Internet Marketing For The Fitness Industry

The Internet has been good me…

Hey, Chris McCombs here.

Marketing my personal training business on the internet is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

It helped me go from six figures a year and about 50 hours a week of work to a much higher six figures a year for barley any work at all.

When I first got into it, I actually learned just one thing at a time… and I’m not a technical guy at all… but the good news is that you DON’T have to be too technical minded to make a killing online these days

  • First I learned copy writing ( actually I’m always learning copy writing)
  • Then it was search engine optimization
  • Then pay per click ( specifically Google Ad Words)
  • Then video marketing
  • Then blogging
  • And most recently, how to launch a product or service (did over $50,000.00 in six days which isn’t bad for six weeks of work and a first launch)

I also learned some other stuff along the way like social media marketing, usability, email marketing, etc… but the ones above are the biggies.

If I would give a few quick tips from each I would say…

Copywriting– Think like your customer and write like you talk

Search Engine Optimization – Get links… enough said.

Google Pay Per Click – Use lot’s of Ad Groups, lot’s of negative keywords, avoid broad matches like the plague and use position prefrencing.

Video Marketing – Be fun and have personality

Blogging – Have a voice, have something to say, write like you would talk to your best friend, teach in stories and be funny if you can.

Launching a Product or Service – Get some big names to promote you, start the relationships off with the giving hand.

Internet marketing is one of the coolest most fun things you can do in your fitness business to bring in a lot of money.

I’ll be speaking at Pat, Jim and Nicks Fast Track To Fitness Millions event in May about ways you can use the internet to make a helluva lot more money in your own fitness biz… and if I can do this stuff… anyone can.

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Chris McCombs is a fitness marketer, blogger and free time junkie. You can check out his blog at