Bio for Fitness Business Summit

Chris McCombs is an in-the-trenches expert at marketing a fitness business on the internet. He is able to get websites to rank super high in Google for hundreds of keyword terms (usually owning many spots at the top of page one). He is also a master of using pay-per-click advertising to get tons of targeted traffic to a fitness site while usually paying less per click then most everyone else on the page.

His personal blog has gotten as many as 8039 visitors in one day and his first fitness information product did over $52,000.00 in six days.

Chris’s personal training business rarely requires more than a half hour a day of his time ( the WHOLE business is outsourced) and brings him a nice six-figure income, and he hasn’t trained a client in years, he lets his websites do all the work for him.

There are a least ten things that Chris is gonna teach you that if apply any one of them will pay off the entire cost of the Fitness Business Summit many times over. If you come to Fitness Business Summit for just one thing, come to see Chris’s fitness business internet marketing presentation.