Money-Getting Salescopy For Your Fitness Website


If you want copy that leaps off the page and turns people from merely interested in your product or service into loyal, paying customers, or if you just don’t think your current copy is doing all it can to generate sales, you have found your answer.

Our copywriting services can double, triple, or even quadruple conversions, helping your company go from slow growth into an explosively profitable business.

Our services can help you create an effective sales letter from scratch, or help you refine and revise your already existing copy to help it be as effective as it can possibly be.  If you need consulting services on how to change your copy so that it pulls in as many sales as possible, we have the tools that you need.

What you ultimately receive isn’t just expert copy from gifted copywriters.  You will receive copy that uses a ton of techniques that have tried, tested, and have been proven over and over again to get people to act and to act now.   Headlines that grab attention, guarantees that soothe any concerns, and order forms that encourage the reader to complete everything to the end can all be included.

This combination of creativity, experience, and proven results create copy that drive your reader to action.  These are kinds of techniques that help companies in virtually every industry, in any kind of market.  They have helped numerous people build small fortunes in every corner of industry.  That’s why when companies want copy that they can trust will work hard to bring in results, they turn to us time and time again.


    Good Copy is More Important Than You Think


You probably want better copy representing your business or product because you want a superior response rate, and in turn higher sales.  But the truth is that truly smart copy goes beyond just making the quick sale. It also builds your brand, makes a name for yourself, establishes you as an expert, entertains, informs, and makes your reader jump to action.

Sure, smart, action oriented copywriting can increase sales.  But every good marketer can tell you can the most brilliant copy always reaches beyond, making your reader not just take action, but also get truly excited about taking action.

There is a huge difference between a customer who wants to simply try out your product, and one who is fully informed about what you can provide, and understands why it is a smart investment. Increasing the enthusiasm level is a crucial component of solid, smart copywriting.


    Smart Copy Can Help


Increase Cost Effectiveness  – When you fine-tune your copy for maximum impact, you get the most results from your marketing costs.  If your copy isn’t doing everything it should, part of every mailer you send out, and part of money you pour into your website, goes to waste.   If you haven’t done everything in your power to make sure that your copy has all the drawing power possible, you are wasting precious time and money.

Shoot Down Objections
– People, by nature, are always trying to find a reason not to take action, or to put it off later.  Brilliant copywriting always cuts off these objections before they even enter into the mind of the buyer.  It appeals not just the emotional reasons why a person buy a product, but also appeals to their sense or reason and logic.

Reduce Returns
–  When customers feel good about you, the company, and feel truly confident in what you have to say, they are much less likely to return the product.  If you change how you describe a product, you can actually increase sales while simultaneously decrease percentage of people who return.  When  a customer gets really, truly excited about what you can offer, they really want to keep it as their own.

Give You More Time –  The better your copy, the more time you will have to pour into growing your business. You work hard for your success, so don’t let your copy do half its job.  Just imagine all you could accomplish if you had a lot more time to devote to expanding your company.  Smart businessmen know that their time is always best spent creating and automating systems within your business, so you can have both more free time and more time to actually improve your company. That’s the real way to grow an enterprise. Solid copy can help automate the sales of your business, leaving you to do what you do best.


Copy That Grabs Your Readers Attention and Makes Them Take Action Has Three Parts…


First, it makes them pay attention to the message. Obviously, without this element, everything else is pointless. We can craft the bold headlines and eye catching first sentences that signal to the reader that it is very much worth their time to read to the end.   Smart copy knows that you have to grab your reader straight from the start. People face a new distraction every signal second of the day, so you have to announce, loud and clear, that reading this is very much worth their time.

Secondly, it actually gets the reader excited about the message.  This is where the copy appeals to both the head and heart, making the reader truly understand all of the important benefits of your product. It then attaches these benefits to emotional triggers that make the reader see how their lives can be improved or made easier with your product.  These appeal to universal needs, wants, and desires.  

Finally, it makes them take your desired action. 
Understanding this is the key to increasing your customer base and really realizing the full potential of your sales.  People don’t like take action immediately, and rarely do it by themselves.  They need a little push, to make someone from really interested, into someone who is motivated enough to take action.  Solid copywriting gives this little push, this little extra incentive to actually pick up the phone, opt into the website, purchase the product, or whatever else it is you want the customer to do.

But more than this, it also injects powerful secrets of persuasion that really get under the reader’s skin.  It touches people on very personal, instinctual level that makes them feel like taking action, and taking action right now, is the best available option.

More than just the words, a good sales letter also has a kind of formatting that grabs the reader’s attention right from the start and holds it the very end.   How the words are arranged, and sometimes even the color of the words can have a huge affect on conversations.  This is why we can help expertly format your copy for maximum impact, to help draw the reader in and keep their full attention.

This service, ultimately, however is solely a copywriting service.   It does not come included with any graphic or web design work you may also need to make your marketing package complete.   For these services, you should turn to the relevant experts.

While this copy can be used by itself, you shouldn’t necessarily consider it ready for print or web.

Here’s a sample of some of our copywriting  (Just click the link under the image to see the entire salescopy)


 Click Here to See the Entire Salescopy


    How it Works


All charges are made up front at the time of purchase, including any and all surcharges, if applicable.

When you are ready to use our services, you will receive a questionnaire that helps us understand your needs, goals, and desires. How you answer here will help guide us towards crafting custom copy that best helps you generate real results in your particular industry.

After these answers are received, your project will be placed within our schedule and you will be given a completion date.  If no answers are received thirty days, your project will considered deserted, and you will be charged half of the total price as a kill fee.

Turnaround time can vary widely depending upon the nature of the project and our current schedule, but you generally expect to receive your project delivered to you within two to three months. During this time, we are usually working very hard to research your product and niche deeply.  All this information is poured into crafting top tier copy that can help you really make a mark in your field.


    Satisfaction Guaranteed


After your receive your first draft, you have thirty days where you can look over all of the results and suggest any edits or tweaks.  After receiving these suggestions, we will make all of the suggested changes and return the file.   Other copywriting services typically charge you for these kinds of services, but we offer one revision totally free of charge because we want you to be nothing less than ecstatic with our work.

It’s important to understand that while we know that you will be very happy with the final product, there is no way anyone can guarantee a specific level or results such as conversion percentage or increase in sales. Every field is different in this regard, so no one can actually predict the extent to which this kind of smart copywriting will affect your business.

However, we really want you to be happy with the copy you receive.

This is why we give you thirty days to see how the copy works, which for most businesses is more than enough time to see whether or not the copy has the kind of pull that you want.  If are at all unhappy with it, let us know within thirty days of receiving the first draft and we will do a total revision.  

Once the final and completed draft however, the project is considered completed, and total ownership of the content is transferred to you, so long as there are no unpaid balances.


    Our Projects


Your product or service must be in an established market, or otherwise you must have a good reason to believe your project or service will do well.  We only really like taking on projects if there is a solid reason to believe your can make a solid profit.  Unfortunately, even the best sales letter in the world can’t move a product or service that no one wants.

The fee for this service is $4000 USD, and this includes up to twelve pages of copy, depending up your specific needs.

So what are the most popular kinds of projects that are done?

Sales letters –  A solid sales letter can help turn a struggling business into a booming company.  We will thoroughly research your particular industry and niche, anc custom craft a sales letter that  really reaches out the kind of people that you  want to buy your products.

On sales letters, we tend to over deliver, so don’t be surprised if you get a little bit more than what you asked for.  We are totally invested in the success of your business when we write your copy, so we do whatever it is we think is necessary to help research and producing writing that that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Ads – If you want are thinking of buying some ad space in a magazine, newspaper, or newsletter, you should definitely consider having an “advertorial” written.  This is a page of eye grabbing copy that, if done correctly, can be much more effective than just a brief slogan and a cute image.   

Our advertorials are perfectly designed to stop readers in their tracks when flipping through pages and really force them to pay attention.   They aren’t just made aware of the product, they are fully informed all of the benefits, and given every reason to  take that next step.

Website  –  Copy is doubly crucial on a website, because it can’t just encourage your reader to take action, it also has to catch to attention of those search engine spiders.  Walking the fine line between copy that that pulls in the reader and content that is totally search engine optimized is no easy task, but we have the skills necessary to walk that fine line between astounding copy that makes the reader act and copy that is fine tuned for Search Engine Optimization.

Autoresponder Campaign –
Email autoresponders are another fantastic way to draw potential customers in and help your product always stay in the forefront of their mind. But a smart email autoresponsder campaign strives to do more than just fill up an inbox.  It provides information that is genuinely useful, and helps potential customers understand that you are truly an expert in your field.  

Autoresponder copy is usually used in conjunction with a solid website.  When you have a persuasive website that encourages prospects to sign up for your email newsletter, and follow it up with a great auto responding email that helps keep in touch, you have the potential to increase your sales greatly, plus you’ll have an email list with which you can use to sell more products in the future.

Please not that each of these are considered an individual project.  So, for example, if you want to purchase ad copy for your website in addition to an autoresponder campaign, you would pay for two separate projects.  Many people, however, do choose to have a very broad marketing campaign that entails multiple points of attack for as complete market saturation as possible.

In addition to the primary fee, you will also be responsible for any incidental expenses, such as postage, but these usually aren’t necessary.


    The Process


All payments are required upfront.  In between five to ten days of securing your payment for the project, you will receive all the information you need on how to go forward.

All sensitive information that relates to your business model is obviously kept totally confidential.  However, if you don’t want us to use reprints of your project for promotional or marketing purposes, a surcharge applies.

We will place your project in your job queue as soon as receive the relevant information form you.  However, for a 100% surcharge we can move your project to the top of the queue.


    Your Quote


Every project that we do is $4000, and that is non negotiable.   We only put out quality work, so it should be a worthy investment into the success of your business.

Fill out the information below, and we well get back to you as quickly as possible (usually a couple days, but it might be a week or more in rare instances).

We will take a look at the kind of project you request, see if our services can best serve you, and get back to you with your quote.  We hate spam just as much as you do, so your email will be kept totally confidential.


Here’s What You Need To Do Next


Step 1. Make your payment of $4000 via Paypal using this link



Step 2. After you’ve paid, come back to this page, fill out the contact form and ask for your project questionnaire, so we can get started on your copy as soon as possible

Remember, please allow 5-10 business days for a response (Usually it’s MUCH quicker, sometimes it’s a little longer)

Thank you very much… and we look forward to helping you make a whole lotta money…

Chris McCombs