What 99.9% of People Will Tell You and The FU Neutralizing Factor

Guest Post by Zach Even-Esh

This is a guest post by one of the coolest, funniest, most down to earth dudes in the fitness industry… Zach ‘Killing it Bruddha’ Even-Esh… This post is RAW and CONTROVERSIAL and NOT for the easily offended… but Zach nails it… and his brutal honesty is appreciated BIG TIME here a ‘Kick Back Life’

Make no mistake about it, those who surround you are very, VERY likely NOT at all like you. They are satisfied with life. They enjoy going through the motions and having that routine.

They love the safety net they have and rather than live their dreams they watch reality TV and dream their life.

That’s a safe way to live. Steady pay check, pension, health insurance – that stuff rules, especially when you have a family.

It’s also extremely tough to let go of, but, nothing Great has ever been achieved without great risk.

Babe Ruth was not only the Home Run King, he was also the Strike Out King because he ALWAYS swung for the fences, he didn’t want to hit a single or double. Besides, you and I both know Home Runs and Grand Slams are what we REALLY want.

You’re a rare breed, that is why you are here, reading this very post and all the other posts on this Blog that give you goose bumps.

These words help you push onward and upward, against all odds, especially those who surround you on a daily basis.

99.9% of people will tell you how crazy you are, they will try to talk you out of “it” and tell you to keep doing what you’re doing. You know, keep that safe job, don’t be stupid, yadda, yadda, yadda

Truth be told…

It scares THEM when they see you going above and beyond the norm. It makes them feel uncomfortable because who the hell are you, to break the rules, to break through boundaries and ride the Bull by the horns.

You need to push the envelope.

You need to wake up earlier, stay up later and run faster, longer and harder. Not all the time, but, in the beginning, this Extra “stuff” is what will help you advance.

Everyone else will tell you to sleep, get some rest, there’s always tomorrow, right? Sure, they are right, there is always tomorrow. But, how old are you now? I have a vivid feeling you remember 10 years ago like it was 10 minutes ago. Time goes fast, REALLY fast.

Maybe tomorrow is too far away and as Tony Robbins said, “How about NOW would be a good time to start.” And no, that is not a question, that’s a kick in the ass telling you to make “it” happen.

You will stumble and you will fall. Mud will be thrown in your face and many will kick you when you’re down. Heck, most will kick you when you’re UP.

Friends will be jealous and others will be angry. Who are you to steal their thunder?

You need to get up…AGAIN…and AGAIN….over and over again.

You must climb mountains and break through brick walls.

I know you have a burning desire in your heart, YOU know it as well as I do, you want more in your life.

That is why you’re HERE, reading this Blog, because you’re a fucking warrior and there is definitely something different inside of you, tell me I’m wrong and I’ll show you a liar.

You want something so bad you’re willing to fight the Devil if you have to, isn’t that right?

Learn to say “FUCK YOU!!” to those who try to hold you back. 99.9% of the people you know will tell you it can’t be done.

I’m here to support you and I Knew you needed this little “pick me up” at this time in your life, didn’t you :)

I’m with you, trust me, I’m with you.

I had more people tell me to shut my gym down when times were tough, membership was low and things were plain and simple sucking ass.

I can count the supporters on one hand that told me I could make my gym into a reality! I now have a waiting list to enter my gym.

When I began writing about my own workouts and the way I trained athletes from my garage and a beat down playground some of the biggest names in the industry were fired up because who was I, some dude training athletes from a garage and kicking ass.

I could have backed down, climbed into my shell and never came out again – “they” would have loved that.

But, I’ve seen too many people quit and give up 2 inches before the finish line, they just didn’t know the finish line was there. If only they pressed on that extra inch or two things in their life would be completely different.

You need to be able to go to sleep at night with a smile on your face.

You need to be able to look in the mirror and love what you see.

You need to be able to get rid of that burning pit in your stomach or it will eat you alive.

Watch these 2 videos below and then post a comment below and tell everyone out there what you’re ging to do, why you’re gonna do it and feel free to tell the naysayers a BIG “FUCK YOU!!”

Video # 1:

Video # 2:

Looking forward to your comments.

Let’s see what you got! Don’t hold anything back.

— Zach –

PS: Thanks for reading this. It’s an honor to be able to write for Chris and I hope I touched your soul just a tad bit.

Note from Chris: What else can I say… Zach Even-Esh is the man and is never scared to be himself or tell it like it is… check out his blog here at ZachEvenEsh.com, and be sure to leave a comment about his post in the comment section below

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  1. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……….(as in Z really loud… not snoring)

    Been looking forward to this post since Chris mentioned it the other day and DUDE… Total Killer…

    Those Videos were AWESOME

    You hit the nail on the head.

    Anyone reading this post take note of what Zach says about people being SCARED.

    Now.. here’s a tip (from my experiences) Those that will try to hold you back are usually doing so because they have a sense of Loss. They feel that if you go on to become a MASSIVE SUCCESS they will be left behind. Left to wallow in their meek existence.

    If you have friends that fall into this category you have 2 options. Influence their mindsets by KILLING IT or ditching them as friends. If they really do care about you and themselves they will follow your lead, even if it takes them a little while.

    If you have family that fall into this category (and you still ant them as family and truly love them) then you will know that deep down they really do care for you and want the best for you so get out there and show em how its done.

    Know this… You will become those you surround yourself with. If you want to achieve UBER Success and really kill it in your niche or field then you need to do what these blokes (Zach and Chris) have done and you need to Step Up and Raise Your Standards to a level no one else would expect from you.

    When you do that life is never the same again.

    Why else is Zach Even Esh a Death Star Tractor Beam … cuz he hustles his ass off, is REAl and doesn’t settle for anything less than his best. (seriously the dude is Magneto)

    Anyone going to see these boys in Jersey for the first time at the end of May know this…. You are in for a real treat.

    Zach, again mate a truly awesome post. It’s always a pleasure to share in your passion and honesty. All your successes are so very well deserved.

    P.S. It’s true guys and gals that this game called life is very much a game of inches. How much frustration and time did I spend developing websites, studying websites, people, bloggers, uber late nights… I mean damn there were some tough times.

    But I slogged through it and my problems went from How the F@#$ does this CSS or WordPress or BlogI360 work…(Hell I didn’t even know Windows Media Player til recently) to How can I deliver Awesome content and value to the readers of this blog. Not a bad problem to have.

    Tell the naysayers to bugger off, fire up the Jatz and get out there and Blast away :)

    Until later,

    Adam Toohey

  2. On a similar note: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVdKQ0I35qo

    I just got the book – F*** It, The Ultimate Spiritual Way (thought it was a joke first but there’s a book and the guy runs yoga retreats!). Most of us may need to say ‘Fuck It’ to our own inner voices first – then we’re ready to say Fuck You to the doubters and haters!

  3. Zach

    Awesome post man. I told my wife yesterday that everyone who doesn’t think I can achieve my goals can kiss my ass. I was not surprised when she agreed. It is nice to know I am not that only one out there who feels the same way. I will build my empire one brick at a time and beat down anyone who gets in my way. That is why my day starts at 4 am EVERYDAY and does not end till 10 pm EVERYDAY.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Taking on all comers Zach. Phsyched up for the week now (and onwards!)
    Keerp it coming.

  5. WOW!!! What a great way to start a Monday morning. Thanks for the dose of inspiration.


  6. Zach,
    You’re the shit!!
    I met you back in Sept at Ryan Lees Bootcamp. Dude everything that comes out of your mouth is the complete truth. Im toltally looking forward to seeing you again at the ozworth event. We deffinetly have to sit and talk biz.
    You always pull through. You never disapoint on this blog. Cant wait to meet you soon too.

    This stuff gets me pumped and helps me move forward when I start to pussy foot around. Beacuse thats waht happens sometimes.
    Thanks guys. I wish I could hangout with you both all the time. You guys are great!!


  7. Jees,
    It doesnt matter how many times i see that clip from “Any given sunday” i still get chills up my spine… Its just a reminder that you need to keep pushing forward despite the odds. It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks about what direction you are going because who are they to judge you?
    So many times in my career and especially since ive moved to Canada people say to me “When are you going to get a real job” or “Isnt being a trainer what someone does while there going to school to make a few bucks”..
    Those are the people that when they say something to me (which they so regularly do), they just keep pusing me forward. Its like you do it not only for yourself now, but you also do it to prove a point, you do it to show that you dont have a “job” like them but you have a passion. A passion that is going to take you somewhere in which they cant go, just because they forgot what there passion was along the way, seeing you still persuing yours scares them because they couldnt do it. They couldnt push through the sh#t.
    It comes down to the fact that if you can stand the heat then you will get to where you want to be..

    Awesome post Zac

    Its a great way to start off the week, fires me up to stay focused on the big picture and take each task or inch as it comes to get there.


  8. kevin Taylor says:

    Nice work Zach,just to let you know I took control of my life just recently! I refuse to work for the man. I am 46 years old and have seen a world of shit!! I refuse to let anybody stand in my way of success, I am flat out tired of every body’s shit they choose to send my way, and once again anybody who stands in my way will not know what FUCKING HIT THEM!! I say look out to the pain in the ass people who choose to do so because I am coming at you like a warrior. trust me you will be hearing about me soon enough. See you on the good side of life.

    Thanks for reading, Kevin Taylor

  9. This blog kicks ass. As always Zach pulls no punches and is straight forward about everything. Screw the nay sayers! If I had a penny for everyone that told me to “get a regular job”, I’d be a fucking billionaire. Keep up the good work Zach. It’s people like you who inspire the rest of us to keep pushing forward. You Rock Dude!

  10. The best post ever!

  11. Well, I’m pretty fired up now, so f u I’m off to train and take some inches.

  12. You know this is great blog post, but I only have one problem… Every one of my friends encouraged me to go out on my own and do it. Maybe I did a good job of filtering out all of the haters, but I had tons of people trying to help me out, when I first started. I’m really blessed to have those people in my life.

    Those of you out there still working a normal 9-5 job better get ready to hear your co-workers shoot you down over and over. And this article will probably become a necessary daily read for you.

    Great stuff Zach!

  13. Thanks Zach, I needed that!

  14. Zach – Extremely powerful post my friend. I love your passion for life…that’s what it takes to push forward.

    It’s too damn easy to sit back in a comfort zone and just let things happen…all the while it’s really killing you inside. You see, we all want more and deserve it but in ain’t just gonna happen. You have to work and that is a simple formula that will never change…work.

    There is no magic moment that someone is going to suddenly do it all for you. Your gonna have to bust your ass and stand up to be counted. Make sure you are helping lots of people on the way. Selfish people don’t really get a damn thing.

    Stay the hell away from the crabs in the world. Better yet, get right in there face and make success happen, against all odds. Just don’t let the crabs pull you back down into the barrell.

    Most of all, don’t sit around and be a life-long dreamer. That dream that you have inside deserves reality. The question is, “Will you allow it to happen?”

    Zach, thanks for the fire in your heart my man!

    Donovan “DFitnessguy” Owens

  15. Chris, Thanks for letting zach rip this one up.

    Zach this was just what I needed on a Monday morning.

    Leaders are always willing to do and say what the average person is too afraid to do. I am the guy just starting out but I know that every inch is what matters in this game. Fucking awesome I am so fired up right now…..


  16. Well said!! Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it. Don’t let anyone say you won’t make it. Stay away from negative people. Surround yourself with only positive, successful people. Your future is in your own hands – run with it; make it happen. Thanks for the article Zach.

  17. WTF where are all the comments?

    anyways…Zach man, awesome post. It’s always good to cut the BS out and “tell it like it is”.

    One thing that many people need to do is trust themselves and have no fear. Too many times people are too caught up in what other people think of them that they lose track of their focus.

    And when you do make it to the top…Well there’s always gonna be those hoooligans who try to knock the ladder down from under your feet and take your place.

    I refuse to let that happen. why? Cause I’m a F#$% WARRIOR!

  18. Awesome post Zach…you’re the man!!!!

  19. It is truly inspiring to feel the passion behind the words. All I can say is ‘Amen, Bruddha’

  20. Zach,

    The truth hurts most people, but I personally love it. Keep it up!

  21. jim mckay says:

    AWESOME! I had forgotten the speech that Pacino made in the movie. He hit it on the head! I’m going out and do the Kick IT work out now and do one thing to advance my client list today. Zach thanks for the motivating works and effort you have made. Hope to meet you someday. You inspire me!!

  22. Good bit Zach! I hope that helps some of the “pups in the back step up to lead dog” cause we all know.. If you aint lead dog, the scenery never changes- you’ll always be looking at assholes!

  23. I’m a subscriber to Zach, have been for about a month or so now. And I believe in him because he was the only dude out there who didn’t tell me I had to have a bunch of fancy shit, and spend a shitload of money, to train like a beast. He helped me see that the broke down shit I had in my garage, and a few well made purchases at the hardware store was all I needed to get the body I wanted. His techniques are real. His methods are solid. And the best part is, he is in no way out to get anything from anybody. If you want to spend the money on his underground method and get the extra training, great. But if you don’t have it, the information is still available; he will still make time for you. How many people like that do you know? And be honest before you answer that question. I’ve never paid Zach a dime, and he still answers all my e-mails, and I can access just about any training info I need through his site, or on his channel on youtube. What a fucking guy! Everybody should have a Zach in their life. Or maybe we should all try to be a Zach in someone else’s life. Anyway, just wanted to share a few thoughts about a great guy who has had significant impact on my life.


  24. Zach kraaazy info as always.

    THe one most important thing I learned from you this weekend at your
    Underground Strength Certification is that you have to do what makes YOU feel comfortable as a coach or trainer.

    1) When your name gets out there people will HATE!…even those in the industry that are at the top making $$$. ( i don’t know how people with money can hate but you know what they get a big FU also)

    when you are jumping the mountain of success if someone is at the top flipping you the BIRD flip it right back

    2) Realize that your training methods might not be for all. I have come to realize that in my Central PArk boot camp I train the cream on the crop athletic go getter women in NYC and will not attract everyone but live with it knowing that you will attract those people you WANT to train.

    Zach, always love the info.

    Chris, thanks for always delivering

    and see you guys in NJ


    p.s.- Zach I think I need to come thru like monthly PEACE

  25. OH YEAH GUYS…my old boss used to tell me this…

    “WHAT I EAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU SHIT” aka Fuck the rest and focus on the best which is YOURSELF..

    have a great day guys

  26. Dude, that was amazing! The best way possible to start the work week! Definitely gonna pay it forward on that one! Everything you wrote about 99.9% of people is true. Even the nice people don’t know that when they tell you to play it safe it’s still a fucked up way of telling you that your dreams are just that…dreams.
    So what do I do when that happens? I focus on how many people I can help when my dreams become reality. I focus on helping other people out there that have this same burning desire to be something better than what that 99.9% of play it safe fucks told them they could be. Gotta pay it forward in life for sure!


  27. Love it. I tell all my clients that when they walked through my doors they are no longer “Normal”. Normal is the guy with a fist full of fries and a 72 oz soda. To be exceptional you have to rise up and not be afraid to stand out! It goes for all of us too!!!

    Great post Zach and All the best!

    Ryan Dobbs

  28. Zach:

    You truly do speak the truth bro! Ever since I came across your website online; and signed up to receive your newsletters, you have been a great inspiration to me, and the way I train and promote my business. I’ve been in the fitness arena for over 15 years, and I’ve had friends and haters tell me; I would never make it in this industry, but look who’s on the outside looking in now. You and I haven’t met yet, but we talked a few times in email; and I just told my wife about you last night, and she watched some of you’re killer training videos, and she said you remind her of me; regarding motivation, drive, determination; and the ability to to tell someone “FUCK You”, when you want! Hey bro, keep doing your thing bro; because I always reference you down here in Maryland, when I train young athletes! Keep Killing it bro; and I look forward to meeting you soon, and taking your certification class in the very near future!

    Chris Miller
    Maximum Fitness

  29. Zack that was AWESOME!!!! WOW DUDE! You made my week, month, year, look out world. I’ve had people tell me the same crap, you can’t…you won’t…your too this and that…you’ll never make it…now it’s time to shut the naysayers up for good! Thanks man!

  30. Bedros Keuilian says:

    Zach my man. Well put dude. The truth will set them free!


  31. KILLER post Z!

  32. Paul Reddick says:

    This is why I am proud to call Zach Even-Esh one of my best friends. The guy is 100% heart.

    Everyone who is on this blog has no idea of how cool of a guy Chris McCombs is….got to chill with him a little this weekend.

    This guy is the real deal. He cares about people, shares ideas, just an awesome guy.

    I always think that you can tell a lot about a guy when you see him with his family. I saw Chris with his wife and daughters and I have more respect for him as a father and a husband than I could ever have for him as a marketing guru.

    Zach and Chris are great dudes

  33. Enlighten the people and they will turn the world into pieces…first think in the Monday morning.
    Great stuff really


  35. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Man….Uh huh! Gotta keep on keeping on. Personally, I see how that attitude has brought me so far in life. F the comfort zone. Pushing will set a beautiful foundation in several years for the rest of my life ( and future family). ANy success takes discomfort and eavery client needs to understand that. I illustrate that to each.

    The Any Given Sunday Clip is so Classic! I used to have it posted on my myspace page. It never fails to motivate and inspire.

    Great Post.

  36. Great! Z is a real man online, in person & on the phone and he is a ACTION taker! we all should analyze our own walk and take action to reach our goals….
    M out to take action!

    Alfredo Z

  37. That was very motivational, gave me chills. the videos definitely set it off. i have a big dream and am my selfs biggest believer but like the video we all wish for money and wish for fame but its the ones that work for it that get it. the ones who crawl the extra inches, the ones who put discipline and dedication over the pain. this blog was great and i definitely hope there is more where it came from to help motivate me like this did and push me extra inches mentally where i can push extra feet physically.. thanks zach

  38. Hey Zach
    I love your post buddy. It’s simply the best and really fire me up. I’m going to say “fuck you” to those naysayers who wants to see me fail.

  39. Thanks for the post Zach. Right on, as usual. Whenever I think I’m motivated, I read something like this from you to remind me I ain’t there yet. Love the vids, too.

    Pete Koeniges

  40. awesome post zach. people continually tell me im crazy because of everything I do.

    between a reg job, finishing up college, boot camp, and some things online I don’t sleep much.

    sure its tiring but you gotta keep on keepin on.

  41. well, i hate to say this…i don’t personally agree with the F-word— it is not good as I think it is…. say something better— like bug off– or screw this…or C-ya! i am not into those foul language and it never works for me! Sorry i have to say it anyways…LOL

    Yes, i agree about getting up and wake up and move on!!!! that is what we need to hear every day—- my mom have said this… you need to work long hours and try to get some clients and you never know who walks in the gym…i am like…huh??? i don’t think you know what you are talking about mom! that is what i kept telling her.

    my favorite movie…batman begins… it was when batman and his master walked in the elevator as the house was burning. they had to run and hide and hit the elevator and felled to the bottom where Batman cave is.
    Bruce Wayne said…i have failed. Why did i failed. His master said, because you can get up and learn.

    Chris McCombs said feel the fear- just do it anyways…who cares- I have nothing to lose.

  42. alberrrrrrto says:

    I guess this is a perfect time to vent a bit to all those people

    that don’t understand why I am doing what I am doing even when i

    have lost money, hit a dead end and most recently been presented

    with challenges that would make a big boy surrender and cry….

    I do it because if i dont i will die anyway….

    So to those that doubt me and root secretly for me to fail…..I say with two fingers up in the air a big FUCK YOU!….

    ok….now back to grinding

  43. Dave Hall says:

    Zach is a master at what he does and running a gym is only part of that. Read this article again. Absorb it and let it sit in your heart. It is exactly what everyone of us needs to hear right now. Thank you, Zach.

  44. Zach…You know I’m backing everything you said 100%! You know exactly where I started and all the doubt, and look at what’s happening now. A whole lot more to come too!!

    Nothing’s impossible, unless you allow it to be impossible.

    Proud to call you a good friend and colleague Zach.

  45. Tarvin Durbin says:

    You said it all Brudda !!! It seems as if the whole world is against you most of the time, that’s for certain… Especially your co workers and most of your friends don’t want to see you succeed in life. They can’t stand to see you live your dreams, most of them, don’t have dreams….One thing’s for sure….you’ve got to have that inner burning desire within yourself to get to where you want to be, nobody is going to help you get there…..NOBODY BUT YOURSELF !!!!
    Make a Plan and stick to it, invest in mentors and learn from their mistakes……they can show you a much easier path to get to your destination…. F*#k the Haters !!!! Peace……

  46. Zach what can I say that has not been said
    No one does it exactly like you but we can find it inside of us to have the same drive that you do!


  47. ZACH thanks for the pump up – I know we all need to hear something like that now and again to keep us moving –

  48. Yo Z, that exactly how i feel sometimes. You have more fired up than ever to get my S**t in gear! Thanks man!

  49. Best post i’ve read anywhere in a while. this message is said everyday but in a much more cheesy way. It’s great to hear it so straight up and raw. I had kind of hit a motivational low point because of slow results but this definitely got me fired up to go for it hard and fast!!

    this is gettin emailed around, it’s too good a post to go to waste

  50. bravo zach yet another great post with great videos , i truly love all ur posts and ur a constant inspiration for me to work harder in the gym, keep em coming zach :)

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