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Introducing “The Fitness Professional’s Ultimate Results Nutrition Package” … The SUREFIRE Way To Guarantee Your Training Clients Get the Best Results Possible… Whether it’s or Fat Loss Lean Mass Gain or Both

From: Chris McCombs

Hey there… Ya know, one of the biggest problems fitness trainers have is getting the majority of their clients first class results… even if your workouts are the best, most results producing workouts known to man… you probably still have a bunch of clients who aren’t as happy with their results as they could be.

It typically goes something like this…

  • 20% of your client base is getting good results
  • 20% of your client base is getting little or no results
  • And the 60% in the middle is somewhere in between… Usually getting some results, but they’re most likely closer to the 20% on the bottom, getting just average, so-so or little or no results, then they are the top 20%

I call this 60% in the middle the “mushy middle” … and then there is a ton of money to made or lost on this 60%

Lemme explain…

If the MAJORITY of your clients aren’t getting top notch results, then your retention rate and referral rate are probably nowhere near what they could be.

Well, as you and I both know, your workouts are only a one part of the equation…

Nutrition, something which you actually have much less control over, is probably accountable for over 75% of their results…

…or lack of results.

Often times nutrition is the make-it, or break-it factor.

Well, after years of trying to find a solution to this problem…. I’ve finally found one.

A REALISTIC solution…. one that allows your clients to get top notch results AND enjoy a nutrition plan they can stick with for the long-haul.

A program that doesn’t have them suffering and minimizes the chances of them getting off course.

And what’s great is that this solution is simple, effective and easy for the majority of your clients to stick with.

Now there’s two sides to this program…

1. For clients who want to lose fat and retain muscle WITHOUT feeling like they’re on a diet.

2. And one for clients who want to gain lean mass WITHOUT gaining a bunch of unwanted bodyfat

After trying just about every diet under the sun, I’ve personally experienced the benefits of these new cutting-edge nutritional strategies and can tell you that there is absolutely NOTHING as effective when it comes to helping your clients into shape.

I actually discovered these strategies when trying to find a solution to my own weight problems.

You see, I’m a guy who HATES do diet... I mean I friggin’ hate it… it makes me nervous and feeling mean and non-social… normally I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky dude… but restrict my calories and I feel like I’m on the edge… nervous, jittery and high-strung…. meaning I generally feel like crap while on a diet.

Which is why I have an EXTREMELY hard time sticking to them for any length of time.


I’ll get a little momentum goin’ … maybe see some results, even some damn good ones from time to time, but inevitably something in me says “CHRIS…. alright enough already dude… cut this diet crap man, it’s TIME TO EAT”

And that’s exactly what would happen, I’d fall back into my old habits.

Well, one day for me everything changed… and that was the day I started implementing the nutritional strategies of a guy by the name of Shelby Starnes.… in fact, following Shelby’s formula I lost 75 pounds in 5 months… WITHOUT losing strength or lean mass… and that was almost all from just following his nutritional programs.

The dude is a straight up bad ASS when it comes to creating nutrition plans that get people into amazing shape.

He is hands down one of the best in the world at…

1. Helping people put on lean mass without adding a bunch of extra fat.

2. Helping people lean out without losing muscle mass.

He’s currently EXTREMELY well-known and respected in the powerlifting and bodybuilding communities … especially at elite levels… he’s known as the Go-To Guy when it comes to carb cycling and helping people get into incredible shape through nutrition.

Shelby holds the missing link a lot of trainers are missing in their businesses… simple to use, easy to stick to highly effective nutritional programs for fitness professional.

He has effective and easy-to-follow strategies for gaining lean tissue and others for fat loss.

So if you’re like most trainers and have some clients who could be getting better results if they’d just dial in their eating, then I’m gonna make the strong recommendation that you plug Shelby’s nutrition tactics right into your training business.

In fact I can’t think of a single fitness professional and couldn’t benefit greatly from letting his nutritional programs do the work for you.

Say you have client who wants to lean out, not suffer, look good, feel great and be healthy.

Shelby has a the foolproof strategies for that.

Wanna pack on a little mass without getting fat? … Shelby has a program for that too.

In fact, Shelby and myself have combined two of his most bad-ass, results producing fitness programs… one for fat loss and one for lean gain… into one all encompassing nutrition package for fitness pros to use on their clients…

Cuz at the end of the day, if you’re clients aren’t getting results they want… and top-notch results is what they’re looking for, they aren’t gonna stay, and they aren’t gonna refer…

HOWEVER… help change their lives and they will love you forever and go to the ends of the earth to pay you and refer to you.

Now, you might know that in my twenties and early thirties I spent a number of years training hard and eating good … then I had a hernia surgery go bad, and totally dropped the ball for about 4 years ( no pun intended ) … I got up to 330 pounds at 6’6″ with a lot of… a… shall we say… soft tissue.

Well, about two ago I got back into lifting weights, and I probably put on 20 pounds of muscle right away which was awesome, plus I lost about 20 pounds of fat at the same time… which was totally cool as well… but I was still 330 pounds!

Now, mind you… I LOOKED a lot better, but not anywhere near what I wanted to look like

I just knew… that to get into the kinda shape I REALLY wanted to be in… I HAD to buckle down on my nutrition… HOWEVER…

… I KNOW myself, and almost every time I’ve tried to diet down in the past when I’d diet or go low on low calories or low carbs it would drive me outta my mind nuts… I hated it… I liked the way it would help me look… but I HATED the way it made me feel.

I’d be agitated and nervous and NOT in a cool mood… getting stuck in traffic right before my next ‘feeding’ would bring on one big damn bad attitude that eventually would lead me back to eating a bunch carbs and more calories … along with an instant change in attitude AND waistline

Now, a few of friends who were professional powerlifters told me they’d hired this guy named Shelby to help them with their diets and they actually lost a bunch of fat and set some of their best PRs ever while losing the fat.

Fat went down? Strength went up? I’m interested.

I wanted in… you see, a MAJOR concern of mine — besides not wanting to go, like, crazy… hungry and out of my mind, whacked-out nuts — was that I didn’t want to lose any muscle or any strength because I’d worked so hard to get it… I mean I’ve paid some serious dues under the bar just to let my all mass go to shit.

To me… there’s NOTHING more frustrating than losing muscle when you’re leaning out and ending up looking and feeling like a smaller version of yourself

So here’s what I did…

I went and hired Shelby Starnes to work with me on my nutrition… and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my training career.

Within five months I lost 75 POUNDS… and with the exception of squatting and horizontal pressing movements, my strength didn’t go down at all… my strength actually went UP on a lot of movements, which just plain out isn’t supposed to happen while losing fat at such a fast rate

Seriously…. never in my life have I lost so much fat so fast and not only retained the majority of my strength and muscle… even adding little… but I also FELT GREAT.

And then it hit me… that hey… there’s a HUGE opportunity here for trainers … because a lot of trainers have clients who don’t get very good results… hell, we’ve ALL had clients like that… EVEN THOUGH the clients are showing up for their sessions and putting in their dues in the gym…

They’re just not eating right AND/OR simply aren’t on the right kind of eating program.

I mean let’s face it, dieting down can be tough, and most people just don’t wanna endure the suffering that can be caused by going on low calorie diets or extremely healthy diets when the person isn’t used to it … and most clients find it WAY harder then fitness freaks like you and me do… I mean we’re into this shit… Joe Public usually ain’t

But getting in shape with the help of a proper nutritional regimen, the way Shelby does it, makes it easy to stick with and enjoy

With Shelby’s fat loss plans most people have no problems with hunger… and often times on the program you ( or your clients ) will feel pumped and have lots of energy.

And with his lean mass programs, many people gain little to no fat

It seems every program I tried sucked, they might have worked great for a while, but I just could never stick to it because it seemed like too much suffering.

So I saw an opportunity to introduce Shelby to the fitness training industry to help trainers get their clients better results.

Because we all know that when clients eat right that they get better results… then they’re happier, stay longer and typically refer more people.

But a lot of trainers don’t have the time or don’t really know how to set up a ideal eating plans like this Shelby does… when actually it’s pretty simple once you learn how he does it … all you need to know is his overall strategy and the simple formulas he follows when he makes a nutrition program for someone and how he has them tweak it as they go, insuring they’ll continue to get results without getting stuck in any ruts

This makes having happier clients and making more money a cinche

So here’s what Shelby did for you…

So he could best help fitness trainers learn to set up effective nutritional programs for their clients, be it a fat loss program or a lean mass program, insuring your clients get the best results possible, he helped me put together one kick-ass nutritional package for you, laying out exactly what he does to get his clients such great results.

Once you learn how to quickly and effectively set up one of Shelby’s nutrition programs for your clients, you’ll see dramatic increase in the results your client base is getting

I mean, with Shelby’s detailed strategies…

  • Your clients can lose fat without muscle.., in fact his programs dramatically accelerate fat loss like no other nutrition plan I’ve ever seen… PERIOD.
  • Your clients can gain muscle while adding little or no unwanted bodyfat
  • There’s little or no suffering
  • There’s no feelings of being carb depleted
  • There’s no huge caloric deficit you need your clients to be in all the time ( one that they won’t be able to stick with anyway )
  • People don’t feel they’re missing out on anything
  • The plans re the easiest diet to stick with I’ve ever seen
  • They’re flexible
  • The meals are easy to prepare
  • And everything can be done on a super low budget

They’re perfect nutrition strategies for just about all personal training clients… and can speed up their results literally overnight… often times being the BIG THING that skyrockets your clients from getting just so-so or good results, and your clients getting into the best shapes of their lives.

In “The Fitness Professionals Ultimate Nutrition Package”, you get two ebooks and two audio programs breaking down everything you need to know to make Shelby’s nutritional programs work for your clients… and the programs are quick, simple and easy to go through and understand.

So, here’s all you gotta do to get the “The Fitness Professionals Ultimate Nutrition Package”

Now, for a VERY limited time this program is just $47… which is pretty damn reasonable for something that can have such a profound effect on the results you get for your clients.

So if you want to get “The Fitness Professionals Ultimate Nutrition Package” for the super low price of just $47, then click the ‘Add To Cart Button’ below right now…


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If you go through the entire program and only try ONE THING, and that one thing helps you get just one client better results and stays longer or get you an extra referral from that client… then the investing in this program will have already paid itself off countless times over, made you a nice profit AND helped one of your clients to live a happier and healthier life

And just imagine the results they’ll get when you get all of your clients following this simple program

“The Fitness Professionals Ultimate Nutrition Package” will give you everything you’ll need to help get your clients amazing results… so for just $47 I’d say it’s one of the wisest investments you can make in your business.

And… I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely love “The Fitness Professionals Ultimate Nutrition Package”, I’ve backed it with 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s Right… You Take NO RISK When You
Try “The Fitness Professionals Ultimate Nutrition Package”

“The Fitness Professionals Ultimate Nutrition Package” is Guaranteed


Review the material for up to 365 days, a full year… and if you don’t feel you’ve gotten at least 10 times the value of your entire investment, simply let my support staff know you’d like your money back and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of your entire investment.

What could be more fair than that?

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Get better results for your clients, provide a better service, get more referrals and make more money … it’s really that simple.

Chris McCombs

P.S. Remember, be sure to order today cuz’ “The Fitness Professionals Ultimate Nutrition Package” is jam packed with what you need to know to get your clients world class results outside of the gym … the other 165 or so hours a week when you AREN’T training them

P.P.S. Keep in mind, the program is quick and easy to go through so you can start using it TODAY.

P.P.P.S. – And don’t forget, I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely love “The Fitness Professionals Ultimate Nutrition Package” I’ve backed it with 365 Day Money Back Guarantee


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