Why I Do Woo Woo

A Fitness Business Mindset Post from Chris McCombs

I wanna talk about something that’s more important than any client-getting tactic, marketing strategy or sales funnel… and I’d love to get your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

In fact, without this, all that won’t do a whole lot for you… it’ll do ya SOME good, but probably only 10 or 20 percent of what it could.

Basically, there’s a few things I stay away from talking about on my blog… like politics, religion and some of the real dark stuff I experienced and witnessed back in my twenties… I’ve seen stuff that could be straight out of a Scorsese flick… and I’m not talking about Kundun.

But I don’t get into that stuff cause I don’t wanna isolate my audience… and nothing will divide people more than religion or politics… not that I don’t have my own opinions, but they’re best kept to myself… especially since usually they’re not the most popular of opinions… and sharing them could definitely hurt my income level.

And regarding all the dark stuff… sure I can talk about selling weed in my past… and if someone wants judge me for that… cool, they’re simply not my target audience… but I stay miles away from any of the real negative and serious consequences that happened in my circle of close friends… as that stuff would bum people out… it would fascinate a few but freak out the rest… it was like stuff right out of a movie… and let’s just put it this way… not everyone likes Scorsese flicks… in fact some people find them downright disturbing.

I also USUALLY stay away from talking about some of the woo woo stuff I’m into… things like affirmations, visualizations, the power of the subconscious and some of the more far out things that’ve had a profound impact on my life.


Well, I guess it’s cause I only have to time to do so many blog posts, and you can learn about that stuff in books like Napoleon Hill’s classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’ … or from famous Christian philosopher James Allen in the great “As a Man Thinketh”… or from the DVD “The Secret”… or Wayne Dyer on PBS… or Tony Robbins… or in a million other places these days…. be it on a level of self-help, spirituality, science, philosophy, psychology, WHATEVER.

The stuff is everywhere… in fact, the film The Secret was HUGE, especially once it got on Oprah… and I even liked it myself… a lot… but IMO it pretty much left out two VERY important things… taking action and helping others… and what happened is you had a bunch of non-action takers sitting around trying to feel good about what they wanted in life, without doin’ a damn thing about it… I think most of em’ needed a Godsmack of action right upside the head… too bad they never got it… nor did most of em’ get what they wanted in life

Now,  probably 50 plus percent of my friends are in the six-figure income level and another 40 percent in the seven-figure income level, I’m literally surrounded by “success minded” positive people so often, that I forget that most people don’t practice this any of this mindset stuff.

I’m a huge fan of direct response marketing, but if you’ve got negative feeling tied to money and your own self-worth, you’ll most likely sabotage the living hell outta your business so bad that all the direct response mojo in the world couldn’t save your ass.

I used to be a super negative thinker… I mean I stressed and worried about everything… but I realized when I got sober about ten years ago I needed to change my perception of myself and the world around if I wanted to get better results in life and not live in friggin misery and metal slavery… and then back when I was about 35 ( I’m 40 now) I REALLY stepped it up… and the payoff on ALL levels has been MASSIVE.

Lemme quickly share a little story about what some of this “woo woo” mindset stuff has done for me…

About four or five years ago I pictured what I wanted my life to look like… mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically and relationship wise… I mean I would actually sit there and picture it in my head… and feel like it was already true, and then I would open myself up for life the kinda lead the way and show me what actions to take.

I would picture the happy wife… the happy kids… the giant house… the sports car… the Harley… the toys… the 355 pound strict BB rows for reps… the veins splattered on my arms… being connected with the top internet marketers in the world… the part time hours… the freedom… the automated income… an ease of being… having the world most awesome customers… having AMAZING people working for me… influencing tens of thousands of people in a positive way using the internet… and on and on.

I would sit there and picture it and feel it as if it were real… and my goal was it for all to be real by the time I turned 40

Well guess what, it all came true… all of it.

Everything is EXACTLY how I pictured it… and some of it.. like the veins, the sports car and the house all came true within a MONTH of turning 40.

I hit the nail on the head… I’m living in what I saw in my head… it’s like I uploaded the program and it went to work and made it happen.

Now, I do gotta admit, I got WAY into this mindset stuff. Reading tons of books, affirmations, visualizations, writing out goals… the whole deal…. I’m pretty OCD so I either do shit or I don’t… no in between… if I was on heroin, it would be a curse, but since these days I’m into weight lifting and internet marketing, it’s a gift.

So, everything that I saw came true.

But here’s the weird part…

Most of these affirmations and visualizations I only spent about a year on… I actually haven’t practiced it in probably three years… but since then it almost like my brain has been COMPLETELY rewired for success, peace and happiness.. now I’m admit, I’m not always full of joy and have yet to see a single butterfly fly outta my ass… but I’d say I’m an extremely reasonably happy person.

Do I get agitated? … sure

Do things piss me off? … once in a while

Are there people I don’t like? … plenty of em’

Sometimes would I rather settle a problem with my fists instead of my words? … well YEAH???

Do I think people who love everything and everyone are weird? … yep.. they creep me out big time… like the Stepford Wives or something

Do I still watch violent movies and tv shows and crank angry gangsta rap and death metal? … FUCK YEAH… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But somehow it’s like my brain doesn’t stress out much anymore… and I rarely worry about anything or focus on negative shit for too long before hopping back in alignment with my purpose.

And as for the economy… the quickest way for me to exit a conversation is to hear someone complain about the economy… fuckin’ do something or shut up… do not complain or use the economy as an excuse for failure… in fact, I NEVER think about THE economy… only MY economy… and guess what, it’s always good, so I think about it a lot

Now like I said I rarely talk about this stuff in my blog, cuz well, when I comes to building a successful fitness business I have no doubt I’m the best person in the world to teach the most powerful aspects of sales, marketing, automating and client-getting that there are… you want to get a TON of clients and build a fitness business that pretty much runs on auto-pilot then I’m your guy.

HOWEVER, when it comes to the mindset stuff, there are teachers dead and alive that put me to shame when it comes to teaching that stuff… if you want to learn how to get your head right, seek out guys like Napoleon Hill, James Allen ( As a Man Thinketh ), Bob Proctor, Maxwell Maltz, John Assaraf, Tony Robbins and a ton of others… some might be too woo woo for you, and others might be too “motivational”… and some might not fit in with your current spiritual or religious beliefs… no worries, you can find people teaching this stuff from all kinds of backgrounds and in all kinds of different styles... be it science, self-help, wealth attraction, spirituality, philosophy, spirituality whatever… and they’re all basic saying the same thing, just with their own twist…. find the teacher, teachings and practices that resonate with you and get to work.

The bottom line is you get what you focus on and see, but DO NOT forget to take action and help others, I’ve met a ton of broke and lonely people into positive thinking and mindset, who never took action.

Focus on what you want and feel good about it just like it’s already come true, take MASSIVE action, help others, and never, ever, ever give up.

Do that, and it’s gonna be so cool to see how much ass in this life you’re gonna kick

And like I said above, I’d love to hear your comments or experiences in the comment section below, but before you leave a comment, check this out…

Ya know how I said I have the coolest customers in the world?

Well it’s true, and without you I wouldn’t have even a fraction of the success I have today.


  1. charlie slack says:

    you are still bad ass my man…the other day I saw the napkin you gave me with your email on it at Eban’s in LA..good times, love your blog!

    C Slack

  2. Manuel Laris says:

    Dude I love these posts and there’s nothing wrong with some of the woo woo stuff lol

    What I do think is crazy is people who just sit on their hands, and believe everything will fall into place if all they have to do is think about it and will it to happen. Creating that picture, and experiencing thepositive feelings associated with it is important but so is taking action on a daily basis towards achieving that goal, and I’m glad Chris covered that.

    I’m sure you seen it already Chris, but for those who haven’t, you should also go and watch Core Influence by Frank Kern. I think its one of the coolest woo woo presentations i’ve ever watched 😀

    P.S if you’ve never bought any of Chris’s products before, go and watch Core Influence today, come back, grab your CC and take a leap of faith. No shit the pay off is huge, dont get left behind

  3. Bro I was thinking the exact same thing today. Probably because I’m listening to my Zero Resistance course by Dr. Maxwell Maltz in my car. Not only does listening to the mindset and self help stuff push your forward towards your goals…it also makes you a better person too.

  4. I used to think the woo woo stuff was, well, woo woo.

    Nothing has changed my mindset more than a combination of reading the “woo woo” stuff and implementing the things I learned into my life and starting to hang out with more successful individuals that I could learn from, whether on a business, training or mindset level.

    Now I’m telling people all the things I used to disregard. If it works in the real world I’m always going to apply it and make it a part of my subconscious files.

    Reading your blog posts just keeps ingraining all the info and motivates me to do better and create the exact life that I envision.

    Thanks for everything Chris!


  5. Awesome post Chris man,

    Totally agree – Really believe in creating your own reality and not living in other peoples. This only comes from having a firm commitment to what your own reality should be in detail and working, breathing and thinking that lifestyle every day until you are truely living it.

    You’re post kicks ass dude!

    Ant 😀

  6. Love this blog. Really enjoying your stuff so far. What I love about woo-woo stuff is that one smart decision enables another. I’ve just made the SMARTEST decision of my life to do what I’ve always wanted to do after another SMART decision to break up with my ex! Cue positive spirals and may them keep on spiraling. Cheers.

  7. Thanks Chris for all the help you give us trainers it really is appreciated.

  8. I think this is a great story and also great advice. Somewhat like NLP programming, in fact it is some sort of programming for your brain and I think it does work.

  9. Dude, probably the most important line of this entire blog post was “…but DO NOT forget to take action…”

    So many people think that ‘thinking’ is all they have to do, and focus so much on mindset-based things that they neglect to actually do anything. In fact, I remember Dan Kennedy mentioning that Hill’s book should’ve been titled “Think *to* Grow Rich”, b/c you could go sit in the corner and think all you want, and it ain’t gonna do you any good.

    (Or words to that effect, you know how Dan is. IIRC, he mentioned something about how the hotel they were leading the seminar in would let you sit behind the flip-chair forever…LMAO.)

    Great post man – hopefully people will read it w/open eyes and an open mind.

  10. Great post! Mindset and taking action are so important. I have put together a vision board I just hung over my desk to remind me of all the things I want to accomplish and every night I write out what I’ll do the next day to reach for those goals!

  11. Dustin Martorano says:

    1. Chris you’re AWESOME
    2. Get all of Chris’s products. I did and the payoff’s been HUGE.
    3. Be a mega fucking ACTION TAKER!!!!!!

  12. Kick-ass post Chris! I know when I was a young, angry, head-banging, binge drinking, street-fighting punk… I wouldn’t NEVER have listened or giving any of this a chance.

    It wasn’t until this “false” understanding of reality fell apart that I really started to open my mind to these success and mindset strategies. My goal became to learn how reality works… what is our ultimate reality?

    So much of today’s world is based on the “external” factors, but everything really comes down to our own perception of reality and the “internal” factors that cause us to think, speak and act in the ways the produce success or the lack there of.

    I studied for the past 10 years and my life did become more positive and peaceful and successful, yet I still hadn’t achieved the level of success I desired…. then meeting guys like you, Bedros, Vince, etc…. allowed me to see that I wasn’t taking MASSIVE ACTION on a scale that could produce success. So many (like the secret movie) leave out the action part.

    We all have some dark pasts, but the past will melt away as soon as you decide to make your present kick-ass!

    I think you should talk about this stuff from time to time, because it allows others to see that “hey Chris McCombs is talking about this shit and his a bad-ass motha f@#$#$%$…. maybe there’s something to it afterall!”

    Keep living the dream!

  13. I’m glad you addressed this topic. Many people shy away from “woo woo or touchy feely” stuff if it involves the mind or spirit. I’ve read the books you are referring to and have to agree that it makes a huge difference. For the skeptics out there, just look at the results. Chris mentioned that most of his friends who also acknowledge this stuff are in the same mindset and are doing well financially and are achieving their goals. That’s hard to argue with. Thanks for the reminder that I need to be working my mind out more and not just my body.

  14. Chris state of mind is huge. I haven’t had as much success as you but I am working on it and have a positive state of mind and believe we will make it happen!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  15. As a Man Thinketh is a great one Chris. Not many people have read that and I’ll never forget when my Dad gave me a copy. I loved it. And I am a huge believer in a positive mental attitude and listen to my affirmations on a daily basis as a matter of fact! :-) Congrats on all the success, you deserve it.

  16. Hey Big Chris
    Awesome post man! Thanks for sharing your personal experience how you transformed from a negative person to a person that’s on autopilot for success. Before I got to where I am, I was very negative and things start getting better and much better after I got into positive mindset kind of stuff. But like you said, the positive mindset stuff does not work if you’re not taking actions and doing things differently. I’m glad made the choice to buy your products few years ago and used them.

  17. Rewire your brain for success. Word.

  18. I love when you go down this path Chris – sorting your head out is a massive part of your business success. For me, learning that I have the ability to not give things a second thought (mostly the negative, self-doubting thoughts) was a big day.

    Now instead of these snowballing and holding me captive for days, they don’t get a second thought. Keep the good stuff coming….

  19. Chris… I just turned 40 tuesday and if I knew then what I know now it would be totally different. I started to venture into all this after my mom passed away when I was 35. Within a couple of years time, I went from makin about 35k to almost 100k at a corporate job by changing my mindest. I am now getting ready to pursue my passion of fitness and internet marketing in 2011. This sh** works man for those who are skeptical and think it is bs. Change your mind and Change your life!

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