How to Charge More Than Other Personal Training Businesses and Bootcamps

1497756_720592574626773_541184652_n-w800-h600I wanna share with you something that holds a lot of great trainers back from being able to charge what they’re worth.

I’m talking about trainers who know what they’re doing in the gym, love helping people, have a clear idea of where they want their business to be, spend time marketing, care about their clients getting results and do everything in their power to help their clients get those results…

But this one thing holds em’ back and keeps em’ competing on price—which is something you DEFINITELY do not wanna do

They don’t differentiate themselves from every other training program in town.

They don’t effectively communicate what their program can do for their clients and how it’s DIFFERENT from your typical personal training program or boot camp.

And when you don’t communicate how you’re different, you end up competing on price… which is great if you only wanna make a small portion of what you’re worth

However, if you wanna make the kind of training income you deserve, then you need to differentiate yourself from every “3-Day Cert Sally”, “Clipboard Clark”, “Biceps Bob”, “Hypey Howie” and “Deal of the Day Discount Bootcamp” in town

And you need to communicate what you do in a clear, concise and compelling manner that makes your ideal client salivate to know more

Whenever I start working with a trainer in my Mentoring Program, it’s almost always clear that they have no Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or way of differentiating what they do and defining it in a way that compels the right people to want to learn more.

Recently I was on the phone with a new mentoring client

The training and service she delivers is friggin’ AMAZING, and is not only helping transform people psychically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well

And it’s something that is totally unique

She is honestly giving a lot of people their lives back, and many a life they never knew—or dreamed— was possible

But when I asked her to describe her program in one clear statement, it took her over two minutes and ended up confusing the daylights outta

And confused people don’t buy

She needs a USP!

A USP is a clear statement of how you’re different from your competitors

It should be something that NONE of your competitors can say

And it should be focused on the client, not you

differentiate-w800-h600Here’s an example of what a good USP for a fitness trainer might look like:

“I help new mothers lose a 29 pounds in just 29 days in a WITHOUT being hungry or slaving away in a crowded gym”

And here’s an example probably the best USP of all time:

“You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less— or it’s free.” – Dominos Pizza

Check out everything that’s going on in this USP

– Fresh –  a benefit

– Hot –  a benefit

– Pizza – the deliverable

– Delivered to your door – another benefit – convenience

– In 30 minutes or less – a SPECIFIC promise.

– Or it’s free – a guarantee

That one sentence covers the tangible deliverable, three benefits, a specific promise and a guarantee…

I urge you to sit down with a pen and paper (old-school style) and create your USP

Write out hundreds if you need to do

Don’t rush this, it’s some of the most important time you’ll EVER spend in your training business

Make sure it differentiates you and conveys what you do in such a compelling way that when your ideal client hears it, they’ll immediately be interested and wanna know more

And just a heads up, if you’re an awesome trainer and a serious action taker, who’s worth far more than you’re currently making…

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Talk soon,

Big Chris

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