How To Take Your Fitness Business To The Next Level with Private Coaching

Announcing Special Case Study Program – Let My Partner Zach Hunt Personally Help You Build As Many Money-Generating Machines in Your Fitness Business As You Want…

It’s Really Pretty Simple… If You Choose To Become Part of This “Limited Availability” Case Study…

For One Year Fitness Marketing Genius Zach Hunt Will Personally Work With You Via Phone and Email To Build Your OWN Highly Successful ‘Six-Figure’ Fitness Training Business… One That Gives You The Freedom and Lifestyle To Do Whatever You Want, WHENEVER You Want … and To NEVER Have To Worry About Money Problems Again

From Big Chris McCombs

Hey there, actually I’ve got no hard sales pitch for ya here today… I just wanna let you know about a little case study I’m running… that if you get an opportunity to be part of, will work out BIG TIME in your favor for some pretty damn cool reasons

Now, before I even go any further, I need to let you know that this case study is only for a certain type of fitness professional… for example, you must be a big picture thinker…  being ONLY interested in win/win relationships… be an action taker… living by a good set of  values… have a strong desire to help others  and an utter refusal to be like the majority of the fitness industry who are broke, over-worked and and on the verge of going out of business.

Simply put, this once in a lifetime opportunity is limited to a only small handful of fitness entrepreneurs who immediately realize the impact the power of coaching and mentoring can have on their business.

This is a chance to be part of a small case study program enabling you to get personal coaching from one of the top fitness marketing strategists in the world, who’ll help take your fitness training business to the six or even seven-figure level in as reasonably short of time as possible.

Now, as many people in the fitness industry are aware of, back in September of this past year I actually DISCONTINUED taking on fitness professionals as private coaching clients… this is after a number of years of me personally coaching enthusiastic fitness pros to attaining six-figure incomes and having lots of freedom in their lives.

My coaching clients are fitness trainers who didn’t wanna be stuck in the rat race, like 95% of our industry is… making “so-so” pay at best…  working long split-shifts and not having a whole lotta life left-over at the end of the day

Now this coaching program I’m talking about created a TON of financially successful fitness pros, most earning a mid six-figure income while working less hours than ever before because of the ways we AUTOMATED their businesses

This program was about creating six-figure fitness training businesses that were relatively “hands off” and easy to run, giving the owner of the business not only financial success, but lots of free time as well… allowing you the ability to live a balanced life instead of being so absorbed with your business all the time


I finally had to shut the coaching program down cuz of all the TIME it was taking me

Between having 14 info-products on the market, multiple affiliate promotions, my own local fitness training business, a web design service and an SEO service… and on top of that spending time lifting and with my family… I HAD to cut a few things out … and coaching is just one of those things I had to let go of…  you see most of these revenue streams are COMPLETELY automated and pretty much only take me a few hours each month… but the coaching program is different and actually takes me quite a bit of time and lots of energy each month

There’s actually no better feeling in the world than seeing a trainer go from 30k, 40k, 50k or 60k a year working full time hours… to in just a matter of months making 150k or 250k per year and having twice as much free time on their hands

But doin’ this in a one-on-one environment with trainers is a huge commitment on my part and I really needed to cut back on my hours to reach my personal lifestyle goals.

Just like I help my coaching clients set-up, I’m a HUGE believer in building businesses that work FOR you, run on autopilot, help tons of other people get what THEY want in life, fulfills your purpose AND gives you the lifestyle you really want… a business built around your life, NOT having a life built around your business.

Today my life and businesses are proof that literally anyone can live this kind of life… making a ton of money, helping a ton of people and having as much freedom as you want… now please don’t think I’m saying this stuff to brag, I’m telling you it to let you know what’s possible once you take the right actions in the right direction under the right guidance.

Just like how YOU take people who are outta shape, and once they join your program and you take them under your wing, if they do what you tell them to do, show up for the workouts, follow your instructions and eat the right foods and so on… they end up experiencing a night and day transformation and living an entirely new life.

It’s the exact same situation with business coaching.

While I did retire from private coaching a few months back, there’s a small possibility of me taking on a few select clients in the distant future for somewhere between  $15K to $25K, however even if I do decide to offer something sometime down the road, the people want to work me at that time are gonna have to be the coolest of the cool, already semi-successful and willing pay top dollar, because even though I LOVE helping fitness pros get what they want in life, if I’m gonna take away time from hanging out with my friends and family and pursuing my hobbies, the price is gonna be EXTREMELY high

Now, this is a pretty cool little situation I’ve found myself in, unfortunately this “retiring” thing has created a whole new set of problems.


There’s a ton of people contacting my customer service department on a regular basis who really want me to personally help them build their fitness training business to the level they want it to be at and I simply do not have the time to help them.

Meaning…. I’m leaving a bunch of fitness professionals out in the cold who could really use my help in taking their business to the strong six figure level.

So, knowing there just has to be a remedy for this, I came up with a simple solution that’s gonna make a lot of trainers lives a whole lot easier

And here it is….

My business partner Zach Hunt, who you may know from going through some of my products and programs, is straight-up one the brightest, most creative,  knows-how-to-do-it fitness professionals who share this planet with us today

The dude is true genius when it comes to building a fitness training business that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year WHILE taking up very little time... he’s actually my first private coaching client I took on about four years ago… the guy basically did everything I told him to do, even improving on a a few of the marketing and sales systems I had him plug-in to his business, and within no time he was earning a mid six-figure level income, WHILE working a fraction of the hours he was from before I started coaching him.

I was actually so impressed with Zach that I made him a partner on many of my business projects, I mean the dude had become one of the top client-getting fitness pros in the world, so taking him on as a partner was a no-brainer… always work with the best… at least that’s what I say.

Now, for those who know both myself AND the Great Zach Master Flash, you would probably say that we’re the opposite in a lot of ways… I’m kinda hyper, he’s mellow, I drop f-bombs on complete and total accident about every fifth sentence, and he hasn’t spoken the “bad” word since the fifth grade… and I don’t even think “jerk face” is really that bad of a word anyhow.

We’re like those dudes on “The Odd Couple” or “Two and a Half Men” or “Due Date” … complete opposites in so many ways.

But no matter how different we are, we’ve both achieved pretty well-known levels of success in the fitness industry, and Zach often times more quickly than myself, because he was able to learn from MY mistakes and speed up the entire process of creating a successful fitness business.

I mean… just check out a few of Zach’s accomplishments …

* Went from an overweight, insecure and shy kid to an in-demand high-paid local fitness celebrity

* Got his website on the first page of Google for over 300 local keyword terms… this alone gets Zach multiple clients on auto-pilot each week

* Has gotten just under 900 new fitness training clients in the past 2 and a half years

* Built and owns a completely automated fitness business that runs 100% on auto-pilot for him while he spends his time doin’ whatever he wants

* Currently gets on average 9-17 new clients weekly from a simple website he put up

* Has a fitness business that nets him a five figure personal MONTHLY net income, he earns approximately as much per month as many trainers make all year… and remember, he hardly works at all

* Has over 100 published articles in local magazines (and currently writes for 5 local magazines)

* Has been featured on EVERY local news channel dozens of times

And not only that, but he also has the ability and look at most any situation and figure out if there’s a way to get new clients or business from it, create a system for it, and then plug it into a business so it can literally run entirely on it’s own

I guess you could say Zach is one of only a small handful of maybe 2 or 3 guys in the entire world who are capable of getting fitness pros the kind of results I do when it comes to creating “easy to run” high six-figure fitness training businesses from the ground up

Zach is gonna look deep inside your current business, fix what’s broken and give you a step-by-step action plan for getting your business to where you want it to be, and he’ll then help you every step of the way personally, by giving you direct access to him via phone and email

He’s gonna guide you and basically “walk you by the hand” from where you and your business are now, to exactly where you want to be.

So, when you join Zach’s coaching program, you’re getting…

– Private coaching and mentoring from Zach Hunt personally via telephone – One of the first things you’re gonna do to get your business headed in the right direction as quickly as possible is jump on the phone with Zach for about an hour and come up with your entire strategy for getting from where you are now to where you wanna go.

You’re gonna walk away from that call with a clear cut plan and some simple action steps to do immediately, so together you can move your business forward WITHOUT hesitation.

You’re also gonna get…

– Unlimited email access to Zach – After your first call you’re probably gonna have a few questions or hurdles pop-up, that’s just how the road to success is.

Well, Zach will be there for you to answer those questions in a quick, simple and easy to understand and implement manner. Zach will completely have your back and be your ace in the hole any time you need him.

99% of the time when you email Zach, unless he’s on a short holiday vacation or something, you’ll have an answer back from Zach within just a few business days tops, showing you EXACTLY what to do in your business. If for any reason a particular situation is better addressed by Zach on the phone, then you’ll jump on the phone with him, but either way, you’ll get the answer you’re looking for

AND… as a special bonus gift…

– I’m gonna give you ALL 14 of my business building info-products for trainers…

Now… you don’t actually have have to go through all 14 of them, but they sure are nice to have on hand for new client getting ideas, business building strategies and for a quick reference whenever you need it… in fact, you’re gonna find these tools indispensable when it comes to building your fitness empire… it’s the ultimate stockpile of tools and solutions for reaching your goals… these programs range in price from $47 all the way up to $2000.00 … and I’m gonna give you all 14 of them as mine and Zach’s way of saying “welcome aboard”

– PLUS I’m gonna give you any new information-products I come out with in the next year

As you’ve might’ve noticed, I come out with new business-building products all the time… well check this out… for the next year, right when I come out with new info-products that can help you make more money and work less hours, because you’re now a private coaching client of my partner Zach Hunt, my team will be sending you them for free… ALL of them. (If for ANY reason you don’t get your new product immediately when they come out just email Babs on my support team at and she’ll make sure to get it to you right away )

So now just like I’ve hired Zach to partner with me on many projects, you too can “hire” him to be your “partner”, from a consultative standpoint, helping to guide you and your business to the $100,000 level and beyond

However, I think it’s only fair to warn you…

This kind of intensive coaching is NOT for everyone, in fact… if you’re negative, aren’t an action taker, aren’t willing to add massive value to the human race, don’t have at least partial understanding of what it takes to run a successful business, aren’t good at getting people into shape or aren’t serious about taking things to the next level … Zach will not be able to work with you

Even though Zach is one helluva nice guy, he simply refuses to work with anyone who isn’t a good-hearted, action-taking straight-shooter with solid values… just like myself, Zach knows that life is just too damn short to work with ANYONE who doesn’t take responsibility for their own success.

And if you aren’t good at getting people into shape, get that part of your life handled before even worrying about all this crazy marketing and business building stuff

Again, like myself, Zach will ONLY work with clients who are cool and who he can be of considerable value to, based on their individual needs and his areas of expertise.

HOWEVER, if you ARE good at getting people into shape, you ARE serious about taking your life and business to the next level AND you’re cool person, then this is your opportunity to really buckle down and finally build the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of owning…

A business that not only gives you total financial freedom but also gives you the kind of lifestyle that very few people in this world ever actually attain… HOWEVER, I’m here to tell you this kind of lifestyle IS possible with the help of someone who’s done it and knows what it takes to make it happen.


If you want Zach Hunt to personally help you grow your fitness business to the mid six-figure level, then here’s your chance

RIGHT NOW, For a Limited Time, Zach Will Be Taking on Coaching Clients as “Case Studies” at an Extremely Discounted Rate.

This special rate will be about 1/4 of what we plan on charging for this exact same coaching program in the near future ( It will most likely be around ten thousand dollars at that time )

Basically I need to gather some testimonials and success stories from fitness trainers who Zach has works with and helps create massive financial success for, so when I role this coaching program out on a larger scale for a much higher price point, I’ll have some good “real life results” to use in the marketing


If you’re the kind of trainer who’s committed to having a success training business AND you’re ready to have someone who’s done it all before walk you by the hand through the entire process, then here’s what you need to do right now…

Below is big orange and yellow button you need to click to register for this coaching program

Now… you can join this limited coaching program by either choosing to make a one time investment of just $1997 or pay 12 simple installments of $197

With the $1997 “paid-in-full” option, you also get an extra 3 months of coaching as a bonus thrown on top of your existing 12 months, so with the “paid in full” option, not only do you save around $400, but you also get 15 months of coaching as well, instead of a year

Either way, just the first client or two you get from working with Zach will pay off the entire cost of the coaching program, and remember, Zach averages 9 to 17 new clients each week… so you can get one or two in no time

Simply choose which plan works best for you, push the big orange and yellow corresponding button, follow the steps and get ready to own the kind of fitness business that most people would say is impossible to own… here’s your opportunity the naysayers wrong and go after what you want in life

Choose either one payment of $1997 upfront OR twelve payments of $197 each…

Click this Link to make your one time investment of $1997 for 15 months of coaching and consulting with Zach Hunt

Or you can choose 12 convenient installments of just $197 for one year of coaching… one installment every thirty days

So, if you want help taking your fitness business to a mid six-figure level like myself and Zach have done with fitness pros all over the world time and again… then here’s your chance to get personal help from my business partner Zach Hunt … before we close the doors on taking any more case studies and substantially raise the prices on this coaching program

The “case study” rate for this program is an extremely limited time special available only to those who act right away.

Simply choose which plan works best for you, push the big corresponding button, follow the steps and get ready to own the kind of fitness business that most people would say is impossible to own and that probably doesn’t even exist.

Choose either one payment of $1997 upfront OR twelve payments of $197 each…

Click this Link to make your one time investment of $1997 for 15 months of coaching and consulting with Zach Hunt

Or you can choose 12 convenient installments of just $197… one every thirty days

I look forward to hearing about all the amazing results you’ve achieved from your coaching with Zach.

This program can pay for itself MANY times over, in some cases it’ll pay itself off easily over 100 times over, all you need to do is what Zach tells you to do… it’s that simple.


Chris McCombs

Positively Fit
751 South Weir Canyon Rd. #157473
Anaheim Hills, Ca 92808
United States

P.S. And remember, please only apply if you’re a doer. And if you are a doer, get ready to start making some serious money.

If you have any questions please send them to


Earnings Disclaimer: Don’t invest in this program if you think it’s just gonna automatically make you money just because you happened to buy it. It takes work to succeed at anything in life and I make no apologies for that. The results I’ve shown on this page aren’t typical and yours could vary.

At the end of the day, you might not make any money at all. It’s possible you could even lose money. Even though I’ll be telling you and showing you what to do, if you don’t take action on it there’s not much point of even doing it. It’s very important to me that you know this before you going in, because if you’re looking for the be-all end-all magic bullet, I hate to tell ya but this ain’t it.
* Results are not typical. Advertised results are only typical of people who worked their tails off and followed every one of the fitness marketing strategies and personal training tips that I outline on my site to really explode their fitness business. Also, if you click on a link on my site to someone else’s product, there’s a good chance I’m makin’ a profit off of it, probably even a steep one.

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Earnings Disclaimer: (My lawyer makes me put this) Don’t invest in this program if you think it’s just gonna automatically make you money just because you happened to buy it. It takes work to succeed at anything in life and I make no apologies for that. The results I’ve shown on this page aren’t typical and yours could vary.