5 Strategies To Get More Personal Training Clients

Guest post by Callie Durbrow

379643_10151323537104192_927953400_nHey KBL gang, Callie Durbrow here and I wanted to write this post for my mentor and friend, Big Chris because it’s so simple yet so powerful.

A few years ago I was renting space in this tiny MMA gym and I had a bunch of clients which was cool, but I didn’t have a system so I kind of felt like I was always running around trying to find the next big thing to bring in clients.

Back then Chris said to me, “You need to get your own place. You have to just fuckin’ do it.”

I was really scared but I took action and just kept going, moving my business forward one day at a time. Just 2 short years later I have my own 5,000 square foot facility with two trainers and best of all, I have the systems in place to rinse and repeat so I don’t have to worry about where my next client is coming from.

So why should you care about my story?

Because I’m about to break it down for you and give you the top 5 strategies to get more clients and triple your income.

Strategy #1- Fire your 1 on 1 clients.

Yeah I said it. Bold and crazy?

Hear me out on this. Training clients one on one will not allow you to leverage your time. You need to train them in small groups. All you need to do is figure out the times that you want to train.

For me initially it was 6-9am and 5-8pm so I just told all my current clients that I was going to be switching over to group training and I told them they would get way better results, it would be really motivating and fun and it would cost them about 50% as much. They were sold (that’s the thing, you have to position it like it’s awesome and not ask them if they just want to try it out).

Once I told everyone, I just let them pick their time slot and I filled those groups. This is easy because most people want to train at those peak times anyway. Groups of 6-10 work really well and you can easily fit all of your clients in each day.

Here’s some resources to help with group training:

Group Training University

Group Training Profits

Strategy #2- Take Massive Action

Sometimes I hate when I see advice like this. What the hell does that even mean? I know you want something tangible that you can start doing today and not just some theory. Taking massive action simply means do 1-2 things each day that will move your business forward. These are things that are often future based and you may not get an immediate return but you have to keep doing them. Even if you feel like total garbage that day, just do 1-2 things. Chris said to me once that action alleviates anxiety. For those of us with a touch of anxiety, this couldn’t be further from the truth :)

Massive action steps:

Contact local businesses and offer to do lunch and learns

Connect with previous clients and just see how they’re doing and if you can help in any way

Write guest blog posts in your industry or locally

Create Facebook ads with a compelling offer (we use 21 days for $21)

Create training videos and post to Youtube using your local keywords (City Personal Trainer)

These are just a few things you can do daily and weekly. Stay consistent and just get it done.

Strategy #3- Create Systems for Referrals

This one can vary from business to business but here are some of the best ways to get referrals from your best clients:

Transformation Contests ( like HERE )

Ask for a referral commitment at the point of sale. Make it a condition of doing business that they’ll commit to bringing in their friends

Offer a low barrier trial like 21 days for $21

Ask when a client has had great success. After a great measurement day or after they rave about a kick-ass workout, simply congratulate them on their success and ask them who they know that might also benefit and enjoy your program

Bring-A-Friend Week…. Bring-A-Buddy Workout

582626_10151323536419192_2102215603_nStrategy #4- Give Your Clients Incredible Results

This probably goes without saying for you because you’re here on Chris’ blog so you likely kick some major ass. The truth is there are a lot of trainers that just show up and don’t get results for their clients. Why would someone talk about you to their friends if they have nothing to brag about?

Here’s a great resource to help get your clients great results

And here’s are some of the best ways to get results.

Measure your clients every 4-6 weeks. This keeps them accountable and gives them (and you) tangible results

Take before and after photos

Set short and long term goals

Give them awesome training sessions using a variety of methods- Kettlebells, Ropes, Prowler, Med Balls and Valslides are all killer tools that will make the training sessions more exciting and fun

Stick to the basics- don’t forget good old fashioned squats, dead lifts, lunges and push ups

Use barbell complexes- this is one of my favorite ways to kick up the results for clients. BB Complexes increase strength, improve conditioning and test the client’s mental toughness

Here’s two resources to help you dish out some awesome complexes

Renegade Cardio

Complex Conditioning

Strategy #5- Create a Family Atmosphere

If you can make your training facility your client’s “third place” and genuinely make them feel appreciated, there is no better way to keep them coming back. This comes down to just being a true, cool person. You can’t fake this part. Give each of your clients your undivided attention for at least a few minutes. This can be tough in bigger groups but you have to make them feel special, ask them about their lives and families. Make sure everyone in the groups knows each other and get them to interact with one another.

When people come to train and they get to hang out with their friends at the same time, they’ll never want to leave for fear of missing out on something cool.

Make sure you’re doing stuff outside of the gym to bring people together too. Holiday parties, client appreciation days, free water bottles, bring a friend workouts and field trips will all set you apart as the go-to trainer in your area.

Also, make sure to always recognize your clients.

Here are a few simple ways:

– Spotlight Stories on your blog highlighting different clients every week

– Client of the Month

– Send birthday cards

– Send referral gifts

– Recognize awesome effort during training sessions

Start implementing these strategies into your business now and just keep working every single day, even making small changes, and you’ll see a wave of success. Be passionate and care about your clients above all else.

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