How to Get and KEEP Personal Training Clients

Hey it’s Big Chris.

Here’s a short video from Grant Lofthouse all about a great way to get and KEEP personal training clients

Grant is a trainer and facility owner in Australia and was one of my original 60 Day Fast Track Coaching Clients

In this video Grant shares one of the client-getting and retention strategies that he’s been using this past year and has been working like gang busters for him

But ONLY watch this video if you get your clients RESULTS ok, otherwise this does not matter one bit. Results first.

Grant is a serious action taker, which is KEY if you wanna succeed in your training business.

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Grant Lofthouse is RKC and the creator of Cardio Haters Training.

Yes, he hates cardio so much that he built a business around it.

He also writes articles for Australia’s Women’s Health & Fitness magazine and Muscle & Fitness.

To enter his whacky mind and cardio free life check out

And if you want to watch this on YouTube you can check it out here:

Personal Training Client Building & Retention Strategy

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