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If You’re DAMN
GOOD At What You DO…


Hey there, it’s it’s Big Chris… if you’re a coach or trainer and you want to get more clients and / or athletes into your facility because of the results you get your clients

..Whether You Help Hardcore Athletes Get Bigger Stronger and Faster...

Like Joe DeFranco … Zach Even-Esh… Jason Ferruggia.. and James Smitty Smith do ..

– Or You Run Boot Camps Full of Soccer Moms Wanting To Get Lean and Toned So They Feel Sexy and Confident…

– You Help Reduce Pain and Improve People’s Quality of Life Through Corrective Exercise And Progressive Programming…

-You’re either a Fitness Professional, Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, or own some kind of Gym

Studio or business from your own Yoga or Pilates to a Hardcore Power Lifting Gym full of big guts, shaved heads, chalk, bloody shins and anger issues…

Whether you run a CrossFit Box, a strength and Conditioning gym, a MMA or Martial Arts Facility, Small one-on-one stuff…

Or you co-own a super or a SUPER-HIGH END Yoga Studio and the whole thing is more of a spiritual thing to you ….

Or maybe your ultimate goal in life is to have the perfect mix of Westside and DeFranco style training, but for young athletes…

Or maybe it’s a dream training business that right now ONLY feels like a dream.

Whether you’re more of a generalist and focus on health, fitness and general fat loss…

Or maybe you serve, or also serve, some super deep niches…

and… I’VE NEVER Seen Anything Come Close … If You Have ZERO Interest Spending Hours Sitting on Your Ass At A Desk Doing Complex Marketing Stuff Like SEO, PPC, Copy writing… Running A/B Split Tests on Font Styles and Colors and Sizes…

AND Just Wanna Train

Then what you’re about to read is gonna make your day…. and maybe even your year… and the entire future of your life and business… if you don’t like what I’m about to tell you, you’re welcome to leave this page and never come back, opt-out of my email list and that’ll be that … but if any of it resonates… then pay special attention, because it only get’s better as it goes… so….

If You’re a Diehard Fitness Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor or Strength Coach… and Just Wanna Train Your Clients And Athletes And GET PAID WHAT YOUR WORTH… For Helping People By Doing What You Love … (Which is DAMN GOOD MONEY BTW ) … Then Keep Reading…

If you’ve been following my stuff blog for trainers and coaches for a while you probably know that after building a large group training business, that went from nothing to somewhere around 70 ( can’t remember the exact number, it was around 70) … I started almost purely by helping people and not charging them for it…

I was doing what I love… growing my business driven by passion… a passion to share the same kind of personal transformation that working out had given me.

Before I started my training business, I was at a job I hated.

I meditated one night that I be lead to the right career path.

Not to get Woo-Woo on you, because this ain’t
about that…

It’s about how what I’ve learned in my years in the fitness industry, and the out of EVERYTHING I’ve learned, THE NUMBER ONE thing I have ever found that can help you the most…

Here’s a quick story from my personal crazy life that will help you understand the simple thing that needs to be done…

Something pretty weird started happening, I was super ripped at the time… and all of a sudden, the day after that prayer almost everywhere I went people would ask me if I was a trainer… I’m not a Religious man … but I prayed to be guided to the right career… and suddenly the next day at least one time a day people would ask if I was a trainer.

And since I was already helping out a bunch of friends and co-workers with their own programs, I loved working out and helping people work out…

I just never totally vibed with the idea of being some guy in a little workout uniform the trainers at the health clubs and gyms that I’d see. Think Brad Pitt as a PT in “Burn After Reading” by the Coen Brothers.

Holding clip boards, checking themselves out in the mirror and going on about their problems all the while delivering some of the most hokey looking workouts I have ever seen… doing squats on stability balls and a bunch of stuff to increase “function” … as was the buzz word at the time.. and I honestly thought most of them looked pretty lame, and had people using bad form and used bad exercise choices…

Young guys having too much bravado in their sessions with everyday-eagerness, Dudes who Sniff the seats on the Bicycle

At the time, there weren’t any gyms where I lived that had independent trainers doin’ it their own way, and helping people in a way that only uniquely they can.

I knew a few cool strength coaches but they weren’t making much, they worked for schools and I didn’t want to work for anyone.. and while I loved training hard, at the time I thought I’d needed to memorize every line of The Science and Practice of Strength Training by Zatsiorski as well as be able to quote any line out of Supertraining by Mel Siff and go to school for like 9 years to be able to really train people correctly.

Anyhow, I said “Screw it” to all my worries and concerns and made a decision to take the step forward of changing careers and became a personal trainer.

At first for I worked for a large corporate gym chain and quit after 3 of the most irritating weeks of my life walking around in a little red workout uniform feeling like a douche bag used car salesmen trying to talk gym members into something most didn’t care about  … I had no idea how to attract clients, I just saw the aggressive sales-y ones making some money, while the gyms are making a ton and immediately saw that goin’ off on my own was the way to go.

I helped a ton of people get into shape, and word spread fast. I switched to groups, EFT, and switched out training people for free and getting referrals, with Craiglist, Google and Myspace at the time ( No action on Facebook during that period)

I got injured doing box squats, blew a hernia, had it fixed, blew it again as well as a few other injuries I was dealing with from being so beat up… that I didn’t train for a while and just sat at home figuring out ways to get clients by marketing online…

I tried EVERYTHING… went through as many courses by most all the fitness business guys as well as the internet marketing.

By now … marketing my training business online worked so well for a while I stopped training people completely, and at one time had 15 trainers in Orange County, California training all the new clients I had coming in from my marketing.

For a while I became kind of obsessed with idea of how easy it is, all through marketing, to make great money barely working, running a successful coaching or training business successfully. And it worked.


– After a few years of not training and just focusing on business and money-making stuff, I ended up miserable.

Something in me needs to be dishin’ out some good ass kickin workouts to others with some kind of regularity or I definitely don’t feel right inside…  it feels like I’m off my path

when the focus is “Make Six Figures” … or “Make 7 Figures” …when it’s better to have goals like “Help 100 people to get into the best shape of their life this year re paying a minimum of amount of $

And I cant tell you the amount of trainers who are experiencing the same thing …. having lots of success in their business and training a lot less hours but ending up with more of a job of a marketer than a trainer… but that’s not really what you want to do… the job of a marketer… I’m sure if you wanted to be a marketer that is what you would’ve gone to school for.

However, you’ve had me as well as half dozen other guys out there telling you that you need to market, market, market

Well, on one hand it works, but on other hand it can easily help take your eye off the ball of delivering the best workouts possible.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that a lot of marketers looks much older than they are…. while a lot of trainers ( who are in the same age as the marketers) looked younger, are happier, and I noticed the levels of overall life happiness… and while often the marketers looked a lot older than they are, the trainers and coaches seem to be a lot happier … and had similar value to mine… and don’t get me wrong, I love using the internet as marketing tool, but that’s all it is… a tool.

It’s a lot easier to be happier when you’re helping people get into shape everyday, then it is to spend a lifetime coming from a place a greed, like a lot, but not all… marketers are coming from

As general rule, even though the lives of the trainers seem so much more fulfilling than the lives of the marketers I know… mostly having to do with health, focus, social interaction, life style and a few other things

For me this whole big turn of events came out of a guest blog post from Jason Ferruggia … a trainer and strength coach who “GETS” both training, business and marketing… more about Jason’s Post in a minute…

After Sitting on My Ass As a Marketer For The Last Few Years My Suppressed Inner-Trainer Needed To Unleash Itself Upon A Few Clients And Athletes

The timing could not have been better for me.. you see, after stopping training years ago and just doing the marketing, hitting my financial goals and that good stuff … and literally achieving everything I had set my mind to, I was REALLY missing training.. I decided to start training again pro-bono a few hours a week.. I even did a blog post about it, got a ton of comment

Problem is…

– A lot of trainers ( and some straight up business opportunists ) built their business using my program, when their training actually sucked… or they were sending clients from the overflow to lousy trainers … I feel partially responsible for this and want to fix it

– After a few years of not training and just focusing on business and money-making stuff, I ended up miserable. Something in me needs to be dishing out some good ass kickin workouts to others with some kind of regularity or I definitely don’t feel right inside and it feels like I’m off my path. I ended up putting money ahead of just about everything else in my life, and felt deeply unsatisfied in the end, until I fixed it by training a few hours pro-bono work each week

Now, About That Blog Post That Changed My Life

It all started when Jason Ferruggia sent over a guest blog post that I loved, the blog post Jason said something that really got to me.

Jason is a guy who gets both training, business and marketing…. as well as having one amazing online tribe in the fitness world by really differentiating himself from everyone else out there

He’s a perfect example of separating himself from other trainers, gym owner, bloggers and fitness info marketing…

It Amazes Me How Few Trainers and Coaches do things to Differentiate themselves from every other training business around them. Now understand the coach just focusing on being the best,

HOWEVER doin’ a few different things to separate himself

These days it seems there’s a gym or boot camp or PT studio popping up on every corner… I live in Orange county, CA and if you drive by any park during the morning or evening hours there’s a boot camp going on… and you can’t drive 5 miles without seeing a car that says “Personal Trainer for Hire … Body by Tony, or Tommy, or Sally… whoever.

I can’t tell the difference between any of em.. it’s almost like they’re all the same, and guess what? The clients can’t tell the difference either… and what happens then is they have no loyalty… just a bunch of coupon clippers who will go to whichever of these “No One Can Tell The Difference Boot Camps” that have the lowest prices that month on Deal of the Day Sites… …

And for every Park or Studio with “No One Can Tell The Difference Boot Camps’ .. there’s a strip mall with a “No One Can Tell The Difference Personal Training Business’

They look like a bunch of clones… they add no personality to the workout or the experience

So you have clients with no loyalty and a bunch of trainers who are great at training people but have no idea on how to build a business…

….And then on the other end of it you have the marketers who are throwing up cookie cutter bootcamps all over the place…

And computer savvy trainers who just jump online and market the heck out of their little personal training business in every way possible they can figure out how to online

And then there’s ALSO the wide array of trainers from all over the world who buy and use the stuff they learned from fitness marketing and business guys like me or any of the other guys who teach the marketing stuff… where you never have had to train a person in your life and have people come in and *think* your great… for example someone can get to the top of Google and to many people searching around it will imply to them that you’re the best… cuz hey… Google says you’re # 1

So often times the trainers or businesses who get the most clients end up not delivering all that great of an experience or results… and some honestly don’t care and think “As long as I have more coming in than going out I’m good”

That’s not building a business with any kind of passion or foundation in the first place… that’s more like just kinda “Getting Clients Dude!!!” …. without looking 6 months or 6 years down the road.

I tell people DO NOT buy my products until they have their training dialed in… if you’re training sucks, don’t go become the best marketer… fix your training first. Get the programs of the people on this page… learn to train… pay your dues… and build one bad ass reputation

It’s amazing how many trainers get into the industry now with an exit plan fully in place

I can’t tell you how many times a I’ve read a new coaching client’s goal sheet, and just how often they usually start out by giving their own little version of this well intentioned little fairy tale: “I have 7 clients now from the last year combined, but one’s on vacation and I think the other is about to quit… but I’m ready to kill it now and in 6 months I want to have 2 successful fitness studios, 2 out door bootcamp locations with 150 people in each and launch 2 fitness info products, over 500 clients, a team of 8 trainers and a net income of $500K a year ..what should I do first Big Chris?”


I’m completely serious here, I get those kind of requests all the time… coaches and trainers who want to expand their goals that they know deep inside

I also get the opposite: “I make $9,238 a year right now, would it be possible to increase that by 10% over the next 12 to 18 months?

It’s no secret…Achieving a Realistic Level Of Success in The Strength Coaching and / or Fitness Training Industries is Something Very Doable and Very Quickly these days

Succeeding in coaching and training is actually pretty simple… learn how to prescribe , constantly improve, deliver great customer service and have the right lead gen, conversions and maximization processes in place

And of course you want to not just offer a service…. or a transaction, you’re building relationships, helping people and building your brand

Done correctly, branding can catapult a company into our culture.

Harley created an entire culture around their motorcycles.

The Grateful Dead had thousands of people follow them around the country and became rock legends.

Apple reinvented the entire computer and phone world.

UFC led the charge in mma and has become a pillar in the sports community…have you heard your accountant or banker talking about UFC yet??

Love em or hate em, Crossfit exploded onto the fitness scene and has thousands of fanatical coaches/clients.

Women rave about Lululemon and have helped them grow rapidly over the past few years.

RKC created a huge network of people learning to train with kettlebells.

….And what about the people that fuel the the fitness industry?

The fitness world is full of interesting characters: fitness professionals, strength coaches and personal trainers that can be about as opposite as…. but as opposite as they may seem, we all work to provide value to people’s lives.

Some do it by weight loss programs, some by bootcamp, others with Crossfit, powerlifting, yoga, athletic performance, strength and conditioning and more…but we all want to add value.

Here’s a Partial list of some of the influential players in the fitness world who have brands much more defined and sought after than most … Keep something in mind here… A lot of the names didn’t get where they are by “cutting-edge” marketing..

For example, a lot of them are hands down some of the GREATEST minds in the world of fitness and would have ZERO Brand Equity in their name had they kept their mouths shut.. A few of the smart ones open their mouths, shake some hands and have helped a ton of people… and continue to help more and more people / clients and athletes with their programs, products, and systems… Many … who’s name alone has now become

To Help With Your Own Branding and Reputation… Below Are Some Here are some of the Harley Davidson, UFC’s, Rolex’s, Apple and Grateful Dead in the world of strength coaching, personal training and fitness professional


And regarding the trainers and coaches and brands in these pics on this page are here because  a lot of this page is about being the best… OR.. they have one of the most well defined brands, or tribes, or reputations. around

The point is, they are in this post because of something they are doing very right… all the way up the scale to being known as the #1 Person In The Word for What They Do like Louie Simmons in Power-lifting … or Zach Even-Esh for being #1 dude in the Nude “In-Home” Personal Training niche… I know it sounds kind cool, but trust me its an all male clientele

Strength Coaches, Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals AND…


Fitness Professionals – Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Boyle, Juan Carlos Santana, Nick Tummenello, Mike Robertson, Eric Cresey, Robert Dos Remedios

Strength Coaches – Jason Ferruggia, James ‘Smitty’ Smith, Joe Defranco, Zach Evan Esh, Dan John, Mike Mahler, Steve Cotter, and Martin Rooney.

And more on the hardcore extreme underground side of things, Dante with his DC Training

Personal Trainers – Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, Jackie Warner, Valerie Waters, The Tone it Up Girls.

Every niche is usually led by someone or influenced heavily by their opinions or outlook. The guys and gals mentioned above have influenced millions of people. They have positioned themselves as the experts in their various segments of the fitness world and have a loyal following

You want a business that naturally draws people in through some super powerful networking ( especially at first ) and referrals and then ultimately just having an unparalleled reputation delivering kick ass workouts and kick ass results

Besides just training people and making a good living doing what you love… I say step back and look at the few trainers and coaches who have fan bases willing to go to war for them… coaches and trainers who consistently deliver…

And the workouts, programs and training experience are on such a higher level and their track record for results is second to none

If you want a large following of people loyal to you… to give you money and feel a great sense of pride when they join your program… like ones that train with Joe Defranco,…Zach Even-Esh… Jason Ferruggia… James Smitty Smith… Dave Tate …Nick Tumminello… Eric Cressey,… Alywn Cossgrove.. Mike Boyle… the guys who have built their tribe up over time, pretty much always growing… with many of these dudes having people fly in from all over the world just to have the opportunity to learn from them.

Now you may never know a fraction of what these guys know about training because they are hands down some of the best in the world and you may never come close to knowing as much as they do, there ARE things you can do that generate a TON of buzz, earns you respect, earn client loyalty and a die hard following of people who love being associated with you and your brand

Now if you’re currently working for someone else, you may be building somewhat of a name for yourself, but its your brand that you wanna focus on… unless there’s some amazing circumstance that makes you wanna build someone else’s brand and not your own..

The solution for just wanting to do your craft and make a good living at it, without turning into a 24/7 online market, works for the self-employed or business owners in any of the following –

– Personal trainer, fitness coach, fitness professional or trainer of some sort

– Boot camp owner and/or instructor

Strength coach ( And you work for yourself, NOT a full time staff member at a school or a professional on a sports team )

– Own a business offering training/coaching for most anyone in the fields of health, fitness and athletics

Teach just about any kind of martial arts… from very traditional to MMA, hand to hand combat, Krav Maga, Boxing,etc.. Kick Boxing

– Pilates and Yoga

– You serve a special niche in some area of health and fitness

– Crossfit type places/Unconventional Training ( It’s GREAT FOR THOSE PLACES)

– Work with athletes on strength and conditioning

So … If you’re a good coach or trainer and want build your business the organic way, by getting people results and not spending all your time and money on traditional advertising options that usually straight out SUCK..

If you’re willing to spend the time you have wisely, doing some very strategical things in the areas of networking, client experience and referrals… then you’ve hands down found the best solution ANYWHERE

A lot of coaches and trainers have seen the success and what’s possible by watching what a guy named Corey Beasley’ has been up to lately ….. using what he calls the Bro Network …others call it Tribal Training…

Corey’s Method of building a raging training or training business is HANDS DOWN THE BEST method of any system I have ever heard of for getting the highest volume of clients for the largest number of trainers in the shortest period of time possible

( REMEMBER: Provided you’re good at what you do. If you’re not at uey


– I’ve Never Witnessed A Method With ANYWHERE Near This Kind Ability to Consistently Drive Training Biz FORWARD With So Much Force And POWER To Bring In New Clients, Business and Money

This is THE Business Building System For Fitness Professionals, Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers Who LOVE Training … But HATE Marketing and Wasting Money On Super Expensive Advertising Companies… Ever Felt This Way?

If You Believe The Results You Get For Your Clients Should Determine Your Level of Success, And NOT Your Ability To Endure Sitting on Your Ass For Hours on End, Doing Frustrating, Boring and Complicated Work on Your Computer, Then This Letter Was Written Especially For You…

It’s perfect if you train niches or general fat loss, and it works for all kinds of athletic coaches and various sports, strength , health and fitness niches .. from Yoga To Powerlifting and everything in between.

I know a TON of trainers and coaches from all over the world who have been waiting a long time for this particular product, not sure if you’re one of them, but many are just coming to this page ready to get started, and have been waiting for this to particular system to come out for quite a while..

If you’re one of trainers who came to this page ready to order the program that everyone is talking about, Tribal Training, I’m sorry to inform you that’s it’s not ready… at least for most people just not quite yet…. our web guy is currently working away behind getting everything to work seamlessly for you… it still could be anywhere from a few more days to a few more weeks until it goes live and on the market

So, to hook you up if your one of the many trainers or coaches who’ve been waiting on this particular product, and there ARE a lot of you ) … I talked Corey into hooking you up BIG TIME…

There’s seriously never been so much buzz about a program I offer… with so many trainers emailing in from all over the world wanting to know when and where they can get their hands on it ….

How much will it cost?

Will it work for their niche?..

Can I buy it yet?

The answer is NO,TRIBAL TRAINING is NOT AVAILABLE for sale ….. not quite yet at least, it will be ready soon though

UNLESS you wanna be a case study… all that’s required is…. well, is you doing what the knucklehead on the right tells you what to do.

As may or not be fully aware probably aware, the state of the coaching and training industries suck out loud right now, due to…


Luckily, the results of what he personally instructs you to do, in your own business will be worthwhile… as one of the most genius fitness trainers alive at getting clients purely through the best networking/referral marketing/branding/training experience, that literally makes it to where your business does the marketing for you.

The Knuckle Head ON THE LEFT is long time friend of mine Aaron Guyett… and The KNUCKLE HEAD ON THE RIGHT is Corey Beasley, with either the largest giant hernia or marble I have ever seen in my life

A while after meeting, and training their own client bases out of the same facility paying weekly rent they decided to go off and do their own thing together as partners…

They got a basic warehouse… were wise with their money … spent VERY little on building it out with fancy equipment.. they decided to only spend money that was theirs… and they needed to get some money coming in RIGHT AWAY.. and again, they spent only what they had, and they didn’t have much…

But with a little out of the box thinking, and some of the “connection making and networking”, stuff Corey did, they made sure to differentiate, go after some niches, and keep the focus on helping instead of just trying to go out and sell a bunch of training and go out and make a bunch of money real quick… they started with just what they needed… Now this is not a “How To Open a Facility” Product, but this is an important part of their story

They Turned the Empty Warehouse Into This…


Using a Natural Approach That DOES NOT RELY ON A BUNCH OF COMPLICATED TECHNOLOGY or Sneaky Marketing Tactics

Unlike Many Business and Client Building Methods Available To Coaches and Trainers Today , Many of Which Stop Working By The Time It Picks Up Popularity Or The New 2.0 Version of Whatever “Thing” is Available… So You Will No Longer Be At The Mercy of Relying on Technology Outside of Yourself… Like Changes in Google, Facebook, The Internet, Text Message Marketing, Email Marketing Or Whatever Cool Little Extra Goodies Can Be Used This Month or Year To Get Extra Clients... Corey’s Methods Are Evergreen Highly Strategical and an Aggressive form of Power-Networking, Client or Athlete Training Experience, and in a Way That Makes People refer their friends and family to your program in droves

While Referrals are Still The Number One Way To Get New Business, Unfortunately “Just Getting Your Clients or Athletes Results” is NOT NEARLY ENOUGH, 99 times out of 100, To Build An Entire Business

Corey’s Method, which is kind of a gay name ..”Corey’s Method” .. That’s why he calls it the “Bro Network” and myself along with just about everyone calls it Tribal Training … It Is Hands Down THE Best Solution I have Seen for building a business the trainers way…

The large group workouts filled up immediately due to Aaron and Corey’s Game Plan… which you’re about to hear all about

Alright, as well as niche domination… like Corey with is fighters…

Too Easy To Get Side tracked ..keep customer service tip top

Now, the trainer who started this whole crazy thing… and who’ll be the one showing you EXACTLY what to do in your own training business…

Is a guy by the name of Corey Beasley… he’s actually just a few miles down the road from me … and if you’re into any kind of hardcore fitness training and live in or around Orange County California … home to about 3 million people, chances are they know about Corey Beasley… even though he does very little traditional marketing.

You’d think the guy had a $50K a month marketing budget to create the kind of presence he has around here… especially in his niche… but it’s not the kind of presence where you see his face in big expensive ads… it’s the kind of presence where you hear his name just about anytime you hear a conversation about best personal trainers in So Cal… and for being the “Go-to” personal trainer and strength coach to the fighting and MMA World…

His gym is just outside of Huntington Beach Ca, where there are a TON of great fighters… and while they do their fighting stuff at a MMA Facility or Fight School… for strength and conditioning …they come to Corey.

Keeping fighters in top physical conditioning with programs that are EXTREMELY specialized is Corey’s main personal niche and focus … and it’s a niche sub-division of his hardcore training warehouse style gym…

Along with Corey’s partner Aaron Guyett, they have well over 200 clients … And they take getting-results and delivering an amazing workout experience a long way

Now Aaron’s is a mixture between one of the most intense and fun trainers around… only to further support the overall Magnetic Transformational Experience they deliver… the entire gym just kind of oozes an energy that people wanna be a part of.

Before having this constant pull of new clients that Aaron gets along with Corey these days for their different Niches… lets say Aaron would try anything to get clients… seriously.. ANYTHING.

Aaron once worked-out on a busy street corner for 36 Hours, it was just a few days after he and I had a conversation about the outrageous marketer P.T. Barnum of Barnum and Bailey Circus… That Barnum dude pulled some crazy stunts for attention back in the day… Aaron did his street corner version of it…

Did it get him any clients???


I doubt Aaron got a lot of clients from it, I think I remember one… it was either that or none.. or on the other hand, I don’t specifically remember… but it wasn’t anything he was running home to write Mama Guyett about… However the dude broke through some internal barriers and did something that very few people are capable of

One night we were up talking about crazy marketing ideas, and the next thing I know I see Aaron on the evening news “Personal Trainer Works Out for 36 Hours Straight” ….

One time Aaron even made some workout videos that were to help his mom follow along for her own workouts, so he figured why not leverage his time and kill two birds with one stone and turn it into some viral marketing for his clients to pass around the internet, and he made it funny by dressing up like a Naked Sailor…

Well, it did go viral, Aaron now has a giant homosexual following online for his naked sailor videos, to the tune of something like a half million visitors… But I’m not sure if gay men from all over the world was his target market… but at least it went viral huh?

True Story BTW… and no Aaron is not gay, he is actually a very happily married man and is a guy-man-dude-bro alpha-male heterosexual… the truth is Aaron feels weird that these funny workout videos he did for mom ended up getting him a giant following of gay men… wasn’t what he was going for… he’s thinking of taking them down… glad I got this screenshot when I did though

I think he actually has a whole series on YouTube…. check out the views… that’s almost a half million people just to that one little video he made messing around… ( If you search this on Youtube the comments and related videos might scar you for life)


Did it help his business? .


After trying just about ANYTHING to get clients… and that willingness that these guys have within them to do whatever it takes…

Let’s just say this was before Aaron and Corey put their heads together, and the journey to success in the fitness industry… This whole Tribal Training thing was born…

So Corey’s niche is fighters…

The dude loves to take fighters through strength training workouts and get them into the best shape of their life, help make them strong as shit while staying lean and fast… Corey says… “This is what I like to do anyway, hang out with my friends at the gym…but this way I get paid for it” (=

Now Aaron trains a lot of military, police, firemen, SWAT guys and basically heroes, warriors, athletic authority lean and fit alpha-male type-a guys… who need to keep sharp, fit and ready for anything at a moments notice .

And their program has normal “suzie fat loss” stuff… just involving flipping tires and pushing prowlers and doing pull ups and squats and all that great stuff

With this method you can serve just about whoever you want… it can be one little niche… or a big one… or a whole bunch of different sized ones…

It doesn’t matter, because it works on any market, target or niche… where they have money at least….

This particular program just happens to work PERFECT for going into a niche…. athletes, busy executives, seniors, baseball players… from new age hokey pokey stuff… to hard core power-lifting or strength and conditioning… out of work, drug addicted rock stars and childhood stars …

Legendary Trainer To Competitive Body Builders Charles Glass

Adding niches… is a good thing, because a specialist is worth WAY more than a generalist. Most cosmetic surgeons, brain surgeons… sports medicine therapist… make more than your typical family doctor

Its more like this

1. Planning and Execution of highly strategic networking and referral programs
2. Adding massive value to your customers and clients
3. Delivering the most amazing transformational experience possible
4. Getting your clients amazing results and the entire process producing a massive snowball effect of referrals, that once set into motion, can spread at a rate that will most likely cause you to change your entire / business…

Corey has created what I believe to be naturally the BEST way for personal trainers to go build their other Thriving business for you…

His gym is packed night and day, they have hundreds of people paying top dollar for group training and semi private …

… There’s nothing like the Gym Corey Owns for miles around.. sure there’s lots of boot camps, personal training gyms, MMA Studios, a few in the area… now there’s OTHER good gyms … But none even come close to having any kind of local brand recognition like Corey’s gym does

…Sub-niches… a niche might be athletes… a sub-niche might be triathletes

Your foundational program can drive people deeper into your program funnel… in a much more specific way … for example, plenty of other feeder programs are based on the idea that all streams make their way to the ocean… The ocean being your kick ass training programs ( cute metaphor – FAIL)

Whether its a deep targeted niche like Corey’s that you’re going after ( like pro fighters for example)….

Or another one of the mid level hardcore programs… they offer different programs

And they run a lot of hard core training programs…teaching a lot of stuff to your Average Joe, but unfortunately most people could never experience something like this in a big box gym….

There are important distinctions that makes a gym like Corey and Aaron’s almost ALWAYS growing… while more training businesses around town continue to fail… people wont settle for anything short of their business…. Innovative Results.

Just like some people are die hard Crossfit or Westside or Bikram Yoga fanatics… In Orange County California, where their business Innovative Results, serves multiple niches as well as the more hard core aspects of the general market.

These guys just continue to grow with a hoard of clients like this all day

Ok, so he didn’t go out to create a marketing system he could sell as a product

He wanted to create a hugely successful training business, after years of trying everything under the sun, he knew a few things work… but that hardly even COMPARES…

Because it was obvious to me from the very time I first walked into their gym…exploding with energy, camaraderie, intensity, competitiveness … and a bond as if I was watching a group of close friends all working out hard together with some kind of common purpose… betterment.

From the way their clients talk about Corey and Aaron.. their gym… the programs….

To the times at The KBL Mastermind Meeting when I’ve seen the jaws drop to the floor on just about every single member of the group.. which is ONE HARD GROUP TO IMPRESS…

..Loaded with many of the most successful trainers in the world, who fly in from far off the corners of the planet to share, among their things, their business building secrets with each-other…

Well the first time Corey came to the meeting and he shared what he’s doing… EVERYONE
WAS BLOWN AWAY… even the guys who make multiple millions

It’s the closest thing to an actual TRIBE of clients… in ANY TRAINING BUSINESS.. I’ve seen, act like Corey’s do

M2 Fitness Pros In Long Beach is a good example of a Training Business with a VERY Magnetic Tribe of Females Who Wanna Look Like Figure Models - Their Clients Bring in a Ton of Referrals

This entire method of building a raging client base naturally… making your training programs Viral in Nature and doesn’t rely on a bunch of marketing tactics…  was originally meant to be created for Corey and Aaron’s business only … they just made it for their own gym at first…

But after taking a long hard look at what Corey and Aaron are up to…

And becoming convinced it, BY FAR, was the most surefire way for most trainers to get the most clients… and after insisting that Corey let me share this method with the world… he said “yes” … and the rest is history

This business building method that Corey created for his own business, that he used to call his “Bro Network”… will soon be available to you as an information product, with tons of ‘done for you’ stuff that you can plug right into your business..this lower cost option is perfect for the go getter who doesn’t need any extra assistance or accountability.

It should be ready any time, the content is there for you, but we still need to do a few things to officially “Launch It” and allow hundreds of trainers to access to info


Here are some of the main benefits of implementing
Corey’s system in your business... The Best Word Of Mouth Marketing
Method I Have EVER Seen


– Get MASSIVE amounts of new clients WITHOUT relying on Internet Marketing, Direct Mail or a bunch or expensive advertising or marketing methods

– Connect with TONS of the right people in Win/Win relationships to help grow your business by word of mouth

– Build a Tribe of Clients and Athletes Who Get Amazing Results

– Build Brand Equity – Everything you do will naturally go towards the long term goals of your business, and the differentiation that exists between you and lesser branded businesses in your community will allow you

– Create and Nurture a deep connection of your brands core values with your that of your athletes / clients core values, helping to further insure long time loyalty

– Differentiation  it’s the difference between having a business that stands out from everyone else around you so your not just another bootcamp instructor / personal trainer


-Client Loyalty... Corey’s system is set up to maximize loyalty from your clients and athletes so that even if someone almost as good offers to train them for half the price they wouldn’t even consider it for a sec

Your Training Programs Become Your Marketing With the exception of very strategical networking, your program and your business, your brand, and the results you get people IS your marketing, it’s specially formulated to pack the maximum dose of new clients into each hour that the doctor will allow

Get tons of cool free stuff from sponsors, to sponsor your training business to hook you up with all kinds of equipment and supplements and a whole bunch of top of the line stuff for free

-The Tribal Training style of setting up your business and programs enables you to produce results far superior than what your normal strength coach and trainer can because you make the atmosphere so conducive to progress its well known in the power lifting world that you only train on the Westside Barbell Team if your going for best in the world (like my close friend AJ Roberts did recently, congrats AJ, BTW, AJ Since went onto surpass the total he’s holding up )

Your program brings out the best in people and you end up with the best clients /  giving you the most effort

All that is needed to make this program work is…

1. Have a kick ass service to offer – Meaning your training business gets people results, the workouts are fun, safe and effective, you’re a great motivator and your customer service is first rate with all clients being treated like VIP’s

If you train women to lose fat, they better lose fat

if you train athletes… they’d better be getting Bigger, Faster and Stronger

2. Do the simple stuff Corey lays out for you to do. This program can help you build a die-hard, loyal and raving client base of evangelists for your methods …. telling the world about you on a non-stop basis

And the end of the day it all comes down to the QUALITY of your training programs and you taking action on the blueprint laid out for you in The Tribal Training Program when it becomes made available

( ****As soon as Tribal Training is Ready To Launch scoop it up and get going on it right away ….. or to get access to the entire program right now before it’s even available –  join Corey’s Fast Start Coach Today and get hooked up with the VIP version and access it before anyone else )

That’s all it takes… and the system will create a snowball effect of new clients joining your tribe that once started it will be almost impossible to stop, making this magical POWER NETWORKING and TRIBE BUILDING PROGRAM work wonders

In fact, I’m so blown away by what this strategy can do for any training business that delivers quality workouts and results, that I asked Corey to lay out every piece what he once referred to as his “Bro Network”  Tribal Training system for you step-by-step in detail making it easy as possible for you to build your own fiercely loyal tribe within 90 days or less.

No matter where you’re at in your training business…

PROVIDED you deliver quality results, then Tribal Training is PERFECT for you… and now, together with Corey, I’ve put it all together for you in one brand new program loaded with all the “Done-for-you” tools you’ll ever need to plug The Tribal Training System right into your business..

Here’s What You Get from your 90 Day Fast Start Coaching Program with Corey Beasley,

Here’s what you get with the incredible private 90 Day FAST START Start Coaching Program

Tribal Training System…which is ONLY available at this time for people that join Corey’s ‘Walk you by the hand’ 90 Day Tribal Training Coaching Program.

Coming Soon, Currently Only
Available To Trainers and Coaches in Corey’s “Fast Start Coaching Program”… Will Be Made Available To Public In Near Future

-Accountability… with this special fast start coaching program your getting with Corey, which I guess you could call it the “Tribal VIP Training Program”… Corey is going to get on the phone with you each week to make sure your doing everything you need to be doing and hold you accountable for your action steps (Corey is the only strength coach I know that could rival 7-figure Sam when it comes to holding someone accountable)

Regularly Private Coaching Calls with Corey, Creator of the Tribal Training System,  where together you and Corey will go over the exact steps you’re gonna be taking. You’ll have you
2 to 4 calls per month with Corey depending on your exa0

In the 90 Day program, you and Corey, have a chance to dive quite a bit deeper and set up a more concrete and a long lasting game plan, with multiple layers of lead generation funnels, maximum conversions and long term profit and income stability for years to come

3 Months Private email access to Corey, to help you overcome any hurdles or struggles that may need help with.

– Three of my most best programs for fitness pros worth of your choice of any of my information products for fitness trainers

– Corey will help you personally put together a customized game plan based around the Tribal training , taking into account your strong points, training style and philosophy, as well as, your personal goals, vision, and personality type… having this mind map will give you a clear vision of exactly what to do in your business, making reaching your goals as simple and as easy for you to understand as possible.

– Three 30 Minutes Tune-Up Calls to be used ANYTIME within 1 year of completing the 90 Day Fast Start Program… and what’s cool is, you get to save these calls for AFTER your 90 Day Makeover Phase, you’ll find these calls PARAMOUNT to keeping you dialed in and on course

-If you don’t have a niche yet, Corey will help you find your niche there is no one way of doing things here you can go wide or shallow, or deep and narrow and serve one niche or many

If you’re ready to commit 90 days to do whatever Corey says, helping out a bunch of people than you can get access to this much sooner

On top of getting the Private Coaching with Corey and Advance Version Tribal Training, you are also gonna get all of Corey’s ‘Done for You’ tools to make the process faster and more efficient.

You’ll also be getting…

Questionnaire – 9 simple questions to help you determine your niche and ability to create a tribal following, lasting relationships and to create a flood of referrals without much effort.

The Tribal Gap Sheet– Sometimes big plans and lots of ‘to dos’ can clutter our minds and halt our progress. This sheet helps you determine exactly how many people you need to connect with to reach your goals this year.

Jumpstart your network – Figuring out who to contact first can sometimes be overwhelming. This sheet helps you brainstorm and determine all of the people you need to meet, in order to dominate your local niche.

Client survey – Your own clients can be all the marketing you really need. This is a ‘Done for You’ survey that can literally create hundreds of new leads within your niche. Meet tons of new people and have your clients make the introductions!

Keeping Tabs for Making Money and Tracking Progress Track Sheet – Meeting a lot of people is great, but over time, you have to keep your leads and contacts organized. This is a simple sheet that works in line with the system I teach on the videos.

Bottom line: With the scope of how large your network will grow, this sheet is vital to stay organized and efficient.

The Tribal Network 60 Minute Game Plan Video Tutorial – 60 minute in depth video tutorial breaking down EXACTLY how the Tribal Training Network works so that you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to have your own large scale of Tribal Network of die-hard loyal clients in 90 days or less

Tribal Network Niche Selector – This powerful questionnaire comes with nine simple questions to help you determine your niche and ability to create a tribal following, lasting win/win relationships and create a flood of referrals with as little ON-GOING effort as possible.

Tribal Network Gap Report – A lot of “eager to succeed” fitness pros with big dreams and plans inevitably have more ‘to do’s’ than you can get done, in fact if you’re anything like me the size of our “To Do” List is HUGE… The problem is, this kind of mental clutter can make it almost impossible to know where to start, what to do and in what order… and often times leaves you frustrated and confused exactly on the different markers you’ll need to hone in on to reach your goals… Your Tribal Network Gap Report will help you determine the exact metrics of your network

Jumpstart Your Network – Figuring out who to contact first can sometimes be overwhelming. This sheet helps you brainstorm and determine all of the people you need to meet, in order to dominate your local niche.

Creating your Tribal Training Network is a completely viral form of guerilla marketing that barely costs any money to run, creates long lasting relationships that feed you new business on not only a consistent and reliable basis, but as time goes on the client-getting results in a snowball type manner, gathering more and more momentum week in and week out.

Tribal Training Puts The Power Back Into The Hands of The Best Trainers… Instead of the Trainers who Have the Best Websites, SEO Guys and Internet Marketing Funnels

Your Tribal Network positions you in any community or niche as the “go-to” trainer with all the answers and the one who can help them get the results they want

That’s why I say you invest in your course only if you know your stuff when it comes to training, because if you’re positioned as the one with the answers… the secrets and shortcuts to get the maximum results in minimum time you better be able to back it up… if not, take a step back from focusing on Client-Getting and Business Building strategies, and focus on developing your training skills, developing better training programs, fine tune your customer service… and once you have the fundamentals down… THEN you can focus on building your business, and there’s no better place to start then with The Tribal Training Methods

But getting a bunch of clients extremely quickly and then being unable to deliver top notch service, is like building a kick ass house on a foundation of nothing more than sand… or getting all buffed using ONLY isolation exercises with machines

Tribal Training allows you to single out and focus on training the kind of people that YOU LOVE to work with

Tribal Training Uses Powerful Networking Techniques And Puts Referral Generation on autopilot, so that you’ll automatically and consistently pull in a high number of referred clients each week

Plus, You’ll Receive These Three Bonuses Which Normally Sell For
Hundreds of Dollars Gifts


I’ve made all of this available for you for just $497, an absolute steal for the information you’re getting.




Click Here To Pay $497 For 90 Days Private Fast Start Coaching AND V.I.P. “Done-For-You” Version of Tribal Training




Click Here For Paid In Full Option

To Pay 3 Installments of $197 Spread 30 Days Apart For 90  Private Fast Start Coaching Which Includes V.I.P. “Done-For-You” Version of Tribal Training

Click Here To Choose Installment Plan 3 Payments of $197

Or, to choose the Paid In Full Opt of $497, On this Beast Mode Button, Click Beast Mode ON
If you have any questions please use the support form

***Regarding the pics on this page

– If there’s a picture of someone on this page, it does not mean they endorse me or any of my programs or Corey Beasley n any of his oi programs. The people chosen in these pics are simply on this page because a lot of this post is about being the best, and many of the people featured on this page are either the one of the best at their craft, niche,

– Many of the top strength coaches, personal trainers, boot camp instructors, in this post are here because they are either the best at what they do… like they’re one of the top strength coaches alive

Or.. they have one of the most well defined brands, or tribes, or reputations. The point is, they are in this post because of something they are doing very right… all the way up the scale to being known as the #1 Person In The Word for What They Do like Louie Simmons in Power-lifting … or Zach Even-Esh for being #1 dude in the Nude “In-Home” Personal Training niche… I know it sounds kind cool, but trust me its an all male clientele

I’m very fortunate to be in a position to I know he majority of the Elite fitness professionals  gym owners, strength coaches, boot cam instructors in this post, for the few I don’t know, I most likely had about 3 -4 of the other strength coaches trainers hit you up, if you don’t want your pic on his page email Veroica at V4BigChris (at) yahoo ( dot com)

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At the end of the day, you might not make any money at all. It’s possible you could even lose money. It’s very important to me that you know this before you going in, because if you’re looking for the be-all end-all magic bullet, I hate to tell ya but this ain’t it.