How To Handle the “I Need to Speak With My Husband” Objection

​​"I need to speak with my husband." That was an objection I used to hate getting when I first started my personal training business back in 2003. 

And below, I'll share with you how a bunch of gyms owners and fitness trainers who follow me on Facebook handle it. But first, I want to say that...

​I realize it would be politically correct to call this post "How to Handle the 'I Need to Speak With My Spouse' Objection." ​Or "Partner" even.

But I wasn't getting a ton a men telling me they needed to speak with their wife. I was however—week in and week out—getting the "I need to speak with my husband" objection and it ​drove me nuts! Anyone who's been in sales or sold personal training has gotten it plenty.

Fortunately, around 2004 or so, I worked with a sales coach to develop a script to overcome that objection.

​A script ​that made my life as a personal train​er sooo much easier. My conversions shot through the roof. And in the years that followed, I improved on that script and eventually hooked my fitness business coaching clients up with it.

If you'd like a copy, you can download it here (you'll also receive my fitness marketing newsletter with all sorts of strategies to build your fitness business)...

​Now, even though my script fixed the "I need to speak with my husband" objection for me and a ​many of my clients, my wife's been building her own fitness coaching recently and I wanted to help her with some outside opinions.

S​ince I'm connected ​to a ton of successful trainers, gym owners, and coaches on Facebook—many who are far deeper in the trenches these days than I am—I figured I'd leverage some of those connections and ask them to chime in regarding their own experience ​with the objection and any solutions they might offer.

Here's are some of the comments you may find helpful in your own ​business...

I hope you found this helpful.

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