15 Ways To Get Your Personal Training Clients Better Results

c62bc89a739db8ae423708b6094e7cb2Here’s 15 ways to get your personal training clients better results, from my longtime coaching clients Callie Durbrow

1. Use the foam roller before and after every training session

2. Teach them basic mobility drills to fire up their nervous system and get them ready to train (Inchworm, Lateral Lunges, Skips, Hip Rotations)

3. Teach them the reason behind these drills

4. Have a close referral relationship with a great chiropractor (one that supports training hard). Most people are locked up in
their back, hips and/or neck. Get these problems resolved and they’ll move and feel better

5. Use full body training sessions whenever possible. This is the most efficient way to train and get your clients fast fat loss

6. Teach your clients major functional movements like squats, dead lifts, lunges, push ups, pull ups and rows. These are the
frameworks of any good training program.

7. Use a variety of tools for the above exercises- Kettlebells, Barbells, Dumbbells, TRX or Assistance Bands (for help with pull ups).

8. Teach your clients how to be explosive. Even if it’s a simple body weight jump squat, get them moving in an explosive
and athletic manner. Graduate to movements like lunge jumps, box jumps, weighted jump squats and power step ups as long as they are healthy and pain free.

9. Make your training sessions fun. Push them to be a better version of themselves but don’t be a drill sergeant.

10. Compliment your clients at every session

11. Teach them with a positive tone- instead of saying “don’t squat like that” say something like “squat like X,Y and Z.”

The mind automatically shifts to what they “shouldn’t” do so keep them thinking about what they should do.

12. Get your clients lifting weights three times per week

13. Have them doing conditioning workouts twice a week (sprints, complexes, bike sprints, jump rope)

14. Teach your clients to incorporate yoga once a week for mobility and centering the mind

15. Use barbell complexes to train small groups and increase their overall strength, conditioning and create a challenging atmosphere

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