Cool Resources for Personal Trainers and Fitness Entrepreneurs

I get asked all the time about what tool I use and recommend to do certain tasks, and the other day I saw my bud 7-Figure Sam mail out some resources he likes using

So I decided to let you know about some of the stuff I either use or recommend as well, all stuff that can either make your life easier or help you grow your personal training or fitness business

From scheduling appointments, billing your clients, managing your projects,connecting with your followers, marketing your business, becoming a better trainer, getting your clients better results… you name it, it’s in here.

There’s lots of FREE stuff here, as well as some that cost money, some I’m an affiliate of and make a profit on, and some I’m not an affiliate of and I’m just recommending cuz I love turning people onto cool stuff… but either way, this is stuff that can definitely help you and your training business

Fitness Profits Roadmap – If you don’t have it yet, be sure to get your copy of my Free Ebook “The Fitness Profits Roadmap” breaking down 9 ways to get more personal training clients, 3 ways to make more money in your training business and 2 sales scripts you can use to convert more leads and people interested in your program into paying clients

Weapons if Influence – Robert Cialdini is the Godfather of Persuasion… he has 6 key principles of persuasion you want to tie into as much of your marketing as possible… every great marketer I know uses these weapons of influence as the cornerstone of their marketing

List of Top Fitness Marketing Strategies for 2013 – Here’s a list of the top ways to market your training business in 2013 from a bunch of my knucklehead fitness marketing friends … who each give you three tips to help you grow your fitness training business in the upcoming year…. All of em’ are great “folk” and are pretty damn well-known for being the “best of the best” when it comes to marketing a personal training business, fitness studio or boot camp.

Google Places – Google’s local business listing directory, if you’re not in here, which you’d be surprised at the number of fitness trainers who aren’t… get listed ASAP

The Personal Training Development Center – This blog is an awesome resource I found from a trainer by the name of Jonathan Goodman… lots of great ‘out of the box’ ideas on there you can use to improve your training business

CopyBlogger – If you enjoy marketing your training business, then follow CopyBlogger…. it’s a GREAT marketing blog

Mindbody – Hands-down the best EFT program for trainers… automatic billing, online scheduling, detailed reporting of your retention and trends in your business… you name it… when I surveyed trainers on which auto-billing platform they preferred, MindBody won 5 to 1

1AutomationWhiz – This is the shopping cart I use to sell stuff online… been using them for years

Creately – This software is what I use for making info-graphics, diagrams, flowcharts, mind-maps… as well as laying stuff out for my web developer or to explain stuff to people in a visual way… I think I pay like $5 a month for it

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… It’s Functional Training Man! … fighting crime and doin’ functional bullshit workouts at a gym near you!

Kajabi – This is the software I use to make my salepages, squeeze pages and membership portals … LOVE IT… I’ve ran the last 4 of my launches through it, VERY USER FRIENDLY

Get Response – This is the email marketing management software I use to build, connect and market to my list of email subscribers… Aweber and IContact are two other good options

Boomerang– I use mostly Yahoo for personal email, but if you use Gmail, check out this resource my friends 7-Figure Sam and AJ Mihrzad use, it’s a FREE app for gmail that allows you to schedule an email to be sent at a specific time/date, along with other cool tracking stuff and email reminders.

Evernote – My memory is like a piece of Swiss Cheese, filled with holes… I smoked most of it up in the 90’s… Evernote is how I keep things I need to remember all in one easy to access place… It’s on my Iphone, Ipad and Macbook and it’s all synced up… trying to remember stuff stresses me out, so I don’t even try it

Basecamp – This is how I manage my projects and everyone working for me, MUCH easier than email or any other form of communication I know to manage this type of stuff… I don’t know what I do without it

DropBox – This is what I use to share large files with others… it’s quick and easy to use

Google Calander – There’s lots of Calendar programs out there, this is the one I use and like best

Instant Fitness Copy – Done-for-you, plug and play sales, advertising and marketing templates that have been actually proven to generate new business, repeat business, ancillary business and referrals

Alien Training – This is a giant and ever-growing database of out of the box exercises and programs for trainers… a HUGE hit with personal trainers

Renegade Cardio – An awesome little resource for trainers looking to give their clients quick, effective and fun workout finishers … a much better fat loss option than traditional cardio

Fitness Internet Profits – Everything you need to know about using to power of the internet and digital media to market your training business and create multiple sources of fitness income

Metabolic Training Certification – The only certification offered that was specifically developed to help you address the reason most clients work with a personal trainer or embark on a fitness program at all…fat loss.

Business Building Programs for Trainers – This is my catalog of programs and affiliate products for trainers


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