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Workout With A Certified Naked Personal Trainer

Here’s an ad my assistant Del found on Craigslist the other day for a nude personal trainer… TOTALLY AWESOME… I’d love to hear what you think about this in the comment section below... check it out…

We all know the hardest thing to do is exercise… and even harder is to stick to a routine.

We also know that you don’t look good, until you look good naked!

I discovered a way to motivate myself and others. I’m a certified personal trainer… nutrition expert… and somewhat of a skin care specialist.

I discovered that working out in the nude has multiple benefits… It makes workouts fun… It makes time go by faster… Plus seeing yourself naked gets you motivated to continue your workouts.

It can be weird at first because you have to just let yourself go… even if you are discusted with your body. Let it motivate you to work harder! You have to be comfortable with yourself.

Most importantly, you have to know what to do… This is where I come in. I can help put together a program that I guarantee will help you lose those pounds… I promiss that by the time I’m through with you, you’ll be walking around naked all the time admiring your body and the transformation you’ve worked so hard to get. You may even want to show it off!

This program will be tailored to your specific needs. I have clients that prefer their sessions with me to be completely clothed while others will opt for partially clothed and still others will do the completely nude workouts. It’s interesting to see some of my clients will go from completely clothed to completely naked after a few sessions.

Every session is different depending on your mood… the idea is to keep it fun and interesting while working on specific muscle groups. This can mean turning a workout from boring to erotic…

In addition to your workouts, I can also work with you on good nutrition and skin care. Good nutrition will help you achieve your goals faster… and skin care is important as you continue to lose that weight. You’ll want to tighten your skin… preven stretch marks, which will happen when you lose weight and tone up… Proper skin care will also keep you looking younger too!

A lot of my clients just want me to develop a routine for them… help guide them with good nutrition and skin care… but don’t care for the nude workouts (at least not while I’m there) They find that it is fun to do but are not comfortable infront of others. That is fine, it’s just a way to make it fun and interesting but not necessary if you can keep up with your routine.

If you are interested, please contact me immediately. I only take on 6 clients at any given time and I have two spots open. My sessions are one hour twice a week but you are expected to add two more sessions on your own. If you are not satisfied with the results after 3 months, I will refund you every penny. All I ask is that you stick to the routine.

Thanks for reading…


Here’s an actual screenshot of the ad…

I did some snooping around an also found this website…

This product…

And these trainers who advertise a workout with a happy ending, not sure what the mean by that… I always leave the gym happy (=

Would love to hear your comments below…


  1. Dustin Martorano says:

    Wow…Definetly a unique niche

  2. Erotic Fitness Training or Aids Founds Transfer.. definitely not Electronic Funds Transfer. In my old club promoter days, in Chicago & Houston….I seen quite a bit of these types of girls promoting Erotic Fitness Training. I think it only does well with sexy girls acting as if they were real trainers.

  3. I did not know the fitness industry could be so out-of-the-box!

  4. I gotta move to the OC

  5. I told you your service are needed here dan:)

  6. JJ Robertson says:

    Steve hochman introduces

    The Naked Dominator 1.0, 2 minute workout. Group rates not discounted.

  7. where do i sign up for the training with the last two girls??

    I seriously live in the wrong country…

  8. Is there a website for he happy ending? I think I wanna call

  9. Wow! gotta hand it to the clients…I’m not sure I could do it, and I’ve got a decent physique!

  10. AH HA! HI-larious. But I bet a TON of people are clicking on that. When I did keyword research for yoga, the biggest specific search was “naked yoga”. Everyone’s a pervert <(~;

  11. That’s awesome!!

  12. Brilliant….

  13. lol. This ad is great, my 50y.o clients would love this!lol

  14. “When I’m through with you, you’ll be walking around naked – “Completely clothed to completely nude after a few sessions – ” Every session is different depending on your mood…This can mean turning a workout from boring to erotic…” ?

    I don’t think this guy is advertising personal “fitness” training. But at least he offers a money back guarantee.

    Haha- nice post.


  15. Great idea! It’s definitely an attention getter. I would just be worried about some of the weirdos and perverts that may respond to my ad, lol.

  16. really funny but hey who likes it should try it xD

  17. And why is no one interviewing this place so we can get an even better laugh?

  18. oh my lord…

  19. In the words of Don King “Only in America”

  20. Would be interesting if thier business is self supporting?
    Would they really get enough clients?

  21. all can say is wow….sounds like postition diguised as personal training to me…. Dont know wut 2 say

  22. Chris Sherlock says:

    Well, its unique all right!

  23. Yes, I echo Perry’s comment and thanks God I am in Australia, although I’m pretty sure there are plenty of nutters over here as well.

    As always Chris, love the random photos of chicks.

    Regards, Clayton
    Adelaide Personal Trainers

  24. Thats Fantastic!

  25. OMG F.I.T. T-n-A :)

  26. Christian says:

    I am with you on that one. I know I look great naked, but would not feel good letting it all hang out for my clients. As much as I think the body is an amazing bit of nature, I am not sure about seeing bits flying all over the place while training!

    A bit disracting and seriously scary with a few of my clients!

  27. Christian says:

    That is half the fun I believe!!!

  28. Gillianus says:

    LOOOOOLL this is well funny!?!
    imagineif it was here in london!!

  29. ahahahahah! nice.

    will he be wearing a jock strap, or is his thing going to swing around while he’s training people? omg!

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