell an established client something like -“Mr. Jones you are looking great! Hey if I gave you one of my shirts would you wear it around town? I need people to see how awesome we are and you are the perfect example.”

Tell new clients “Ms. Jones you are just what I have been looking for. I can already tell with your determination you are going to be my next before and after rock star. I don’t do this for everyone but if I gave you one of my shirts would you wear it around town? ”

You are telling them you believe in them and that goes a long way.

Use this coupled with some of Steve Hochmans referral techniques and you’ll have clients coming out your butt.

Check out Josh at CarterFitness.com

Top Three Fitness Marketing Tips from

Chris “It’ll Only Hurt For A Minute” McCombs

Alright, now here’s my tips…

1. Get other people to do all the work for you, here’s one way…

Get a bunch of other dudes to each email you three tips, then combine it into a blog post (little do they know they wrote the whole damn blog post for you!!!)

I got a million of those

2. Combine shrooms, affirmations and visualizations

Take 1/2 oz. psychedelic mushrooms and chant “I am a multi-millionaire fitness marketing God and I own the world chico, and everything in it.” 300 times

To really ramp it up, do this everyday for 90 days. It’s a MEGA POWERFUL technique… NOT for everyone though… this ones ONLY for doers

3. Get busted and come to a strange conclusion

Traffic large amount of marijuana for many years, get busted, go broke, and have an epiphany that internet marketing is the next obvious choice in life (=

Alright guys, there ya go

Now… be sure to leave a comment letting me know…

1. Which was favorite tip AND…

2. Add any tips of your own we didn’t cover here that are working in your business today

It’s important to do this so I know what you ( my reader) likes AND to show all these guys support and thank them for giving of their time and energy to put this KILLER blog post together for you guys

And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to opt-in for my free Kick Back Life Personal Trainer Marketing updates… I’ll also send you a link to a secret video that shows how you can make a lot more money and work a lot less hours from using little known underground Internet marketing tactics.


Let me know what you think and what your favorite tip is…


  1. Damn, Chris! Not only are you doing *NOTHING*, but you are kicking out some freaking great, informative, *USEFUL* blog posts!

    Your life is tough, brother. 😉

    Jeremy Nelms
    No Excuses Fat Loss!

  2. Chris,

    I can’t tell you enough how great of a post this is. I mean, you write some killer posts but WOW. You weren’t lying about this being one of the biggest posts you’ve ever had. Dude, I’m printing this post right now just so I can refer back to it over and over again. Honestly, I think this post is probably better than any other fitness marketing post I’ve ever read.
    Thanks a million and two cents for putting this together. I mean that bro…

  3. Awesome, killer ideas from all of you guys! There are two things that just keep coming through over and over again here:

    1. Give a sh*t about people and your clients. If you do the little extras (like respond to a quick email or send a text message) people notice.

    2. Put in the work! There’s no reason that you can’t have fun working, but show up, respond to the emails, and MAKE things happen.

    Killer stuff, all, and thanks to Chris for bringing it all together.


  4. Chris,

    DUUDE… I’m gunna have to schedule in some time this afternoon to take all of this in. The tips and content here is Ridiculous.

    Thank you, Thank you and of course Thank all of the peeps that have given their time and efforts into contributing to this post.


    Until later,

    Adam Toohey

  5. awesome tips, I plan on implementing some of them immediately. The one’s that work really well for me is definitely networking with your local chiropractor and or massage therapists and health food stores. These are people that are already in the correct mindset and willing to invest in their wellness. Besides if you are sending referrals they will be glad to do the same.

    The other thing that works for me is once a month I have some kind of event in the studio that brings all my clients together and they bring friends. It can be a nutrition workshop, movie screening, family fun day, women’s wellness day etc.

    It’s basically all about relationships,

    Thanks for the tips,


  6. whoa…this is incredible. My favs:

    I like Justin Goff’s killer content tip – also like how his writing is succinct, clear and is parallel w Labadie who I think is the best newsletter around…

    I like Kaiser’s real deal approach…never heard of him before

    Zach’s sincerity & passion comes through and also like his real deal approach to communication…

    Scott T had the most unique tips I’m excited to try…

    Hochman’s tip #4 and 5 were some of the best here…

    and McCombs personality really comes through w/o being over the top or insincere

    thanks for this Chris. This blog rules.


  7. Wow, this post motivated me to go make millions. This was a great idea to see everybody’s different views.

    My favorite tip was Kaiser’s:
    Become an Alpha Male in the real world…
    …Where after you’ll emanate that status on the web.

  8. Mad props to everyone, but I would have to give it to the Pick Up Artist himself, Mr Hochman. I hate texting, but his texting tip was awesome. So was his referral brainwashing technique!

    It has been said before, but before and after pics with a story are powerful!

    Dustin Maher

  9. Holy Sh$t!

    That’s all I can say, “Holy Sh$t”

    This is the best post I’ve read from the best damn minds in the industry so here my tip…

    Pay attention to those who are doing what you want to be doing and then be an action taker and their advice and your own intuitions!

    Hell yeah, baby!

    Donovan “DFitnessguy” Owens

  10. You all kick ass.

    Everything that everyone of you said will sky rocket all of our businesses.
    Every time I read posts from all those sites it gets me all PUMPED and it makes me take massive action.

    Thank you all!!

    Gary Swarni

  11. You all always over deliver. You make me a better business man everyday.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Gary Swarni

  12. Great tips guys,,felling really motivated now by you all!!!
    Steve Hochman made a real impact.

  13. More tips than a box (extremely big box) of felt pens.
    Can’t go wrong with content like that.New and old, they all make sense when somebody else tells you like it is.

    Great stuff as always


  14. Great, comprehensive information. Sometimes you get so mired down in the day to day machinery of keeping all the balls in the air that you forget how many ways you can simplify and streamline your business.

    Most relevant for me: Bakhtiar’s referral recommendations. We all know referrals are the lifeblood of any business, but I like his idea of REALLY rewarding referring clients. I’ve always given away some free training for referrals, but I can see how offering something truly exciting might light a fire under my clients. After all, if you properly care for and service your clients, you’ll get your money back exponentially.

    My suggestion: Remember that it’s about creating an EXPERIENCE for people. In the end it’s not about the workout, the science, the methodology; it’s about creating a uniquely rewarding experience every time a customer interacts with you. Doesn’t matter how good the product or service is, if the experience the customer has with you or your company isn’t singularly rewarding, they won’t become a fired up zealot preaching the gospel of your goodness to everyone they meet!

    Jonathan Aluzas

  15. This post sums up everything that is great with this industry. You want a freaking raise. Take one of these ideas and implement them 1000% and watch your “job” satisfaction soar.

    This post has just become THE guidebook to fitness pro marketing and sales systems.

    Keep it up Chris and all you guys.

  16. Great set of tips guys!

    Time to implement!

  17. Chris,
    Sick, abso-freaking-lutely sick!

    Best tips:
    Bring the energy!
    And of course, letting other people do the work for you!

    Invaluable information from the best in world for free.
    Thanks for all the great info.

    Ryan Ketchum

  18. Gio Ekkels says:

    My vote has to go to Steve Hochman. Brilliant ideas, all of which are very easy to implement but yet have huge impact.

    And best of all, they are based on really CARING about people and caring about being a trainer. It’s not just some sales fluff. It’s real and it’s raw, and that’s why it works.

    My hat goes off to you all for these great tips!

  19. Dudes, thanks 4 showin love on my tips!

    Chris is gonna grill me next week and I’ll deliver MORE!

    I was helped by a great man, and he told me to pay it forward! It’s ON!


  20. there are great pointers, but i dont’ have a favorite. they are great stuff to learn and i think one person have to pick the one that is best for the biz, instead of grabbing all of this information you just post today. what i like about is do the videos- after all it is free and you can send them to your friends and the word goes out! i am about to do that! thanks chris..you are so awesome!!! i know you want us to do great and that is what you are there for, right?? well, i will tell you when the time comes for my biz…and lo and behold…THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  21. Chris "It'll Only Hurt For a Minute" McCombs says:

    Hey guys, thanks for all the awesome feedback so far… these dudes really want all out for you

    I added Josh Carters a bit late so I thinks it’s closer to 50 tips now, plus all the ones you guys are leaving as well

    how awesome is that… that I got these dudes to do all the work for me (=

  22. Man If I Use One Of these Tips Id Make A Load More Money.


    My Top Tip (And This Is Scientifically Proven)

    If You Capitalise Every Word In Your Adwords Or Header You Will Get More Traffic To Your Site.

    Test It If You Dont Believe Me

    Mike Munds

  23. Chris McCombs says:

    Hey Mike, yeah Camel Casing your headline and adgroups ( even in the display URL) definitely can bump conversions

  24. Great Post

    I can’t believe this post is so long. Is so entretaining I was able to read it so fast man.

    I’m going to do some of this now.

  25. Thanks to you all. Excellent mix of tips with lots of low / no cost ideas.

  26. Erik Brown says:

    Damn! This sh$t was the best stuff I think I’ve ever seen on one blog at one time! WOW!!!! I related more to Mr. Steve “Pick up Artist” Hochman’s tips. Which is really interesting, since I am more the laid back kind of guy! It really inspired me to crank it up a notch and go kick some a$$! Thanks guys for all your input! TOTALLY INVALUABLE! My head is Still spinning! Keep it coming

    Erik Brown

  27. Tarvin Durbin says:

    Those are some Killer Suggestions… I’m Definitely going to put a lot of them to use. I do have to give a shout for My Man “Zach Even-Esh” I have to agree Totally with what he’s saying here… The Videos show everyone what’s up, The Real Life is what keeps the people coming in and keeps it ‘REAL’…I have to say it…But NOT ONE OF YOU SAID…ANYTHING ABOUT SHOWING THAT YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR CLIENTS!!!!! Not everyone, just wants to lose it at the Credit Card…

  28. Chris,

    Once again you’ve come up with another killer blog post! You are the greatest role model for me bro!

    Thank you to everyone for the great comments about my post… It was from the heart.

    To get tons more unconventional money magnet strategies check out http://www.BootCampDominator.com


  29. Great tips from all!

    Tarvin, I may not have come out directly and said, “Show that you care about your clients”, but using Ustream is one hell of a way to show that you care. My customers are blown away that they can interact with me live, that I take the time to answer their questions in the chat box, and that I demonstrate live on video the answers to their questions.

    Social media is definitely the best means to show your customers that you care. Other than face to face, it’s the best way to interact and build relationships with them.

    The Twitter hashtag events are another great way to interact with your customers and show them that you care.

    You lose the benefit of social media if you lose it at the credit card as you put it.

    It appears as if my customers and followers have greater access to me than my mom does 😉 all because of the power of social media.

    If you don’t care about your clients you are in the wrong business.

    Keep rockin it Chris!

    Scott Tousignant

  30. Chris McCombs says:

    Hey dudes, I wanna leave one serious tip, maybe someone covered it… can’t remember ( that’s cuz of the shrooms )

    Get TONS and TONS and TONS of before and after pics

    If your website is the first one people find when they search AND you have WAY MORE before/after pics than any of your competitors… you’ll get the clients

    10 good before and afters can easily ad six figures to your business in year, especially if you can get those ten before and after pics to the top of google for multiple kw terms your ideal customer who use to search for you

    Also, get good a PPC

    And, go find a bunch of figure models and train them for free and then use their testimonials / pics in your marketing.

    I found my models on myspace, I know Steve has good luck finding them on Craiglist… I think he goes straight to the photograpghers

    I guess that was more than one tip… well I’m on day 87 of that 90 day shroom/ affirmation tip and I think it’s finally starting to catch up with me


  31. oh and Scott… well said brother

  32. Favorite and most useful tip for me is Steve’s
    “Close All Clients In 6 Words Or Less”

    I’ve recently put most of my clients on recurring billing and it is the best thing I’ve done.
    Instant peace of mind.

    This post is friggin awesome. Tons of useful tips that need to be implemented right now.

    The common theme amongst all of these guys is that they take massive action and they do it now.
    Whatever it is you decide to do… do it now.

    BTW: You don’t need a 1/2 oz. of shrooms. A few grams will do the trick. :)

  33. Tough to argue with “Hustle” from Jim. I think all of this stuff is great but if you are just starting out and you aren’t hustling, you are doing nothing.

  34. Trevor Jaffe says:

    Excellent post and some great tips in the comments section. It’s hard to pick a favorite as every tip above can help you live that
    “Kick back life”

  35. Chris,

    Thanks for those additional tips mate. Dang I am still goin through this thing. Gunna read it a few times the content is THAT DAMN GOOD.

    Thanks again to all of you that posted and to Chris for making this happen


    Adam Toohey

  36. Chris McCombs says:

    Yeah it’s pretty killer Adam, these dudes went all out

    A few guys at the end like Sam, Zach Hunt, Hochman, and Carter… along with hell… most of em’… wrote enough to justify a single posts JUST from they each contributed

    A few people have told me this post is the modern bible or “fitness marketing”

    All these dudes did an awesome job

    ya might wanna print it out or something and go through it again once a day for a week just to help retain all this stuff

    The key is to take action on it… even if it’s just one thing, like Jim said “hustle”

  37. Chris McCombs says:

    Oh yeah… Alexander, when your 6’6″ 300lbs with a high tolerance a few grams will never do the trick (=

  38. I was going through this the whole day during training clients and I just read it again. This is going on the wall in fron of my computer as it’s basically the cook book of fitness marketing. Follow these ingredients and you will taste success!
    Great info from everyone, thanks for posting it Chris. I made sure I sent this to everyone I know is serious about taking their training business to the next level.

    Keep briniging the fire Chris.

    Luka Hocevar

  39. WOW!

    Chris, once again I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the quality of your blog posts. It’s hard to believe that this information if free. I don’t know who most of the people are who helped write this blog post but I learned something from each of them

    My favorite tips are:
    from Justin – make connections with bloggers in the fitness industry, I’m gonna start doing that right away
    From Bedros – dial for dollars, I’m a little shy on the phone but with practice I’ll get better
    From Jim – HUSTLE! Action does speak louder than words
    From Pat – reactivate old clients. I’m gonna go call ALL of my old clients as soon as I’m done leaving this comment and looking at all these gentlemens sites
    ALL of Scott T’s tips sounded interesting – I’ll have to try them for sure
    Sam and Steve – what can I say but I’m a blown away by the quality of your tips. No wonder you guys are so successful
    SEVEN Figures in my SLEEP Sam, I can’t wait til my business is like that

    Mr. Chris, your Market Annihilator program has helped me get to the top of the search engines and I am getting new clients almost every day. I run fitness boot camps in a local park and your Market Annihilator and blog have probably doubled my business. For that I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to go check out all these guys websites. And after I do I’m going to go call all my old clients like Pat said to do


  40. Ma-a-a-a-an…this is some of the realest stuff ever wrote! Honestly! You are giving every fitness trainer…even entrepreneur a BLUEPRINT to success. How can you not succeed and make some $$$$ by acting upon the advice above!?

  41. I like all of these tips but especially the one about hiring a coach/mentor. Emulating others but being yourself is a key to success.

  42. David Kittner says:

    Your timing of this post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m in the process taking my business full time. This information just rocks. You did it again Chris. Thank you so very much for your great posts, as always. You nailed it with this one.

    I can’t get enough of your stuff. Keep bringing it man!


  43. Hi Chris
    Some great tips! not sure if this was mentioned but customer service is top priority for me dealing with clients online and offline.

    Thank you!

  44. Chris,
    Your site always rocks, but this post is one of the best. Great stuff top to bottom. If any trainer stuck in a smelly gym somewhere just picked any 3 or 4 of these tips and acted on them today, his/her biz would change instantly.
    But, the one question I still have is when the hell did Zach shoot a plow driver?


  45. Chris,

    Awesome topic – and some great ideas. I just sent the link along to my entire PT team.

    I would add taking advantage of link networks for SEO love.


  46. Great Post Gentleman, thank you so much for the tips! Great inspirtation to take business to the next level!

  47. Awesome job of creating buzz, Chris!

    I’ve got two more:

    1) Take one or two ideas from here, whichever resonate most with you and you feel will grow your biz the fastest, and put them into play.

    Trying to do everything at once, which many trainers do, leads to nothing but frustration. Make these tactics part of your PLAN and then follow the plan.

    2)Know exactly the amount of income you want AND what you are going to do with the money. The more real you make it…the better target you have to aim for…the faster you and that absurdly powerful subconscious mind of yours will MAKE it happen.

    Who loves ya? 😉


  48. Chris,

    I have been reading your posts for about 2 months now, and I can’t thank you enough for the resources you provide. Keep it up! I leave you with my signature quote of inspiration that I tell all my athletes…

    “You can accomplish anything you truly believe in!”


  49. Excellent stuff – Lots of killer tips on here – I’d say the comments alone are jam packed full of great insights –

    I appreciate being included – K man, stay away from the shrooms – haha –

  50. Josh Hit the nail on the Head with the offline ideas..
    I ONLY wear my addicted to boot camp shirts…unless I have to wear a tie…I give my clients one when they join my camps, and they buy a ton cause I have more designs, it’s on my car, it’s on my site…Free promoting and walking testimonials…and back end sales like Pat said

    THANKS Guys

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