7 MASSIVE Mistakes I Made in My Personal Training Business

pushups_boot_campI’ve made soooo many mistakes in my training business it’s ridiculous

Fortunately I learned

And fortunately for you, you can learn from MY mistakes… saving you a ton of time and money in the process

Some of these mistakes I made early in my career and fixed ’em right away

And some mistakes I made for YEARS before I finally learned and made the necessary adjustments

And when I did, my training business grew faster than ever

Here’s 7 mistakes I made in my training business that you don’t have to make…

1. I saw what the trainers around me were doing and did the same

If you’re modeling what $30K a year trainers are doing and your goal is to make $300K a year, it’s gonna be hard to hit your goals

Instead, model what $300K a year trainers are doing

2. I lowered my rates whenever someone couldn’t afford ’em

I would take basically whatever they could afford.

Trust me, 9 out of 10 times when you lower your prices for someone it’ll damage your business in one way or another

Most commonly, the person you lowered your rates for ends up being a huge pain in the butt

Not worth it

Now there’s nothing wrong with creating lower-priced entry programs to get people in the door, but if you’re letting
people haggle with you over price, you’re in for a TON of headaches

3. I took on people who weren’t a good fit for my program

For example, my semi-private training groups were 6 people at a time

My market was the general “lose fat and tone up” market

But when I first started my business, I would take on the occasional client with serious injuries or limitations…

… or someone who was morbidly obese…

OR I would take on some guy who wanted to train like a bodybuilder and get yoked

I figured business was business right?


Every time I did this it messed up the flow of my training

It’s better off to turn people away who aren’t a good fit. Sure, you’ll initially lose 5% or 10% of the people who wanna train with you, but in the end, building your business will be SO much easier without em and you’ll be able to get way more of clients who ARE a good fit for you

Nothing wrong with training people with gnarly injuries or who are 500 pounds and haven’t worked out a day in their life, but if that’s not your niche, you’re better off to steer them to a trainer or program that’s a better fit for them, so you can focus on YOUR niche

4. I focused more on how much I was making rather than how I could best help the most people

Once I started focusing on helping people, and figuring out the best ways to help them, that’s when things really took off

People first. Money second.

5. I relied too much on just one or two sources of clients

For example, at one point I was doing $40K a month in clients I got from the internet – and that was were ALL my focus went…the internet.

I got these clients mostly from two sources – Google and Craigslist

But once Google changed their algorithm and Craigslist became overrun with trainers posting ads just like mine night and day, my business took a HUGE hit

It’s better to have ten poles in the water instead of just one or two

6. I didn’t take regular before and after pics of my clients from the very first day they started training with me

If a potential client is looking at your business and a competitor’s business, and trying to decide between the two, and if you only have 3 before-and-after pics and your competitor has 33 of them, that potential client is going to your competitor, even if they charge twice what you do

Because that competitor has PROOF that they consistently get the results that the person wants, and you don’t

People want proof

While I was eventually able to get a stockpile of before and after pics and it helped me get a TON of clients, I could have gotten A LOT more before-and-afters AND clients if I had just taken regular pictures of my clients to help track their progress from the very first day they started training with me

Not only does it help your clients get results, but it proves that you get your clients the results they want

Before-and-after pics are one of the best client-magnets around

7. I didn’t turn to someone who had walked the path I wanted to walk and ask them for help

I tried to figure it all out on my own


It wasn’t until I got a mentor that things REALLY turned around

Having someone guide you along the journey makes is SO much easier to succeed

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