Personal Trainer List Building Strategies

Check out this brand new video from Pat Rigsby of Fitness Business Insider about list building strategies for your personal training business

If you prefer, you can go here to watch the video on YouTube: Personal Trainer List Building Strategy

As you might know, one of the best ways to grow and market to your list, is video direct response sales copy. In fact, direct response sales copy has helped make me millions in the fitness industry.

Good copy draws people into your funnel, starting from the time they join your list and driving them through to the sale

Now, the problem is, most personal trainers have no idea how to write good copy

Well, I have a solution for that, it’s a done-for-you “fill in the blank” system called Instant Fitness Copy, and you can see it here right here

Instant fitness copy is LOADED with…

– Email Autoresponders
– Direct Mail Pieces ( Ya know, snail mail!)
– Direct Response Flyers
– High ROI Greeting Cards
– Email Opt-in Gifts (Your Very Own Ebook)
– Client-Reactivation Campaign
– Direct Response Sales Pages
– And So Much More…

Trust me… this thing is no-joke

Build your list, and convert your list into personal training and boot camp clients with Instant Fitness Copy

Click Here To Check Out Instant Fitness Copy


Click Here To Check Out Instant Fitness Copy





* Results are not typical. Advertised results are only typical of people who worked their tails off and followed every one of the fitness marketing strategies and personal training tips that I outline on my site to really explode their fitness business. Also, if you click on a link on my site to someone else's product, there's a good chance I'm makin' a profit off of it, probably even a steep one.