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Like getting people into super-fit shape, making them do tabatas until they almost puke, and seeing the smile on the face of the client that finally fits into that pair of skinny jeans that she’s been wanting to fit into for over a year …

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– And not only that, the Platinum members will come together once a week for an online mastermind meeting via webinar to help each other overcome any challenge, hurdle and obstacles, as well as sharing their victories, celebrating each others successes, holding each other accountable, and teaching each other exactly whats working in each others businesses in the great her and now

– All meetings will be recorded and made available only to Platinum members

– And on top of all that each and every week like clockwork, you’ll receive a brand new video lesson of the week that will help you discover how to get new clients through better marketing and how to get your current clients in better shape through the application of cutting edge nutrition exercise, and science… plus you get two 30 minute private phone calls with Emile over the course of the year to make sure your on the right track

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Just click the ‘add to order’ button right here… it’s only $147 to upgrade to the Platinum Version Right Now