"Here’s Why You Should Buy The Market Annihilator Program"

bedros_1.jpgHey it’s Bedros here… I want you to know that I think the Market Annihilator Program is the best thing to come down the pipes in a long… and here’s why…

Today, when most people search for a personal trainer the first place they look is on the Internet. But until now, I’ve never seen really seen anyone "crack the code" to this whole Internet thing as it applies to fitness professionals…

Then I found out what Chris McCombs was up to…

The guy’s making a strong six-figure income in his training business and he gets every single client from the Internet…


I’ll admit, when he first told me how well he was doing getting all these clients from the web I was a little skeptical.

So I made him prove it to him… and he did…

He showed me his stats and I was blown away… so I sent a few of my mentor clients and friends to see if he could help them get the same results that he was getting for himself…

I’ve gotten to know Chris pretty well by know… in fact I’m constantly picking his brain about how he does all this stuff and am even gonna hire him to be my personal blogging coach… his little blog gets upwards of 8000 visitors and a day and many people come back to his blog almost every sigle day.

I know some trainers who literally own the entire first page of Google all because of Chris’s methods.

And it worked!

Within no time they started getting client after client off the Internet. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life… they got the exact same kinds of results Chris had gotten for himself.

And then recently Chris told me was going to to release his methods in a step-by-step program called Market Annihilator.

Chris’s Market Annihilator covers step-by-step just about everything about Internet Marketing you could ever hope to know…

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • List Building
  • Copywriting
  • Online Persuasion
  • Usability
  • Outsourcing
  • And much more

So here’s what I did just for you…

I literally twisted his arm to give you, my newsletter subscriber and loyal customer, first crack at his program and some AMAZING bonuses exclusively for people from my data base.

Now, keep in mind, you need to buy from my link http://www.FitnessInternetGuru.com if you wanna get these amazing bonuses

Early Bird Bonus – Chris’s program opens today November 18th at 10am PST

I am the ONLY one who Chris gave access to a special early bird link, where Chris is gonna let you join 2 hours early. That’s right, I grilled Chris and got him to let me give you a jump start on the program… and keep in mind he’s only letting 150 people in and after that he’s closing it down.

When you go through my exclusive link and get in between 8am PST and 10am PST Chris is gonna give you a one of a kind bonus.

He’s gonna send you a video of exactly what you need to do to your very own website to get and convert more traffic…

Basically, after you go through the first 30 days of the program materials and have done the action steps, send Chris your website and he’ll go through it with a fine-toothed comb, and send you back video showing you exactly what you can do to get your site higher in the search engines AND how you can dramatically increase your websites conversions…. which all means a lot more money in your pocket.

Now this isn’t some shallow review telling you to do one or two things in a woed doc, he’s gonna make a literal laundry list of things you can do to get a lot more business off of your website.

Now, if happen to miss the early bird bonus the good news is that you still get the other three exclusive bonuses Chris is giving just to my subscribers and customers

Friends of Bedros Bonus # 1 – Chris and I are gonna give 3 one hour tele-clinics together to answer your Internet marketing questions. We’re gonna get on the phone together and go through your questions and help you get fast tracked to reaching your goals.

Friends of Bedros Bonus # 2 – After you’ve gone through the first 30 days of material in The Market Annihilator Program and taken the action steps Chris is gonna give you one-hour of one-on-one phone coaching where he’ll work with you personally on your biggest needs and frustrations when it comes to marketing your business online.

You’re gonna have access to the top fitness Internet marketing expert in the world for a whole hour… this bonus is AWESOME

Friends of Bedros Bonus # 3 – When you go to my Fitness Business Summit 09′ Chris is gonna hold a few "no recording aloud" closed door meetings.

In these meetings there will be no cell phones or recording devices of any kind allowed and you’ll have to sign a "non-disclosure" agreement… meaning you won’t whisper a peep about what Chris shares in the room.

He’s gonna share Internet marketing tricks that he never shares with ANYONE and are "Use at Your Own Risk" type strategies.

Just remember NO RECORDING ALLOWED… this is super-secret type stuff that’s just for us.


Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now…

Go join this program right now before it closes down. And remember, to get the "Friends of Bedros" special bonuses you must buy through the links on this page





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