How to Get Boot Camp Clients

Boot Camps are one of the best ways for a personal trainer to get exposure to a new client base and get you more business, learning how to get boot camp clients can be one of the best things a trainer can do to increase your profits. There are many things you can do to attract more people to your boot camps, and this post will teach you some sure-fire methods I have learned over the years.

Referrals – 

Definitely one of, if not the most effective, ways trainers get boot camp clients is by word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients. Some of the best ways to increase your referral rate are: Giving your clients results, delivering a top-notch experience for your clients, conditioning your clients from the very first session to refer you to anyone who is interested in or could benefit from your services, putting on lots of fun contests and challenges, giving your clients credit card style magnetic strip gift cards, continually stacking more & more referral generation systems into your business on a regular basis. Putting referral reminders all over the place with lots of client recognition as well as having a “bring a friend week”, “bring a friend friday”, giving gifts to people who bring referrals with the value of the gift increasing based on number of clients are also great ways to boost your referrals.

Face to Face Marketing and Networking – 

In the world of business, how you interact with other people can be the most important factor related to your financial success. If you want your training business to thrive, you have to be willing to tell the world. Make a list of everyone you know and make sure to tell them about the fact you are a kick-ass trainer. Try to get out there and tell 10-20 or more people about your business every day, trainers who do this succeed big. Definitely check this out as well: Tribal Training

Google –

There are two different Google methods that can be highly valuable to the fitness professional:

1. Google adwords- paid advertisements in Google, do your research and make sure to set up your ad campaign correctly, or you can lose money quickly.

2. The free regular google listings is one of the top ways I got most of my clients after the first few years. Getting your website to rank high (maybe even highest!) for a specific keyword phrase is an extremely valuable endeavor, and mainly has to do with on-page optimization. I recommend hiring someone to do your web design and S.E.O. (search engine optimization) because it usually only costs 5-10 percent of your worth, and you can spend your time focused on trying new ways to get boot camp clients!

Contests and Challenges –

Contests and challenges are one of the most fun, viral, organic and positive ways to build your training business. Some contests and challenges trainers are having a lot of success with are: Transformation contests, couples challenges (great for referrals), social point contests and charity boot camps based on your clients’ charities. Referral contests, where you give away something cool to the winner (think iPad, flatscreen, gift cards etc.) are another valuable tool to get boot camp clients. For more tips be sure to check this out: Fitness Contests and Challenges

Free FaceBook Marketing – 

Facebook is potentially the single most valuable marketing asset you can use to get boot camp clients, and if you are not properly tapping in to it’s explosive and viral power, you are missing out. FaceBook can be a huge client generator but remember to keep it fun, not spammy; people don’t go to FaceBook to be sold, rather to see interesting stuff and check on what their friends are up to. Daily picture tagging works wonders when done correctly but not if you currently have a few clients because you had just broke into the industry or only train one-on-one; it works best if you have a lot of clients already. Make sure the pics are ‘fun’: hard training, unconventional exercises, laughing and smiling are the photo-ops you should be looking for. No boring photos! Integrate social media into a referrals rewards club; sign people up for a special rate if they meet the criteria.

You should structure your referrals rewards club like this: bring a friend to try the program at least once a month, check in on FaceBook every time they come in for a workout, use their phone to go on FaceBook and comment about how awesome or hard or ‘______’ their workout was, and leave a link to your profile by tagging you.

Public Speaking –

If you’re good at speaking in front of crowds and doing speaking gigs like corporate lunch-and-learns and grocery store talks; public speaking can be a huge goldmine of new clients. Some key tips for public relations: Deliver the best content you can that either solves a problem your audience has, helps them get something they want or avoid something they don’t. Deliver the information in an entertaining way, and consider making a scarcity-based offer. Also be sure to capture the emails of everyone in attendance and add them to your email list.

Local Media Appearances –

Being featured in the local media is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to build your client base. You can recycle media coverage many times over. Being in the news is some of the best marketing and can help you generate hundreds of leads for your training business on a regular and consistent basis. If you aren’t taking advantage of this avenue of promotion you are leaving stacks of money on the table for your competition to take.

Email Marketing –

Email marketing gives you hundreds of chances to make the sale, giving you a much greater chance of converting your leads into paying clients. Every personal trainer should be using email marketing on a regular basis. Email allows you to segment your list and create whats called a “message to market match”. The tighter you can target your message to your market, the more sales you can make and clients you can get. Some examples of segmenting are: hot new leads, old leads, current clients, past clients, etc. It takes the typical potential client an average of seven exposures to your marketing message before they respond and become a paying client. Build a permission based email list of people who want to hear from you. Try to add value to the lives of the people on your email list and be entertaining. Try to get new leads on a daily basis and write a compelling, benefit rich email that you specifically send out to get boot camp clients.

Here are some extra resources to help you build your boot camps –

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I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this post and you know more about how to get boot camp clients than you did before.

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