Do You Offer Transformation Programs?

before-after-w650It’s crazy that over 55 MILLION Americans join a gym or start a diet each year…

And guess what their #1 goal is?

Yup…you guessed it:

Fat loss.

They want to lose weight, transform their bodies and finally look and feel like the person that they’ve always wanted to be.

They want to become the rock star version of themselves.

They want to feel great and look sexy…yeah, even the dudes.

HOWEVER… in spite of these 55,000,000 people’s best intentions, less than 10% are successful in losing weight and keeping it off.

That’s INSANE.

But true…

The typical dieter makes FOUR weight loss attempts per YEAR and usually quits within just one month.

And most people who join a gym stop going regularly withing just 90 days.

That means more than 49,500,000 people who invest their time and money in transforming their bodies FAIL.

This is a great opportunity for you…

Now, as a trainer, you may be thinking:

“My clients didn’t fail…I got them results.”

Hell yeah you did.

But could those results have been EVEN BETTER?

Have you turned your clients into walking, talking human billboards for training programs?

Have you turned them into referral magnets?

Are you retaining them for as long as you’d like to?

Are you able to charge what your worth?

And what about the other 49,500,000 people out there who didn’t get results they wanted and are STILL LOOKING for someone to train them, coach them and lead them to the results that their own efforts, fad diets and other gyms have yet to give them.

Well, one way to do this is to become a Transformation Expert.

Read this to learn how.

VPS_TS_BA_V3-w650The great news about running Transformation Programs is…

– The need to lose fat continues to grow
– Launching a transformation programs is quick and simple
– Transformation programs are highly in demand
– Social Proof…Your Success Stories…is the BEST MARKETING there is, and Transformation Programs are the best way to create success stories

Transformation Programs are literally the biggest opportunity in fitness.

Despite all the countless other ‘solutions’ that keep popping up, the demand for transformation programs continues to grow.

See why here.

When your Transformation clients start getting results and you share those results on social media, your programs will go VIRAL.

And having specific deadlines in your programs is POWERFUL MOTIVATOR that instantly forces your clients to make better decisions regarding their health and fitness.

They will suddenly become the clients YOU want them to be.

And they will get RESULTS.

And this improves both retention and referrals.

The energy and atmosphere of your training will go through the roof.

Learn about how to become a transformation expert here.

Talk soon,
Big Chris.

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