Application For Independent Personal Trainers and Boot Camp Instructors

This is the form you’ll need to fill out for the independent personal trainer or boot camp instructor positions.

Copy and paste the questions AND answers into the contact form below.

Please be as thorough as we won’t review any applications that aren’t filled out in their entirety

Please include:



List Certifications:

List Your Trainers Liability Insurance:

List your experience and places/gyms you’ve trained at:

Where do you currently train?

Are you interested in any of the following? ( can be one, two or all three of them )

  • Training clients we send to you in an independent gym that you already have a relationship with?
  • Doing in-home training? If so, what cities?
  • Running boot camps?

Do you have a website? If so, please provide the URL:

Do you have a Myspace or a Facebook profile? If so, please provide the URL’s:

List what area(s) you’d like to receive clients in ( example: Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda and Villa Park)

List what hours you have available to take new clients

Do you have any clients of your own right now? If so, how many?

What are the normal rates you charge your clients?

Do you train one on one sessions, or group sessions or both?

What are your biggest fears in your personal training business?

What are your biggest frustrations in your personal training business?

What would you like to achieve in your personal training business?

Names and Phone Numbers of  3 references

What makes you a good trainer?


Copy and paste the above questions into this form and then answer them: