How to Avoid a HUGE Marketing Mistake Most Trainers Make

confused-training-client-w800-h600One HUGE mistake most trainers make is that when they put their marketing message out there…

… like on their website, mailers, print ads, lead funnels, squeeze pages, Facebook ads, sales videos, postcards, and email newsletters auto-responders, etc…

… the message is WAY too general and diluted to connect with the right people in a way that’s gets them to take action and come in and train with you

For example, if a large portion of your target audience is male, but your message talks about getting firm hip and thighs, that’s a disconnect

Or if your audience is mostly made up of females who wanna tone up, get a flat tummy, and look more attractive, and you talk about getting chiseled six-pack abs, that’s a disconnect

What you wanna do is CONNECT

And you wanna do it on a deep psychological and emotional level

Whether you want people to pick up the phone and call you, give you their email address to get your free report, come in for a free or paid trial, or pull out their credit card and purchase your program on the spot, you need to create enough interest and desire to get them to take action

… Otherwise you’ll lose that potential client to a training business that DOES create enough interest and desire

And since most trainers have no idea how to do this, if YOU just do it right, you’ll stand out in the crowd and attract the lion’s
share of the clients

To create this interest and desire it’s paramount that you know a few keys things about your ideal clients from not only a demographical standpoint, but also a psychological standpoint

This way you can craft a marketing message that speaks to them directly and gets ’em excited about coming in and training with you

You want your marketing message to enter the conversation that’s already going on in their head and lead the way from there

And when you do that, they’re yours

So on top of knowing the basics like whether they’re male or female, how old they are and what their general goals are, you wanna know…

training-girl-w800-h600– What are their fears in this area of their life?
– What are they emotionally in pain about in this area of their
– What are their biggest desires?
– What problem are they looking to solve?
– Why are they looking to solve it?
– Why haven’t they been able to solve it?
– What’s going on in their head as they seek out a solution?
– What do they want out of life?
– What hesitations do they have when it comes to hiring a trainer?
– What are they guarded or defensive about?
– What are the perceived obstacles they think are blocking
them from getting this area of their life handled? For example,
why do they think they can’t get into shape?
– What kind of bad experiences have they had in the past with
other trainers and health and fitness solutions in general?

Now, the best way to find out the answers to these questions is to personally interview as many of your current clients as you can

You’re really looking to find out what they’re biggest fears, frustrations, desires and perceived obstacles are in this area
of their life

You want to dig as deep as you can and get a clear cut picture of exactly who your ideal client is so your marketing speaks specifically to that person

The clearer you are on their fears, frustrations, desires and perceived obstacles as it relates to their health and fitness, the more targeted and POWERFUL your message can be

… AND the more clients it will get you. And not just any clients, it will get you the kind of clients YOU wanna train

Once you identify not only your ideal client, but also what’s going on inside their head, the easier it will be get them to come in and train with you

Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, just focus on helping your ideal client move towards what they want and away from what they don’t want, and create a marketing message that conveys this in a way that’s authentic, passionate and inspires them to take action

And if you’re not sure how to create this message, I can help

I can actually create this message for you

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You could have the best training program in the world, but if you can’t convey what it does for people in a compelling way that gets them excited about what it can do for them, then you’ll only get a FRACTION of the clients you COULD be getting if you had a message that gets people fired up about what you can do for them and inspires them to take action and come in and train with you

If you’d like me to create your marketing message Go HERE

Talk soon,

Big Chris

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