Paul’s Rules

A Fitness Business Guest Post from Paul Reddick

Here’s Paul’s Rules for Business….

1. Nothing before noon – I never schedule anything before noon on any day unless it is with family. Morning is my time to get my mind and body right. I take this time to make sure I eat good and exercise. I never want to be in a rush and forced to eat something bad or miss my workout just because I don’t have time. My workout might be a full blown HIIT or just a long dog walk.

The important thing is that I start the day on my terms. I firmly believe that strong nutrition and exercise leads to a strong mind. So this morning time sets me up physically and mentally for a productive / happy business day.

2. I dress for feel – After I am done with my morning routine I shower and put on my success uniform. For me it’s a grey t-shirt, athletic shorts, sports sandals or sneakers, baseball cap….the same thing every day.

Here’s why… this uniform is based on the clothes I wore during my athletic days. When I put them on I feel like a 15 year old kid. It’s fun. It’s comfortable. It’s me. It reminds me that I am a jock at heart and to never lose sight of that. Plus it saves time.

3. Never Work More Than 3 Hours – Around 12pm I start my business day. Sometimes at our office (which we purposely have inside one of the best gyms around…why? because we want to be in an environment where people are working hard and trying to better themselves).

How can I get all I need to get done in 3 hours?

Easy. It’s because I took care of my nutrition, took care of my exercise, I didn’t have to put on some BS suit or clothes, and I am in an environment where people come in to work hard, so, everything I do sets the tone for a totally focused 3 hour block of work. I have no distractions.

4. Another contributing factor to my ideal life / business is my no “jerk off” rule – Simply stated: “if you are 1% jerk off you are out in my book”. I don’t care if you are a high playing client or just a vendor. I don’t deal with jerk off’s.

Have you ever looked at your schedule and saw that one client you had to train or that one meeting you had to take with a jerk off? It sucks the life and the energy from you and you spend your day dreading that future event instead of being productive and working with people you like.

Ditch the jerk off and your life and business will flow with zero friction.

5. 2 of everything – “They all go lame”- Dan Kennedy Based on those words from Dan I have two of everything just in case of emergency. 2 merchant accounts, 2 shopping carts (3 actually), 2 accountants / lawyers (1 conservative, 1 aggressive), 2 DVD’s suppliers, 2 assistants, 2 business coaches and so on.

Dan is right about this one. It might cost more to have this in place. But, like insurance. When you need it your glad it’s there.

6. “Bro’s” day once a week – I try at least once a week to do something with the guys. Usually it’s hanging out with Zach, TC, or surfing with Uncle Mike. Sometimes we just screw off, eat bad food, break each other’s balls, maybe have some beers….but, a lot of times we wind up masterminding some serious business ideas. In fact from these days I have come away with some of my best business breakthroughs.

7. 4 vacations and 2 mini vacations – Every 3 months I take my family on a vacation. We go to the same place every time. It’s like our second home. When I get there I go into instant fun and relaxation mode.

Our mini vacations are to places we have never been before. This gives us a nice balance to “home like” vacations and adventure.

The important thing is that they are the same times every year. They are on the calendar and they are booked way in advance.

We always have a vacation to look forward to.

8. I only learn from “A” players – Each year I make a sizable investment in my business education and I only take that investment from an A list superstar marketer. This year I joined John Carlton’s Platinum group. It’s four long cross country trips to get to the meeting but it has been worth every single penny. My business has exploded. One idea I got from that group already turned into $262,000 deal for me.

Investing in education be it seminars, courses, or masterminds has always been worth hundreds of times what I invested.

9. My business is built to support the life I want to live – I figured out long ago that a business is designed to support my lifestyle not the other way around. If the business starts to take too much time away from my personal life that’s not cool with me. If it starts to drag on me mentally… not cool either.

I have no arbitrary money goals like making 10 million bucks or something like that. I know exactly how much money I need to make to live the life I want and I organize my business to generate just those profits. I try to never take on business just because it could make me more money. It has to have it’s rightful place in my lifestyle and my end profit number.

10. I’m a baseball coach – That’s who I am and that’s what I do. I am not a marketer, copywriter, product builder, or consultant. I am a baseball coach that does those things to sell my solutions to problems facing my baseball community.

It’s easy to get caught up in the world of internet marketing ego’s… believe me… I did. But, at the end of the day I live and breathe baseball coaching.

It’s in my heart, it’s in my blood and the marketing skills and knowledge I possess are only there to serve my customers with better solutions and products.

I’d love to hear your comments below and some of your own rules for doing business

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  1. only learn from “A” players – I think that is the best tip here. Why take advise from people in worse positions than yourself. Yu want to get better and the only way to do that is follow those better than you. Too often we get caught up in what friends and family say, though they may be great if they are not more successful than you in what you need help with why listen?

  2. Awesome Post Paul! The video was great guys! LOL! It’s so easy to lose sight of some of this stuff when I get really focused on growing my business, but this is a great list! Thanks so much for sharing it. I’m definitely going to create a list of my own to live by.

  3. Paul Reddick says:

    @ Jason – always consider the belief structure and success of any person you take advice from.

    @ brandon – thanks man…having rules in place make’s life so much easier

    really an honor to be on this blog….many thanks to chris

  4. Great Post!!! I need to sit down and evaluate my rules and put some in place. Thanks for a list to refer to and pull from..

  5. Very nice. I already have the mini-break/vacation rule but I like the nothing before noon best… And definitely only listen to A players. If I listened to everyone that offered me advice, I’d probably be dead broke right now..

  6. Love the rules you go by Paul! Way to stick to your guns!

  7. I had to laugh at nothing before noon. We run an embroidery store in Burlington WI and I do accounting someplace else in tool and die. I would love to have this much time to work out. I get it in when I can. I live nutrition. Your so right it’s the only way to go. It’s tough but so worth it. If you want that cap custom embroidered give us a call. You have to promote any time you can.

  8. Hey Paul I’m new to your site but not to the business. For me it’s the same story you hear all the time in the fitness industry. Hours of studying for certs. Attending countless workshops to gain a little more knowledge as a responsibilty to your clients. Going after all of these certs that everyone has to offer, again to hone those training skills. $$$$ Spending like mad here, there and everywhere just to work for someone that has no clue of why thewy opened a gym, but your helping them get training & certs. But most of all, all this work to drum up mbusiness and I don’t have a pot to piss in. Luckily for my full time job I can support my family. But my passion is working with fitness, either with aythletes or deconditioned community. No one in the industry emphasises the business side. Thanks to guys like Zach and Uncle mike, I live on Staten Island, I still don’t get it. What is the magic… I give people the best they want to pay minimum for max results. Is it just me or do i always have to give the store away to drum up the biz. please help!!!

  9. Mr. Reddick

    Awesome post my friend!

    Lots of laughs and solid, solid content.

    Puttin some more focus on my own set o rules….

    Look forward to some more quality from you mate



  10. Great Idea Paul!! I never thought of having rules I should stick by no matter what. Now you’ve actually made me think!!

  11. Paul Reddick says:

    @Brandon Roggow – would love to see your rules posted here

    @Joseph Coyne – nice…

    @Greg Crawford – thanks man

    @lynn – don’t get me wrong abut the “nothing before noon” rule…I lose a lot of business because of this rule. but, my dad died at 54 from not taking care of himself…he left behind money, houses, cars…but, he had no more time left over. So, for me, I keep that in mind when it comes to short changing my health

    @Donald – maybe you need to pull back and reevaluate where you get your customers from. You may need to redesign your biz to attract a different level of client. I am sure Chris can help you design a plan for your biz. I would be happy to answer any questions you have here on the blog

    @Adam Toohey – you’re my homeboy for sure…thank man

    @Marc Knight – would love to see what you come up with

    By the way Zach also did his rules and they are sick…I am sure Chris will be posting them soon.

  12. Pauly,

    I still live by your “NO Jerk Off’s” rule you taught us at Z’s USC mentorship.

    That makes life SO MUCH better not having to deal with jerk off parents and athletes.

    Great stuff!

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love it man, awesome info! Number 5 is a great point and I have never really thought about it. Definitely good to have redundant systems!

  14. anne walker says:

    So simple it hurt my head to think about how I’ve been stressing myself out everyday over the way the events will unfold…RULES..OF COURSE!…I can do rules…off to go write them, thanks Paul!

  15. Paul Reddick says:

    @travis – you guys were awesome to hang with…glad you’re gonna get rid of the J/O’s

    @monty – you really need this with legal / accounting stuff…gotta get both opinions then you make the right choice for you

    @anne walker 0 love to see what your rules will be

  16. Awesome blog post. The gist of it is…your business is the vehicle to help you live your life on your terms and no one else’s. You create the rules and live by them.

  17. Hi Paul – great post man, especially rule #10

    I recently met up with Bedros & Steve and we were talking about how you should never put anyone on a pedestal.

    (if someone’s already on there, there will be no room for you)

    So when you mentioned in point 10 “It’s easy to get caught up in the world of internet marketing ego’s”, I think I know what you mean man.

    When I first heard about Internet Marketing, I was an instant fanboy. But just like you mentioned, all the marketing & SEO I learn is solely to serve my bootcamp clients better.

  18. That’s a really interesting vacation idea about having them be at the same time, and the main ones at the same place. Seems way cooler than having haphazard getaways…good article.

  19. Love the nothing before noon rule…I believe a variation of that woill work for me…I feel so much more productive when I do things for myself early in the day…in the midst of restructuring the way i do things…a must right now…

  20. I think the rules and structure for your day and lifestyle are great. Keeps you focused, directed and on purpose.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Robin Lopez says:

    You guys make me laugh! Thanks. I’ve always been a person who when everyone is heading in one direction, I tend to stop and look down the other direction. I always wondered about that that and why I do it. Maybe I like the risk or adventure. Who knows. Anyway, I’m not much of a rules person. I am the trainer in my business and sometimes a client who doesnt’t know me YET may try to dictate to me. Example: I can only workout on Sunday and Monday a.m. at 6. I do not even go there with a client as I, like you, need a/m. time to get myself ready for the day. The clients I seem to attain are the PERFECT client. My rules since I work my ass off during the week, no weekends and nothing before 8a. AAAAh. Better now.

  22. Paul Reddick says:

    @ Dan Go …right on man…that’s it

    @ Michael Duivis that’s an awesome tip for those guys…the most famous people I’ve met in baseball / marketing just turned out to be regular people like us…but easy to get caught up

    @Ben Greenfield it really is nice to go to your relaxation place all the time…but make sure you go new places too…keep sit fun

    @ Michael – yeah man take care of yourself and almost everything else gets ten fold better

  23. Need some help with my fitness business? What do you recommend? Thank you , Kevin

  24. Paul Reddick says:

    @ kevin – I think you are on the site that can help you….I would take Chris up on his products. A lot of them are crazy inexpensive.

    I know of a lot of guys who credit their success to what Chris teaches

  25. Funny Video. It really gets your attention. A-I-D-A principle is effective.

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