7 Types of Web Pages That GET Fitness Training Clients


Below are 7 types of web pages that GET clients.

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Ok, now about the web pages…

If your fitness website isn’t getting you as many personal training or boot camp clients as you’d like, chances are you either have one of two problems… or two of two problems:

1. You’re not enough quality traffic

2. You’re using web copy that doesn’t convert

Meaning your site doesn’t get your ideal target clients to take action… WHATEVER the action you want them to take is…

… It could be getting people to pick up the phone and give you a call…

… Or hand you their email address to get your free report…

… Or come in for a free or paid trial…

… Or register for a consultation…

… Or pull out their credit card and purchase your program on the spot.

Your site could look AMAZING… but if it doesn’t get you clients who cares?

It could be loaded with all the latest bells and whistles.

It could list all of your hard-earned certifications and accreditations.

It could go into great detail about why you’re the best trainer in town gosh darnit

It could have a ton of pics of you looking all fit, sexy and amazing. Stunning. The perfect light. Shadows between your abs. That killer smile…

… You good looking devil you.

But if it fails to convert, you could have all the traffic in the world and it wouldn’t matter one bit, because it still wouldn’t get you clients

While both traffic and conversions are important, you always wanna make sure to set up your website for optimal conversions using proven conversion strategies, right out of the gate—even before you get your FIRST visitor if possible

And then you wanna test and tweak to continually improve the percent of people who land on your site to take the actions you want them to take and become paying clients

Here’s 7 types of web pages that convert visitors into clients:

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 2.31.08 PM-w800-h600

Fitness Concepts – a site that gets it

Your best bet is to apply a number of these strategies.

They all work.

The copy could be either be in a video, or words on a page, or both.

1. Tell your hero’s backstory

Tell your backstory about how you conquered the thing that your visitors wanna conquer (like losing fat and getting into great shape while leading a busy life for example)

Tell them about how you overcame the same obstacles they’re most likely facing right now…

… And how you’re now passionate about helping people just like them achieve the same kinds of results you have… conquering this bloody problem once and for all

2. Here’s what I have, here’s what it can do for you, and here’s how you can get it


– What your program is
– What your program will do for them
– How they can get started

This is a GREAT strategy to use on squeeze pages for capturing leads for a free trial boot camp or group training program


– What your program is (“Lose 5 Pounds Fast with Two FREE Weeks of Free Transformation Training”)
– What your program will do for them ( Lose 5-10 pounds in 14 days, tone up, look good, feel great)
– How they can get started (Just leave your name, email and phone number to get started)

It’s also great for promoting a fitness contest or challenge


Get your visitors attention, grab their interest, arouse their desire
to get on board with your program and achieve the benefits that your
program can give them…

… And then get them to take ACTION

– Attention
– Interest
– Desire
– Action


4. Problem Agitate Solve

Enter the conversation that’s already going on in their head by stating the EXACT problem that they’re currently experiencing ( like having trouble losing fat) in way that resonates deeply with them

Then agitate that problem in a way that really gets them to feel it on a core emotional level

And then show them how your program is THE solution to their

– Problem
– Agitate
– Solve

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 2.34.47 PM-w800-h600

Nate Dilworth – MASTER of Transformation

5. Use a MASSIVE stockpile of impressive before and after pictures and other kinds of social proof

Load up your page with as many amazing before and after pictures as possible. The more the better. Over 15 is best.

And they gotta look good. I’m talking night and day transformations.

Then add in a ton of great video and social testimonials, like in the form of Facebook comments

And then state how they too can get great results by taking action now

6. Use classic a long form sales letter either on a web page, or in a video or both.

Including… not necessarily in this order…

– Headline that grabs attention
– State the problem – (could be in the form of a story)
– State the solution to the problem. The solution being your program
– State the benefits of your program
– State the features of your program
– Give social proof – Ideally in the form of before and after pictures
– Guarantee your program’s results (Like a money back guarantee)
– Sum up your offer – Basically summarize the entire offer in a few
– Call to action (Tell them what to do)

7. A Consumers Report… Kind of…

This works GREAT for a landing page.

Explain what things to look out for when hiring a fitness trainer, joining a bootcamp, etc.

Almost like a “consumers report” type of thing

Like “10 Things You MUST KNOW Before Hiring a Personal Trainer”

Tell them what to look out for… like how to spot…

– Programs that cause injuries
– Trainers who will overtrain them
– Trainers who have no idea what they’re doing
– Trainers who pack too many people into a workout and don’t
pay attention to form
– Training programs that will make them weak
– Types of programs that will make them fat
– Trainers who could care less about getting their clients results

And so on

Don’t name any specific trainer or program, just describe in general common problems to look out for

And then position your program as the IDEAL solution


Those are 7 of the best models to follow if you wanna convert your visitors into quality leads and paying clients.

Often times it’s good to fuse a few of these strategies together.

Now, I realize you probably have NO IDEA to create web copy like this without it being either boring, hypey or just plain completely ineffective.

The fact is, MOST trainers have no idea how to create web copy that converts

And that’s understandable. You probably didn’t get into training so you could spend your time writing salescopy all day.

You got into training so you could TRAIN.

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Talk soon,

Big Chris

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