Don’t Do These 19 Things if You Want More Personal Training Clients

4-two-guys-working-out-w800-h600Here’s 19 things you DON’T wanna do if you want more personal training or bootcamp clients…

1. Don’t get your clients results

2. Use big technical words when you describe what you do so you can sound smart

3. Sleep with as many of your clients as you can

4. Injure as many of your clients possible, ideally while you’re sleeping with them

5. Check yourself out in the mirror the entire time you train

6. Train in a monotone voice

7. Yell at your clients like a drill sergeant

8. Think about ways to get new clients… but don’t actually get out there and do it

9. Only focus on training people

10. Try to do a bunch of things at once in your business… offering this kind of training, that kind of class, this type of supplement, an info-product, etc.

11. Talk all about how your the best trainer in town all over your website

12. Don’t take before and after pictures… and definitely don’t put them on your website or share them on Facebook

13. Rely on just one or two sources of new clients… ideally sitting behind a computer screen

14. Don’t have any marketing funnels

15. Don’t collect email leads

16. Focus only on the money

17. Be just another training business or bootcamp

18. Model what the majority of the industry does

19. Worry about losing clients

And here’s one more…

20. If you’re having a hard time getting clients, keep doing exactly what you’re doing, and God forbid, whatever you do don’t learn anything new about how to get them

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