How To Get Personal Training Clients With Your Reputation As THE Go-To Fitness Professional [Free Template]

​Do people hire you for coaching or training, or join your boot camps or come to your facility because of your reputation as being the ONE who gets people the best results? The should.

A reputation that precedes you and can generate FAR more business for you than pricey FB ads?

There are little-known strategies to build this type of reputation, by the way— some of which I'll share with you in this email, including a template you can use.

What's crazy is...

When it comes to building your business (and a cult of customers and clients) your reputation for getting people results will take you A LOT further than the results themselves.

And in terms of revenue, if it's a choice between getting clients results and being KNOWN for getting clients, being KNOWN for getting results will take you 10X-100X further.

And, in many cases, a lot further than that.

However, obviously you NEED to get people results. If you don't, you're going to end up with a LOT of unhappy clients. Fortunately, you can achieve both at the same time AND they go hand-in-hand.

In fact—and I often say this because it bears repeating— the coaches and trainers who earn the most each year, aren't much better at getting results than those who earn the least.

And often—as I talk about HERE—those who earn the least are the BEST at getting their clients results.

It's backward but it's the way it is.

​Now, while the ones who make the most each year in their business are RARELY the ones who get their clients the best results, they're the ones KNOWN for getting the best results.

And unfortunately, coaches and experts without outstanding reputations that precede them...

...are forever having to chase new leads.

That's because people seek out the best experts, coaches, personal trainers, professionals, and businesses based on reputation.

And without a damn good one, you're constantly having to seek them, instead of them seeking you

​Now, if you enjoy fiddling with FB ads, sales funnels, and doing strategy calls or sales presentations to unconvinced prospects, by all means, go for it.

Some people love the hunt. Love trying to convince hard-to-persuade prospects to sign up.

But I find reputation-building FAR more enjoyable, it requires much less effort, AND it enables you to charge far higher prices.

In fact, it's hand down the best way to charge premium rates.

When you're reputation tells people you're the best one to help them, charging double, triple, or quadruple (or more) what your competitors charge is easy. Natural even.

And you don't have to sell people,because they're already sold by the time they come to you.

All they want to know is, "Where do I sign up?"

​Now, there are a number of ways to build your reputation. Way to stimulate the conversation about you.

What others say about you is FAR more powerful than what YOU say about you.

I'll tell one are where most coaches blow it with this.

But first I need to mention...

All personal trainers and gym owners serious about building their business today know they need before-and-after photos.

It's a given, right?

The one-two combo of proof of results AND social proof (one of Robert Cialdini's well-known six Weapons of Influence).

And the more sets of photos the better AND...

... the more dramatic the transformations the better.

Both quality and quantity is important in today's market.

​​But when I started publishing before-and-after pics fifteen years ago in my Orange County personal training business, no other trainer in the area had them. It just wasn't something personal trainers did.

So my stockpile of photos (of proof) made me stand out.

Sure, supplement companies and online fitness gurus with ebooks had them, but VERY few personal trainers.

But today, 12 years after I began teaching the importance of gathering and displaying before-and-afters to the fitness industry back in 2007/2008...

...coupled with my coaching and writing client Sam Bakhtiar popularizing the boot camp transformation challenge model in his Camp Transformation Centers (a model that's helped him grow to over 100 locations now)...

... almost all personal trainers and gym owners (serious about growth) use before-and-afters in their marketing.

​There's reason I make sure ​​people see success stories like this video from my longtime client BigMike Straumietis talking about the role I've ​played in driving is his ​company to over $100 million-a-year in revenue, with millions of IG followers, and clients in 104+ countries.

Watch it here. It's only about a minute long.​

​And then there's this one from Sam who just mentioned, who​se business (his supplments and 100+ location Camp Transformation Center) is also now doing over $100 million a year...

​Sam Bakhtiar

​​Founder and CEO of The Camp Transformation Center (with 110 locations) ​

​Within three months of hiring Big Chris McCombs I made back over 1000% on my investment…

No one knows how to connect with readers and make sales like Big Chris McCombs.

I hired Big Chris for marketing coaching and to create influential content and direct response marketing material for my business. His copy CONVERTED like crazy and on every call he gave me a step-by-step action plan. And right after each call, I implemented what he’d taught me and the results were immediate. Leads came flooding in.

Now, I know A LOT of smart, savvy entrepreneurs and marketers, but I can say with confidence that Big Chris knows sh*t about marketing that NO one has even ever heard of.  Some people call him a genius, but I say he’s a mad scientist.

No one has taught me more about marketing than he has. Employing his strategies is like taking a stealth bomber to a gun fight.

Within three months of hiring Big Chris McCombs I made back over 1000% on my investment.

I now have over 100 locations and every day I’m CRUSHING my competition. My facilities are EVERYWHERE now.

“Oh, and Big Chris’s Mastermind? I’ve been in many and his is BY FAR the best I’ve ever attended."

You can see a ton more from 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-figure-a-year coaches, gym owners, and entrepreneurs I've coached.

Even just putting their testimonials in this post is very intentional on ​my part. I mean, obviously, right?

​It helps me get my point across, helps me teach what I'm teaching here, AND promotes the hell out of myself. It's PROOF. And having entrepreneurs who doing over $100 million a year saying the kinds of things Sam and BigMike are saying about me above goes a LONG way toward building building my reputation. Wouldn't you agree?

​And I have an armory of proof like that (see a ton more of it HERE) I make sure my audience sees.

​​Now, as I'll explain in a moment, they almost blow it with their testimonials.

​The best types of testimonials come from the following...

(The third group is the most important, by the way, but the first two groups can go a long way in positioning you as THE one people want to hire.)

1. Celebrities — could even be local celebrities, like the town mayor, or if you're online and serve a niche, celebrities in your niche.

2. Authority figures — For example, a testimonial from a doctor if you're in the health and fitness industry—with a celebrity doctor being even better. (Both Sam and BigMike fall into both of these first two categories.

If you coach stay-at-homes moms, obviously someone like Dr. Oz would be ideal, but that's not practical for most coaches.

However, there are lower-tier authorities and authority-celebrity combos who—if you use a little creativity and begin the relationship with the giving hand as I often teach—are MUCH easier to get.

And, the most relatable group...

3. People who were just like "them."
"Them" being your target market.

Others who were like them, had their same problems, and you fixed it for them.

​But here's where most coaches blow it...

They use WEAK testimonials.

Rambling testimonials about how "Personal trainer John is great, he pushes me, is the best, you should work with him, you won't regret it!"

Useless (unless it's from a celebrity or respected authority—but those kinds of testimonials aren't nearly as powerful as the kind of testimonials I'm about to describe).

When possible...​

You want testimonials that tell stories.

EMOTIONAL stories being the best.

That talk about what people's life was like before they found you. What specific results your program helped them achieve. And what they're life is like now.

Bonus points for mentioning what they were skeptical about before joining and how your program put their skepticism to rest.

The following testimonial template
can help you get the kind of powerful testimonials you'll want to use...

​Have people answer these five questions (but do NOT have the questions in the testimonial, just the answers. You don't people want watching or reading the testimonials to see or hear the questions).

1. What was your life like before joining my program?

2. What were you skeptical about before starting my program?

3. How did my program put your skepticism to rest?

4. What specific results have you achieved in my program? (By specific I mean exact numbers, like pounds etc.)

5. What’s your life like now?

These questions will lead to testimonials like this...

"Before joining Coach John's program, I out of shape, sluggish, and miserable. I hated what I saw in the mirror, hated my huge ugly gut, and hadn't been on a date in years. I had to buy my clothes from Omar the tent maker or the store big round people like me.

I was skeptical about joining because I'd joined another transformation program a year ago, and they put me on some crazy starvation plan. Everything I lost inthe first week I gained back in the second and more. I was so depressed I quit after two weeks. The whole thing was a waste.

Well, when I joined Coach John's program, he put on a plan with foods I enjoy. I actually don't just like, but I LOVE what I get to eat every day. I'm never hungry. It's amazing!

And I'm happy to say that because of Coach John, I lost 23 pounds in the first month—WITHOUT suffering—and now fit back into my favorite jeans. Jeans I haven't fit into in over a decade.

Today, I love what I see in the mirror, have more energy than I've had since I was a kid, and I feel great! Plus, within 2 months of joining, all these women started swiping right on my profile. And I actually met the one I want to marry. But don't tell her because I haven't proposed it. It's going to be a surprise."

​​​Now, using your clients full names is superior to using just first name or first name and last initial. ​People are less likely to believe testimonials that don't contain last names.

​So when possible get their permission to use their entire first and last name.

​And, I recommend with specifics like pounds loss, if it's an even number, subtract down to the nearest odd number WHERE it makes sense to do so. Odd numbers are more convincing than even numbers. For some strange reason, our minds accept them as believable.

So, if someone is down 24 ​pounds, make it 23. It's still honest and people are more likely to accept it as truth.

Also, if you have a landing page for your program or a sales page and there's a section of the page where you make a claim that (while it's true) some people may doubt, that's a great place to slap a testimonial beside it that overcomes that objection or shows where someone just like them was skeptical about that same thing until they joined your program.

Now, one of the best places for your testimonials is not just on your website and in your marketing materials, but on your clients' social media feeds—where they're friends and families will see them.

Keep in mind though, in many cases you'll need to ask them to​ post it. Most superfans will post them for you without you having to ask, but regular ol' clients often need to a nudge—which is just one of over a dozen reasons you want to build a cult of superfans.

​Testimonials are just one facet ​of reputation building.

Obviously it's a topic far bigger than a single​ blog post

If you're on my email list, I'll be sending you emails and blog posts in the ​future with other ways you can build your reputation.

But this is a start and it's something you can put to work TODAY.

If you'd like more strategies, just submit your email below I'll send you a free copy of the sales script that shot my fitness coaching sales conversions through the roof, along with my email newsletter chock-full of my best client-getting strategies—including ways to build your reputation.

Just put in your email here and I’ll hook you up...

​By the way, as you can see on the bottom quarter of THIS page this link will take you to, I use all kinds of proof, including testimonials from clients who started out small in their coaching businesses or gyms when they joined one of my programs, to today...

- Building 6-, 7-, 8-, and even 9-figure coaching businesses, personal training businesses, gyms (and gym chains), and companies in numerous other industries.

- Becoming some of the world's biggest gurus in the fitness niche, marketing and business niches, you name it.

For example, many of those clients in the testimonials on that page have become celebrities in the fitness industry. Some are now celebrities in the success and marketing industries.

Are they Brad Pitt? No.

But their names are big in the industries that matter to me.

​I do a lot of work in the cannabis industry, and my client BigMike Straumietis who does over $125 million now in that industry 

​And what THEY say about me is FAR more powerful than anything I could say about me.

To see what they say, scroll to the bottom quarter of THIS page.

And if you're serious about either taking your business to the next level and want to build a devout cult of clients and customers...

If you want to attract leads (WITHOUT having to rely on paid ads all the time)...

If you want to...

Convert those leads into clients and ascend them to your highest-ticket programs(which, if you been studying my stuff for any length of time, you're most likely offering).

AND if you want to spread your reputation so it precedes you... that you're not having to chase leads all the time. Especially the tire-kickers who ghost you.

And if you want to maximize the client lifetime value (each superfan in your cult can be worth ten or more times what a regular client is worth. Not only do they ascend to your premium programs, but they buy everything you release, stay with for years, and love bringing you referrals).

Those are the clients THIS can help you generate.

If that's what you want...

Then read this entire page carefully.

​It's what makes the difference between my many high 6-, 7-, 8-, and even 9- figure clients—like those you can see on the bottom quarter of this page—and all those only doing five figures or a low-to-moderate six figures who maybe me MUCH better coaches.

May know FAR more about their given field (like exercise and nutrition science).

And may get their clients FAR better results.

Doesn't matter. Because my clients build reputations that precede them.

I've built one myself. You can see how much it's benefited me HERE.

Now, sure, my cult-building methods almost destroyed me a few years ago.

I'm very open about that, even though it repels a lot of people—the people I want it to repel, by the way.

The entire story is on that page.

And, I realize what I say on that page may irk a lot of coaches. Coaches who are DAMN good at what they do. But who make only a fraction of what my clients do.

Read it HERE.

Talk soon,
​Big Chris

​P.S. If you'd like more strategies, just submit your email below I'll send you a free copy of the sales script that shot my fitness coaching sales conversions through the roof, along with my email newsletter chock-full of my best client-getting strategies—including ways to build your reputation.

Just put in your email here and I’ll hook you up...

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