The Fitness Business Pillars

Guest Post by Vito La Fata

Typically you got into business for 3 things:

1. Your personal passions– you loved what you do, and thought you could go out and create a business yourself around that passion.

2. Customer Outcomes– you wanted to make a difference with your customers and help them get what they needed. You wanted to see them happy and improving the quality of their lives.

3. Personal Income– you wanted to increase your business revenue, so you could funnel and increase your personal income and wealth.

But, somewhere along the lines as you worked each day trying to build your business day in and day out, your passion got sucked out by the fact that you woke up one day and realized you now have a job. Then you looked at your bank account and saw that no wealth was in there, no 401k, no IRA, nothing that at the end of the day made you feel secure about your future- it’s still paycheck to paycheck.

Why is this happening to you?

In all likelihood it began way back with how you set up your business, how you are running it and currently managing it.

You have no strategy.

You work your to do list (busy work), but clarity is missing, so focus is lost and execution ends up being poor and the needle never moves.

Well, it’s time to change that.

There is no reason you can’t have the lifestyle you want, work the hours you want, enjoy the wealth you deserve. You just have to focus on the right things.

Here is the Fitness and Business Wealth Octagon you need to step into. These 5 pillars will provide you with the structure you need to create that wealth and live those passions…

1. Strategy- this is about who you are, what you want, why you want it and how you position it so you can deliver value into the market place. Everything starts here. Without vision you can’t see where you are going and why you are going that way.

2. Operations- this is how you make your strategy come to fruition. If you disconnect operations from strategy you are caught up in distractions. And distraction is the enemy of productivity and results. Operations are about having the tools in place to let your strategy happen. Connecting your operations properly means efficiency and effectiveness the launching pad for success and profitability.

3. Outreach– this is the continual process of filling your   business in from multiple resources and angles so that you move past one off promotions and begin a movement in your business.

4. Systems– these are measurements and the support to make sure things happen automatically, so you don’t fall  prey to busy work. One of my personal favorites since I see this as one of the easiest to tackle and get in place using done for you systems as a sure fire way to move the needle quickly.

5. People– the ability to attract, hire, train, retain and let go of great people, so you get the highest level of commitment for your business and you.

But, the question I get most often in my coaching business from trainers and owners is…”where can I make the easiest adjustments while still seeing the biggest impact in my short term cash, and long term stability? “

Simple… trim down the costs on your marketing by saving time and dollars on your marketing campaigns and calendar using systems like the Group Training Marketing Machine System.

When I first discovered done-for-you marketing systems that helped me save time and money, it blew my mind how much easier creating my marketing calendar could be. And this freed up time for my life since I wasn’t slaving away trying to come up with every marketing piece, on my own. It saved me boatloads of cash since I wasn’t investing in starting my campaigns from scratch.

Wow, was this a game changer in my business and my career. And hands down one of the best strategies that helped me align my daily actions with my overall big picture of how to move my business forward without reinventing the wheel.

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Vito  La  Fata, , is  the  founder  and  CEO  of Fitness  Profit  Systems,  as  well  as  a  business  and   fitness  coach,  certified  personal  trainer,  nutrition   specialist  and  entrepreneur. As  an  internationally  recognized  speaker  and  writer,  he   has  contributed  to  IDEA  Health,  IHRSA  World   Conference,  MindBody  Conference,  Australian  Fitness   Health  Expo,  Todd  Durkin  Mastermind  Group,  Fitness   Business  Summit  and  Fitness  and  Club  Industry. .Vito  helps  fitness  professionals  attract  income,   generate  wealth,  create  impact  and   achieve  success  with  his  Fitness   Profit  Systems,   Business   and   Marketing  Coaching   and  Team   BeachBody  opportunities.

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