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If You’re DAMN
GOOD At What You DO…


..Whether You Help Hardcore Athletes Get Bigger Stronger and Faster… Like Joe DeFranco … Zach Even-Esh… Jason Ferrugga.. James Smy Srh does

.. Run Boot Camps Full of Soccer Moms Get Lean and Toned So They Feel Sexy and Confident…

– You Help Reduce Pain and Improve People’s Quality of Life Through Corrective Exercise And Progressive Programming…

-You could be a Fitness Professional, Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, or own some kind of Gym, studio or business from your own Yoga or Pilates to a Hardcore Power Lifting Gym full of big guts, shaved heads, chalk, bloody shins and anger issues…

Whether you run a CroffFit Box, a powery building gym, a MMA or Martial Arts Facility, Small one-on-one stuff

Or you co-own super or a SUPER-HIGH END Yoga Studio and the whole thing is more spiritual of a spiritual thing to you

Whether you’re more of a generalist and foucs on health, fitness and general fat loss… Or maybe you serve, or also serve, some super deep niches…

I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE WHAT I’M ABOUT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IN OUR INDUSTRY and… I’VE NEVER Seen Anything Get Such Great Business-Growth Success Results This For The Fitness Entrepreneur

I’m DEAD SERIOUS…If You Have ZERO Interest Spending Hours Sitting on You Ass At A Desk Doing Complex Marketing Stuff Lke SEO, PPC, Copy writing… Running A/B S Tests on font styles and colors and sizes…

Then what you’re about to read it gonna make your day

If You’re a Diehard Trainer or Coach and Just Wanna Train Your a Athletes or Clients And Get Paid What You’re Worth For Helping People By Doing What You Love (Which is GREAT $$$ BTW ) … Them Keep Reading…

– I’ve Never Witnessed A Method With ANYWHERE Near With This Kind Ability to Consistently Drive Training Biz FORWARD With So Much Force And POWER To Bring In New Clients, Business and Money

This is THE Business Building System For Fitness Professionals, Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers Who LOVE Training … But HATE Marketing and Wasting Money On Super Expensive Advertising Companies… Ever Felt This Way?


If You Believe The Results You Get For Your Clients Should Determine Your Level of Success, And NOT Your Ability To Endure Sitting on Your Ass For Hours on End, Doing Frustrating, Boring and Complicated Work on Your Computer, Then This Letter Was Written Especially For You…

It all started when I asked my bud Jason Feruggia sent
over a guest blog post I loved, the blog post Jason said something that really got to me.

Jason is a guy who gets both training, business and marketing…. as well as having one amazing online tribes
in the fitness world.

In the blog post that Jason said….

The timing could not have better for me.. you see, after stopping training a years ago and just doing the marketing, hitting my financial goals and that good stuff cool .. and literally achieving everything I had set my mind to was REALLY missing training.. I decided to start training again pro bono a few hours a week.. I even did a blog post about it, got a lot ton of comments and all that clm tra

It Amazes Me How Few Trainers and Coaches do things to Differentiate themselves from every other training business around them. Now understand the coach just focusing on being the best, HOWEVER doin’ a few different things to seperte things

These days it seems there’s a gym or boot camp or PT studio popping up on every corner… I live in Orange county, CA and if you drive by any park during the morning or evening hours there’s a boot camp going on… and you can’t drive 5 miles without seeing a car that says “Personal Trainer for Hire … Body by Tony, or Tommy, or Sally… whoever.

I can’t tell the difference between any of em.. it’s almost like they’re all the same, and guess what? The clients can tell the difference either… and what happens then is they have no loyalty… just a bunch of coupon clippers who will go to whichever of these “No One Can Tell The Difference Boot Camps” that have the lowest prices that month on Deal of the Day Sites… …

And for every Park or Studio with “No One Can Tell The Difference Boot Camps’ .. there’s a strip mall with a “No One Can Tell The Difference Personal Training Business’

They look like a bunch clones… no personality to workout of the experience

So you have clients with no loyalty and a bunch of trainers who are great at training people but have no idea on how to build a business…

….And then on the other end of it you have the marketers who are throwing up cookie cutter bootcamps all over the place…

And computer savvy trainers who just jump online and market the heck out of their little personal training business in every way possible they can figure out how to online

And then there’s ALSO the wide array of trainers from all over the world who buy and use the stuff they learned from fitness marketing and business guys like me or any of the other guys who teach the marketing stuff… where you never have had to train a person in your life and have people come in and *think* your great… for example someone can get to the top of Google and to many people searching around it will imply to them that you’re the best… cuz hey… Google says you’re # 1

So often times the trainers or businesses who get the most clients end up not delivering all that great of an experience or results… and some honestly don’t care and think “As long as I have more coming in than going out I’m good”

That’s not building a business with any kind of passion or foundation in the first place… that’s more like just kinda “Getting Clients Dude!!!” …. without looking 6 months or 6 years down the road.

I tell people DO NOT buy my products until they have their training dialed in… if you’re training sucks, don’t go become the best marketer… fix your training first

It’s amazing how many trainers get into the industry now with an exit plan fully in place

I can’t tell you how many times a I’ve read a new coaching clients goal sheet, and often they’ll usually start out by giving their own little version of this fairy tale: “I have 7 clients now from last year combined, , In 6 months want to have 2 successful fitness studios, 2 out door boocamp locations and launch 2 fitness info products, over 500 clients and $500K ..what should I do first Big Chris?”

I’m completely serious here, I get those kind of requests all the time… coaches and trainer who to expand their goals that they know deep inside

I also get the opposite: “I make $9,238 a year right now, would it be possible to increase that by 10% over the next 12 to 18 months?

It’s no secret…Achieving a Realistic Level Of Success in The Strength Coaching and/or Fitness Training Industries is Something Very Doable and Very Quickly these days

Succeeding in coaching and training is actually pretty simple… learn how to prescribe , constantly improving, delivering great customer service and having the right lead gen, conversions and maximization processes in place

And of course you want to not just offer a service…. or a transaction, you’re building relationships, helping people and building your brand

Done correctly, branding can catapult a company into our culture.

Harley created an entire culture around their motorcycles.

The Grateful Dead had thousands of people follow them around the country and became rock legends.

Apple reinvented the entire computer and phone world.

UFC led the charge in mma and has become a pillar in the sports community…have you heard your accountant or banker talking about UFC yet??

Love em or hate em, Crossfit exploded onto the fitness scene and has thousands of fanatical coaches/clients.

Women rave about Lulu Lemon and have helped them grow rapidly over the past few years.

RKC created a huge network of people learning to train with kettlebells.

…and what about the people that fuel these the fitness industry?

The fitness world is full of interesting characters: fitness professionals, strength coaches and personal trainers that can be about as opposite as…. but as opposite as they may seem, we all work to provide value to people’s lives.

Some do it by weight loss programs, some by bootcamp, others with Crossfit, powerlifting, yoga, athletic performance, strength and conditioning and more…but we all want to add value.

Here’s a partial list are some influential players in the fitness world fitnsss wiho gave brands much more defined and sought averm

Fitness Professionals – Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Boyle, Juan Carlos Santana, Nick Tummenello, Mike Robertson, Eric Cresey, Robert Dos Remedios

Strength Coaches – Jason Ferrugia, James ‘Smitty’ Smith, Joe Defranco, Zach Evan Esh, Dan John, Mike Mahler, Steve Cotter, and Martin Rooney.

And more on the undergroundside f things you hage mDante,,, DC Training… OCC

Personal Trainers – Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, Jackie Warner, Valerie Waters, The Tone it Up Girls.

Every niche is usually led by someone or influenced heavily by their opinions or outlook. The guys and gals mentioned above have influenced millions of people. They have positioned themselves as the expert in their various segment of the fitness world and have a loyal following

You want a business that naturally draws people in through some super powerful networking ( especially at first ) and referrals and then ultimately just having an unparalleled reputation delivering kick ass workouts and kick ass results

Besides just training people and making a good living doing what you love… I say step back and look at the few trainers and coaches who have fan bases willing to go to war for them… coaches and trainers who consistently deliver…

And the workouts, programs and training experience are on such a higher level and their track record for results is second to none

If you want a large following of people loyal to you… to give you money and feel a great sense of pride when they join your program… like ones that train with Joe Defranco,…Zach Even-Esh… Jason Ferruggia… James Smitty Smith… Dave Tate …Nick Tumminello… Eric Cressey,… Alywn Cossgrove.. Mike Boyle… the guys who have built their tribe up over time, pretty much always growing… with many of these dudes having people fly in from all over the world just to have the opportunity to learn from them.

Now you may never know a fraction of what these guys know about training because they are hands down some of the best in the world and world wide recognition is not what this about right now, but there are things you can do that generate a buzz, earn you respect, earn client loyalty and a die hard following of people who love being associated with you and your brand

So… Corey is gonna hep you with hteis

– Personal trainer, fitness coach, fitness professional or trainer of some sort

– Boot camp owner and/or instructor

Strength coach ( And you work for yourself, NOT a full time staff member at a school or a professional on a sports team )

– Own a business offering training/coaching for most anyone in the fields of health, fitness and athletics

Teach just about any kind of martial arts… from very traditional to MMA, hand to hand combat, Krav Maga, Boxing,etc.. Kick Boxing

– Pilates and Yoga

– You serve a special niche in some area of health and fitness

– Crossfit type places ( It’s GREAT FOR THOSE PLACES)

– Work with athletes on strength and conditioning

So … if you’re a good coach or trainer and want build your business the organic way, by getting people results and doing some very strategical things in the areas of networking, client experience and referrals…

THEN HIRE COREY To Help You Build You wn uv


Now this page is much longer than the typical sales page you’ll get from me, because even though it’s one of the lowest priced programs I have, it’s just so damn good… and I want you to be able to learn everything you need so you can make the best judgment call possible.

The copy is also a bit long because this is my favorite method of any system I have ever heard of for getting the highest volume of clients for the widest range of trainers in the shortest period of time ( REMEMBER: Provided you’re good at what you do)

It’s perfect if you train niches or general fat loss, and it works for all kinds of athletic coaches and various sports, strength , health and fitness niches .. from Yoga To Powerlifting and everything in between.

I know a TON of trainers and coaches from all over the world who have been waiting a long time for this particular product, not sure if you’re one of them, but many are just coming to this page ready to get started, and have been waiting for this to particular system to come out for quite a while..

If you’re one of trainers who came to this page ready to order the program, and you were just looking for the order button, the program is normally $97 but today it’s only $47 .. and you can get it by clicking that big ‘Add To Cart” button right below this paragraph / sentence… or you can keep scrolling down and learn what you need to make an informed decision to invest in this highly affordable program In actually this sales page doesn’t have an end. (=


Copy Corey Post



I’ve been waiting A LONG time for this day to come… the day when more GOOD trainers than EVER before … get to hear a TRUTH… a truth only a few trainers will ever get to fully experience …

For example, I know these two trainers, their names are Corey Beasley and Aaron Guyett and they are two of the most bad ass trainers I’ve ever known…

The Knuckle Head ON THE LEFT is long time friend of mine Aaron Guyett… and The KNUCKLE HEAD ON THE RIGHT is Corey Beasley, with either the largest giant hernia or marble I have ever seen in my life

A while after meeting, and training their own client bases out of the same facility paying weekly rent along with about 45 other trainers, they decided to go off and do their own thing together as partners…

So Goals are Set and Plans are Made… mind mapping… gotta love it

They got a basic warehouse… where wise with their money … spent VERY little on building it out with fancy equipment.. they decided to only spend money that was theirs… and they needed to get some money coming in RIGHT AWAY.. and again, they spent only what they had, and they didn’t have much…But with a little out of the box thinking, and some of the “connection making and networking”, stuff Corey did, they made sure to differentiate, go after some niches, and keep the focus on helping instead of

started with just what they needed… Now this is not a “How To Open a Facility” Product, but this is important

It seems like just yesterday they opened their doors… got some of the basics… I know what you’re thinking, but not to worry because you promised shake-weights are on there way

Alright, time to roll out the gameToo Easy To Get Side tracked ..keep customer service tip top

Now, the trainer who started this whole crazy thing… and who’ll be the one showing you EXACTLY what to do in your own training business…

Is a guy by the name of Corey Beasley… he’s actually just a few miles down the road from me … and if you’re into any kind of hardcore fitness training and live in or around Orange County California … home to about 3 million people, chances are they know about Corey Beasley… even though he does very little traditional marketing.

You’d think the guy had a $50K a month marketing budget to create the kind of presence he has around here… especially in his niche… but it’s not the kind of presence where you see his face in big expensive ads… it’s the kind of presence where you hear his name just about anytime you hear a conversation about best personal trainers in So Cal… and for being the “Go-to” personal trainer and strength coach to the fighting and MMA World…
his gym is just outside of Huntington Beach Ca, where there are a TON of great fighters… and while they do their fighting stuff at a MMA Facility or Fight School… for strength and conditioning …they come to Corey.

Keeping fighters in top physical conditioning with programs that are EXTREMELY specialized is Corey’s main personal niche and focus … and it’s a niche sub-division of his hardcore training warehouse style gym…

Along with Corey’s partner Aaron Guyett, they have well over 200 clients … And they take getting-results and delivering an amazing workout experience a long way

Now Aaron’s is a mixture between one of the most intense and fun trainers around… only to further support the overall Magnetic Transformational Experience they deliver… the entire gym just kind of oozes an energy that people wanna be a part of.

Aaron once worked-out on a busy street corner for 36 Hours, it was just a few days after he and I had a conversation about the outrageous marketer P.T. Barnum of Barnum and Bailey Circus… That Barnum dude pulled some crazy stunts for attention back in the day… Aaron did his street corner version of it…

Did it get him any clients???


I doubt it, I think I remember one… it was either that or none.. or on the other hand, I don’t specifically remember… but it wasn’t anything he was running home to write Mama Guyett about

One night we were up talking about crazy marketing ideas, and the next thing I know I see Aaron on the evening news “Personal Trainer Works Out for 36 Hours Straight” ….

Let’s just say this was before Aaron and Corey put their heads together, and the journey to success in the fitness industry… This whole Tribal Training thing was born…

So Corey’s niche is fighters…

The dude loves to take fighters through strength training workouts and get them into the best shape of their life, help make them strong as shit while staying lean and fast… Corey says… “This is what I like to do anyway, hang out with my friends at the gym…but this way I get paid for it (=

Now Aaron trains a lot of military, police, firemen, SWAT guys and basically heroes, warriors, athletic authority lean and fit alpha-male type-a guys… who need to keep sharp, fit and ready for anything at a moments notice .

And their program has normal “suzie fat loss” stuff… just involving flipping tires and pushing prowlers and doing pull up and squats and all that great stuff

With this method you can serve just about whoever you want… it can be one little niche… or a big one… or a whole bunch of different sized ones…

It doesn’t matter, because it works on any market, target or niche… where they have money at least….

This particular program just happens to work PERFECT for going into a niche…. athletes, busy executives, seniors, baseball players… from new age hokey pokey stuff… to hard core power-lifting or strength and conditioning… out of work, drug addicted rock stars and childhood stars …

That actually was my niche back in the day… I worked with some very famous ones… and that was a particular niche I served … BTW… if you’re ever thinking of getting into a niche, don’t go for that one… they’re not very happy people generally and can make for a long hour… and all one on one … ugh

Adding niches… is a good thing, because a specialist is worth WAY more than a generalist. Most cosmetic surgeons, brain surgeons… sports medicine therapist… make more than your typical family doctor

Before having this constant pull of new clients that Aaron gets along with Corey these days for their different Niches… lets say Aaron would try anything to get clients… seriously.. ANYTHING.

Example, one time Aaron even made some workout videos that were to help his mom to follow along for her own workouts, so he figured why not leverage his time and kill two birds with one stone and turn it into some viral marketing for his clients to pass around the internet, and he made it funny by dressing up like a Naked Sailor…

Well, it did go viral, Aaron now has a giant homosexual following online for his naked sailor videos, to the tune of something like a half million visitors… But I’m not sure if gay men from all over the world was his target market… but at least it went viral huh?

True Story BTW… and no Aaron is not gay, he is actually a very happily married man and is a guy-man-dude-bro alpha-male heterosexual… the truth is Aaron feels weird that these funny workout videos he did for mom ended up getting him a giant following of gay men… wasn’t what he was going for… he’s thinking of taking them down… glad I got this screenshot when I did though

I think he actually has a whole series on YouTube…. check out the views… that’s almost a half million people just to that one little video he made messing around…


Did it help his business? .


Except Aaron said Google actually contacted him about wanting to advertise on his videos, and I guess he makes like a hundred bucks a year or something from Google

After trying just about ANYTHING to get clients… and that willingness that these guys have within them to do whatever it takes…

The Bro Network was born… the most powerful system for building a thriving training business based on providing massive value to your niche or market through the power of your training programs…

It’s about having the most kick ass training business by adding massive amount of value to the world… AND IT’S NOT WHAT MOST TRAINERS THINK

It has nothing to do with sitting on your butt, optimizing a website, managing pay per click ads, wasting every second on banner advertising, spending a ton of money on super expensive and infective marketing services…

And thank God it has nothing to do with dressing up like a naked sailor or working out for 36 hours straight

Its more like this

1. Highly strategical networking
2. Adding massive value to the world
3. Doing certain things to deliver the most amazing transformational experience possible
4. Getting your clients amazing results and the entire process producing a massive snowball effect of referrals, that once set into motion, can spread at a rate that will most likely cause you to change your entire / business…

Corey has created what I believe to be naturally the BEST way for personal trainers to go build their other Thriving business for you…

His gym is packed night and day, they have hundreds of people paying top dollar for group training and semiprivate …

… There’s nothing like the Gym Corey Owns for miles around.. sure there’s lots of boot camps, personal training gyms, MMA Studios, a few in the area… now there’s OTHER good gyms … But none differentiate and with all kinds of deep niches and more generalized ones as well

In this day and age, one of the most power qnd u=yerhways to profit from niches and way to run a training business like the business model where you serve several niches… hopefully most all of these niches … or even once a while niche complimenting each other the more similar they are the better, that each individual niche can have plenty of programs main within those niches..

…Like sub-niches… a niche might be athletes… a sub-niche might be triathletes

Your foundational program can drive people deeper into your program funnel… in a much more specific way … for example, plenty of other feeder programs are based on the idea that all streams make their way to the ocean…

The ocean being your kick ass training programs

Here are examples of some new niches... ok first before jumping into some of the niches Corey’s business serves… let me introduce you to an older wiser trainer first who obviously has good eye for a niche…

And the funny is thing is… just like with Corey, where THE CLIENTS THEMSELVES are the marketing… Emile in that picture up there is surrounded by a very tight niche made up of some of the worlds most incredible looking transsexuals, trans-genders and he-she’s… you could say it’s a tight niche. ( JJK…those are real live Brunyy

Another trainer I know… he’s actually a friend of mine, and I think that is one of the those females
up there really are his M2 Fitness Pros whose there basically part VIP Clients, ln’ td clients and his fll-tim salesgirl helps to train and instructs each girl (?) on not only how to get and get stay in shape … but also drive people into his programs, finds clients… get them to ar spread the word about his programs… and help no funnel people s0 SPECIALLY seam

And then

Whether its a deep targeted niche like Corey’s that you’re going after ( like pro fighters for example)….

Or another one of the mid level hardcore programs, they offer programs

And they run a lot of hard core training programs…teaching a lot of stuff to your Average Joe, but unfortunately most people could never experience something like this in a big box gym…. where it’s only about the numbers… but remember, there are also people behind those numbers…

There are important distinctions that makes a gym like Corey and Aaron’s almost ALWAYS growing… while more training businesses around town continue to fail… people wont settle for anything short of Innovative Results…

Because the simple things that Corey does to separate him, actually are the kinds of trainers that

There’s guys just continue to grow with hoard of clients like this all day

Ok, so he didn’t go out to create a marketing system he could sell as a product

He wanted to create a hugely successful training business, after years of trying everything under the sun, he knew a few things work… but that hardly anything even COMPARES with …

Because it was obvious to me from the very time I first walked into their gym…exploding with energy, camaraderie, intensity, competitiveness … and a bond as if I was watching a group of close friends all working out hard together with some kind of common purpose… betterment.

From the way their clients talk about Corey and Aaron.. their gym… the programs….

To the times at The KBL Mastermind Meeting when I’ve seen the jaws drop to the floor on just about every single member of the group.. which is ONE HARD GROUP TO IMPRESS…

..Loaded with many of the most successful trainers in the world, who fly in from far off the corners of the planet to share, among their things, their business building secrets with each-other…

Well the first time Corey came to the meeting and he shared what he’s doing… EVERYONE
WAS BLOWN AWAY… even the guys who make multiple millions

It’s the closest thing to an actual TRIBE of clients… in ANY TRAINING BUSINESS.. I’ve seen, act like Corey’s do

The clients love the good feeling they get by being part of their program, which then fosters a deep sense of…

– Brand connection
– Commitment to your program
– And a feeling of being “a part of” something much greater than themselves… that they BELIEVE in

This method was meant to be created for Corey and Aaron’s business… they just made it for their own gym at first… but after being convinced it, BY FAR, was the most surefire way for most trainers to get the most clients… and after insisting that Corey let me share this method with the world… he said “yes” … and the rest is history

This business building method that Corey created for his own business, that he used to call his “Bro Network”… is now available to you as Tribal Training…


– A HUGE portion of the market of potential fitness clients ALL OVER THE WORLD are going to some of the worst trainers in terms of results, form, safety and effectiveness ( Some people even blame me for this, and I definitely contributed to the problem… more on that in a bit)

What I’m about to share with you, as a fellow fitness professional is SUPER EXCITING for a whole bunch of different reasons… and one of the reasons is that it FIXES A HUGE PROBLEM A TON OF FITNESS PROS ARE HAVING… the vast majority of highly successful training businesses are successful mostly because of MARKETING and NOT TRAINING.

In fact, a lot of the greatest trainers BARELY scrape by each month… now some do ok… but for the most part… really high quality trainers are typically on the lower end of the income scale for the industry.

To become a really great trainer… it requires quite a bit of your time, focus and energy… at least while you’re BECOMING GREAT… something that requires times in the trenches training the clients… reading the books and forums… testing stuff out in your own workouts… you name it… it takes times… the better the trainer, the more likely that the trainer has invested a ton of time and energy into the craft.

But you don’t mind… in fact…

The Way Of The Trainer…

You probably don’t enjoy sitting at a computer all day… But that’s actually the thing that the most successful trainers often spend most of their time doing… and a lot of them end up unhappy… financially more successful… but much less fulfilled in life…

I’m one of the guys who after a few years of obsessive compulsively building my Personal Training Business throughout just about every waking moment of the day… I was BURNED OUT… so I figured ways to get enough clients from the internet that I was able to COMPLETELY stop training clients… hired 15 trainers, and a small team of people for support and sales and admin stuff… and made A LOT more money than I was, even when I was training… so with all my free time I went and created the info-marketing business.. my dream business… work when and where I want

WELL… I became extremely successful doing the information products stuff… but over time, without even noticing it, I started to feel pretty empty inside… and after some serious self examination I’ve come to realize that I NEED to train people… it’s in my blood and I enjoy it MUCH more than I do sitting at a computer marketing all day

Now, I don’t have the level of love for training that some people have, but I’ve found that if I train people just a few hours a week I”m so much more fulfilled, and I do it completely pro-bono.. because I know myself and how easy it is to be swayed by money… so I wanted to make sure and keep it just about the training and the client… and I’ve taken money completely out of it for me… they’re are PLENTY of trainers who would

1. Be miserable if they couldn’t train people anymore

2. Happily train people without needing to be paid for it… even if it’s just a few hours a week… if you deny yourself the right to do what you love doing and were meant to do.. it will come back to you… trust me I know… I’ve been there, took me some time to realize how much “NOT” training people coupled with sitting at a computer all day was negatively affecting me and really messed with me internally.

The “TRUE To The Core Trainers I’m talking about here… while they are GREAT at training people … which is what they decided to do for a living because it’s what they WANT to do.. so they’re DAMN GOOD TRAINERS and have the training stuff down to a science… the workouts… the accountability.. the form… the motivation… progression...

UNFORTUNATELY it doesn’t matter how good at training they are… I know guys who’ve been training over 20 years and still make like $500 a week or something… and it’s SO common

Which brings us to a serious problem for a lot of the best trainers in our industry… and a solution so good, that you could build a 6-Figure Training Business JUST doin’ this one thing.

If I could only make a living doing training, and could only choose one method for getting new business and NOTHING ELSE… what I’m about to share with you would be it

I am soooooo grateful that I found this strategy and have witnessed what it can do for a fitness training business in an EXTREMELY short period of time…

Because until trainers find out what I’ve discovered, there’s a HUGE portion of the industry that after seeing first hand that the ONLY WAY to make a good living as a fitness trainer… is to not focus on the training so much… but just go become the best marketer you can.

Because the best marketers in the industry make the most money… often making 5 to 10 times what the really good trainers make… trainers who get people into INCREDIBLE shape.

So the majority of the time when a fitness training business is kicking ass financially… it’s because the owner or whoever is in-charge spent the majority of their time and focus on the stuff that attracts the most business… and that’s marketing … NOT TRAINING.

Now only about 5% of the industry is into the business and marketing stuff… most trainers don’t have a clue how to do it and honestly have zero interest in it .

They just wanna train people… Their TRAINERS

They do their best to get the clients into the best shape possible… and they take great pride in their ability to deliver great workouts and great results..

And sometimes a few of the trainers like this even build a successful little business pulling in decent money… mostly because they deliver a great workout experience, they care about their clients and their clients results and it shows, they’re pretty good at sales, but often times it’s because they believe so strongly in what they do and they’re so confident and passionate about it … that people are just naturally motivated by them….

…Walking around in great shape, overflowing with passion for what they do… they’re love of living the fit lifestyle is contagious… and it shows.. and pretty much all they have to do is show up and train people… and they’ll have enough referrals come in naturally that they’re able to always have a pretty decent income.

The few HIGHLY “Contagious” and Motivating Trainers who achieve a fair level of success … just based on who they are … while doing absolutely zero marketing…. are the exception, not the rule

So if any of this at all sounds like you… you’re great at what you do, you get your clients results, you deliver an awesome workout experience, you can’t stand doing complex and repetitive marketing stuff on the computer… especially not in HUGE chunks of time just sitting there typing away for hours on end… you get some referrals but you know you could get more… you’re not making nearly as much as your worth or as much as the trainer down the street does, the dude who has marketing down to a science, spends all his day on the computer at a desk on the phone or in a meeting… but knows NOTHING about getting people into shape.

He’s makes about the same amount in a month, that most of the really good trainers in town make all year… but knows about 10% of the training knowledge they do.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re in a similar situation… a lot of trainers try to fix it by doing all the wrong things… often times making matters even worse.

Problem: ( Oh So Common ) While you may have gotten into this industry to be a trainer, and to “TRAIN” people…. The trainers who have the most clients and earn the most money rarely earn it because of how good the trainer actually is.

In fact, Often times the most talented, skilled, experienced and “able to bring the results” trainers don’t have a very successful training business.

Money can be a giant motivator and persuader and guide people off course some times… I’ve seen a TON of trainers get into it to help people, and before long they wanna outsource everything and have websites do all the work for them… even the training.

I know for me when I decided to become a trainer, it was a strong mix of the two that pulled me into industry… I LOVE Training People and I LOVE Money… I can tell you I was less happy during periods where I put too much emphasis on money in my business … and for a while there almost my entire focus was on reaching my financial goals.

it SEEMS that to do really well financially you may have to sellout and take on the work more of a business owner… and as a business owner you have a lot of pressure on you to make the business succeed… to pull in profits… well it becomes apparent to some of the more street wise trainers and the ones who are at least a little observant… that to make your business succeed… you must market.. even if you start with referral marketing, there doesn’t SEEM to be a good way for trainers to stay true to their passion and put more focus on training people…

Its seems trainers aren’t good at a balance of the two, more often than not they do only one of the two, not both.

They either train people and are a TRAINER

Or they’ve moved over to becoming mostly just a MARKETER… some are still doin a good job training people…. and still others are letting their training go to shit because they’re so focused on money.

And I gotta admit, the internet can be an easy way of getting out of hardwork sometimes… but there’s a HUGE price trainers are paying for just focusing on the money… and on the quickest and easiest ways to get it.

Often times trainers drop all interest in fitness, just so they can focus on building their business … usually by putting a bunch of marketing strategies in place and start spending all their time ramping those up because that’s what’s bringing in the clients for the trainers who have the most of them in town… and those guys don’t even know how to teach a proper squat or lunge over there… they’re great at getting people in and signing them up though… so that must be how this industry works

ALL OVER THE WORLD I see the trainers who have the serious financial goals, spend their time aggressively marketing their business in as many ways possible, especially using methods that have words like “Secret” … or “Auto Pilot” … or “Cash Machine” … “Quick and Easy” … “Passive Income” … “Tricks and Tactics” …

Now you could say I’m partially responsible for all these Lazy Lap Top Trainers… being that I was the first person ( at least I think I was first ) to have a popular training product showing you how to get clients on auto-pilot from the internet without really having to do anything once it’s all set up…

Basically I had a business where I got tons of clients from the internet, enough for me to hire a team of 15 personal trainers to handle training all the the client’s, and for a few years my OCD switched from Fitness Training to Internet Marketing… and since tens of thousands of people read my emails … I think for that particular product there were email subject lines like

Subj: Make a TON of Money Owning a Training Biz – And You Never Work

The program sold like crazy, bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars from trainers all over the world looking to make a ton of money without having to do any work themselves. I still get emails and coaching requests all the time from trainers who state their main goal is “Financial Freedom.. Not Having to Work…and I want it all on Auto-pilot”

In fact, there’s a pretty big segment of the training market who would buy something like what the red headline in the blue box talks about instead of fitness stuff or ANYTHING that has to do with reality…

Different people are in this industry for different reasons… for some “it’s just a job”… ….for others training just seemed like the most fun way they could make money these days” … and others “wanna make the big bucks” and still others “just wanna train”

I honestly never meant for people to stop doing what they love to do for a living… or to turn any trainers into marketers … or for anyone to put money before people.

I still stand strong in the way I see things….

Train people as little or much as you like, it’s all personal preference.. however you definitely wanna focus on building more lead gen sources, better client conversions and adding as much value to your clients lives as possible while maximizing the profits from each client…

And like Ive always said, do not go and start marketing until you’re a kick ass trainer and have great customer service… as long as that’s in place, go conquer the world

Ok, before I give you the biggest, baddest solution around for all these issues and industry are having, here’s two common attempts at solutions…

Possible Solution: ( BUT Not a Very Good One ) You could do what a lot of trainers do…. which is to SELL OUT, stop training so much… deny yourself of what you were meant to do for a living so you can achieve financial success… you kind of end up with a completely different career than the one you chose… you are now a “Marketer” and not nearly as much of a trainer

Another Possible Solution: ( The Most Common Route ) Screw marketing… just train people… this way you get do what you were born to do. So you basically just train people and maybe ask for some referrals. And you get to do what you love to do. Now this one is awesome, but only if you don’t need or want money… if money is a factor here.. then this one RARELY works… these trainers typically make FAR LESS than what it takes to support a family… or even if it’s just themselves they have to support … but ONLY training and doing no marketing can make it a very slow progression.

So, as you can see, most trainers think that being a personal trainer these days, the only way to make money is spend all your time doing a bunch of boring marketing stuff. So obviously you can see why a lot of really good trainers think this is lame

Some trainers were born to train people for a living … it’s their passion and purpose… if you’re one of THESE types of trainers, pay special attention… because this benefits you just as much as every other trainer out there who deserves a MUCH bigger client base then what they currently have…

The trainers who have most clients typically have numerous lead generation funnels, with good conversion systems in place to get the leads to become a paying client…. they then have a few systems in place to maximize the value exchange of each client by adding a few of what I call “Profit Maximizers” like upsells and retention systems.

And if you’re a follower of my blog or emails, then you’re aware that, that’s the stuff I teach … You have a bunch of lead funnels in place, continually stacking more of them on top of one another… then strategically converting the leads to a paying clients… long term EFT ideally… and then you continually add more value to their lives in exchange for them giving you more money. Provided the trainer delivers a great experience and top notch customer service… It works every single time it’s implemented.

The Marketing, Sales and Profit Maximization is the stuff responsible for driving businesses forward… but like I mentioned, many trainers just want to train. They don’t wanna sit on their asses all day and market

If I were YOU, provided you’re a good fitness trainer with the goal of growing your business and/or bank account… whether or not you have any interest in doing any kind of marketing at all, The Tribal Training System I’m about to tell you all about is the best solution for your training business right now… Especially for trainers who love to train

Don’t you just love having those clients who LOVE you?… They do everything you say with everything they got… they take their workouts with you VERY seriously but can still have a ton of fun training hard… TELLING EVERYONE THEY KNOW ABOUT YOU

Screaming to the world that your methods are the TRUTH with a capital ‘T’ when it comes to getting results …

To them, there are no other trainers … with all the allegiance of a line of Mac geeks sleeping in tents camped out in front of a Mac store for days waiting for the new “I”-whatever” to be released…

…Or the outlaw motorcycle gangs who absolutely insist on buying Motorcycles made only buy Harley Davidson… and in fact, if you ride ANYTHING else, don’t even dare joke about applying to become a club member, because you’ll probably get your ass kicked faster than you can say “What do all you guys have against all motorcycles that aren’t made by Harley Davidson?”


Most fitness training businesses have opted the path of mediocrity …

…and most can’t even fathom a great deal of what I’m about to tell you… and that’s ok… the message is here for those who are ready for it, and it can create an unshakable foundation of clients loyal to you, your brand and your training programs…

With an army of clients who want to tell the world about you… which is a good thing, because if you’re a follower of my blog you’re aware of the all the successful trainers I’ve surveyed in person recently regarding what their best methods for getting clients are… and Referrals was number one by far.




Out of all the businesses I’ve seen that are kicking ass consistently… They’re CONSTANTLY building relationships
and GETTING RESULTS for their clients…




The Way Of The Trainer…


Well, I have NEVER seen a way for trainers to get so many referrals… so quickly… as I have with The Tribal Training System... which enables the quality fitness professional to have something great to be proud of, help a TON of people get something they want in life ( the end result benefit of your services… like ‘lose fat’ ) and help a ton of people… the way that YOU are best at helping them… taking them through kick ass workouts.

Whether you do one-on-one private personal training, semi-private group training or bootcamps… almost every fitness trainer faces a few GIANT challenges that, unless conquered, can keep them stuck in the rut of mediocrity and hold them back from ever truly achieving anything great in their business… whether it’s financial security, a mob of fit clients who’s lives you’ve transformed or you want the whole shebang…

Owning the freedom business of your dreams... where you get to have one helluva good time making GREAT money helping people reach their fitness and conditioning goals… ON YOUR OWN TERMS, and have a reputation for results that are unsurpassed for miles around.

But so many trainers are at a literal standstill in their businesses because of a few problems that are SO prevalent throughout the industry, with most trainers continually making the same mistakes as the rest of the industry on a day-in, day-out basis… never even REALIZING these problems even exist and are keeping them stuck

All they know is they’re not making nearly as much money as they wanna make… they have problems getting enough volume of new clients with any sort of predictable consistency to reach their goals and the only answer seems to be throwing away time and money they don’t have on things that they don’t fully understand enough to make profitable…

…Like complicated search engine optimization, time sucking social media marketing and any one of the countless options presented to them by me, or the other industry dudes and dudettes teaching business stuff to trainers, or the plethora of spam offers and pushy telemarketing calls from companies offering to do everything from A to Z that involves marketing a local business on the internet…

You name it, there’s no shortage of business-building, client-getting, money-making opportunities for you to put all of your time and money into… and some of the stuff works… but there’s lots of snake-oil salesman out there trying to sell you the magic bullet, where you can just push a button and you’re “done-for-you” entire training business in a box will pop up and do all the work for you

And one of the most common strategies trainers use, is to tip-toe safely along the safe route and simply ask other trainers what THEY do, and then do the same thing… this is called “Modeling” and is a strategy made popular today by Self Help Guru Tony Robbins… who says “success leaves clues and if you want to succeed, just go model success”…

That’s great if you’re surrounded by a bunch of trainers who are in the 1% and kicking ass and taking names… but usually this isn’t the case.

What usually happens is a trainer gets advice from all of the other trainers they know... most of who exaggerate how much money they make. Ok, now this is all fine and dandy, but the problem is the average income for a trainer is in the high twenty thousands per year… like somewhere between $26K and $29K annually…

So often a trainer’s peer group of other trainers make incomes that look like $7800 a year, $17K a year, $35K a year… and this is where most trainers pick up their strategies… from the trainers they know… and I do agree we can learn at least something from everyone…

And if you wanna make $20K or $30K a year as a trainer, then take the advice of $20K and $30K a year trainers … and not that there’s anything wrong with that… often times the best trainers are the ones who are the worst at marketing and business building. And it’s a very noble thing to change so many lives in such a positive and impactful way

But you can do BOTH things at the same time… help a TON of people and make a GREAT living doing it.

The best trainers don’t have to be the ones making the mediocre incomes and the clients don’t all need to go to whoever is best at staying on top of cutting edge search engine and social media marketing tactics… which can be aggravating, complicated and the last thing that most trainers got into this business to do.

The way things are it’s no wonder most trainers live month to month, never feeling like their achieving any kind of real success… with advancements in technology and an ever growing list of new and upcoming fitness business gurus and “how-to” products available, the best marketers have been getting the lion-share of the clients in most areas… regardless of their training ability or experience, level of competence or ability to motivate and keep clients accountable, deliver safe and effective workouts …

Training ability has lost to marketing ability. In town after town, from the hustle and bustle of the ever so healthy and vain Southern California where I currently have resided for the better part of forty years… to Deep in The Heart of Texas… to the good ol’ UK … to the place down under where I think some of the best trainers ( and marketers of training businesses) on the planet come from…. Australia.

If you suspect this may be happening in your business to some degree or another… where trainers who probably aren’t as good as you, and don’t offer as good of programs or deliver kick-ass results as you can… are getting a lot of the clients.

No trainer, training business, area, market, niche or even micro-niche is immune to this… where the best marketers get the clients instead of the best trainers getting them… and then what happens is often times the sub-par or so-so trainers who get a lot of the clients in a local area, but don’t deliver results don’t keep the clients very long… but often times that experience leaves people with a bad taste in their mouth when it comes the whole idea of paying a fitness trainer large sums of money to get little or no results.

And the truth is just about any knuckle head can move into a town, open shop, have NO CLUE on how to train a client, yet they can use the above strategies to pack the house… I doubt they’re retention will be very good, but to the savvy marketer, he knows he can always replace lost clients by just running more ads and getting new ones

With the exception of the referral marketing strategies and running fitness contests and challenges… very few strategies have not a damn thing to do with how good a trainer is at training.

The best marketers have the businesses that are growing the most, regardless of the state of the economy, while the trainers who just wanna friggin’ train people and deliver great workouts and results…. are often the ones whose business is at a stand still… they’re pretty good at keeping clients around for a long time… but horrible at getting new ones.. and this is only gonna continue to get worse as technology improves…

Perhaps this has happened in your business before… or it’s happening right now… where competitors who aren’t as good at training people as you are, but know enough about marketing, especially on the internet… to draw in a large portion of your market…

In fact, if you’re reading this, odds are you’re in one of two groups…

Group One: You market your ass off and your business is pumping because of it …. You may or may not be a great trainer, but you ARE a great marketer, so regardless of your ability to deliver results, you can become extremely successful in the fitness training industry just based on your ability to get new bodies in the door.

Group Two: You’re a great trainer. You take pride in your ability to deliver safe, effective, kick ass workouts based on science and to get your clients results as long as they just follow your guidance…. You get a large portion of your clients from referrals, in fact it’s by far your number one way to get new business. You have GREAT client retention, with some people who’ve been with you goin’ all the way back to when you started. You make okay money, but you know your definitely worth more than your currently making, however you have no interest in spending the majority of your hours doing the work of a Marketer on a computer, you just wanna train people the best you can, and make a damn good living in return with a consistent and dependable income source

But you KNOW, that there’s a lot of trainers out there who are much better marketers than they are trainers, you could train circles around them blind-folded with one hand tied behind your back any day of the week, and they’re getting a lot of the clients in your market, and probably making a lot more money… you’re doin’ good, but for as good and passionate of a trainer that you are, you are earning FAR LESS THAN YOUR WORTH… in fact…

If you’re experiencing any of these problems in your own life and business… I wanna let you know that it’s not your fault… the entire industry is being plagued by these issues… and often times it’s the best trainers losing out… but fortunately there are ways, including a damn good one… probably the best I’ve ever seen, that I’m gonna show you in a minute… that gets clients based on your training abilities and not on your pay-per-click budget, savvy, or the strength of your team of overseas tech guys

If you’re reading this and have no doubt that you are the BEST CHOICE IN YOUR LOCAL AREA FOR PEOPLE TO GO TO WHEN IT COMES TO JOINING A FITNESS TRAINING PROGRAM… and are GREAT at getting results for the people who hire you…

… But you don’t wanna spend your days writing marketing ads and looking at split-test results on a lap top, instead of training people in a gym or the great outdoors like you were meant to do ( I know a lot of my subscribers feel they were BORN to train people, that it’s a huge part of their purpose in life… these are ones who are usually BY FAR the best trainers, for obvious reasons.)

If you’re a true trainer at heart, and LOVE getting people into shape and interacting with your clients and being a positive force in their life




Then I Have Something That’s Perfect For You….

For years now I’ve been working closely with fitness trainers from all corners of the planet, helping them build their dream businesses to the six-figure level… and at the start of the coaching it’s almost always the exact same things holding them back… I see it time after time…

INDUSTRY PROBLEM: Not doin’ any form of active lead generation… seriously, I talk to trainers all the time and you’d be amazed by just how many of them have ZERO active lead generation strategies in their business… pulling in no new clients. it’s almost like they’re goin’ fishing and don’t have any poles in the water… and you’re just sitting there hoping that some fish “jumps in” the boat.

Instead of being strategic and proactive about building your army of clients, a lot of trainers just kinda “Wait” for new clients… but let me give you a little hint, success never comes to those who just sit and wait, it goes to the ones who chase after it, tackle it and don’t let go… with the focus of a hungry tiger overtaking it’s prey.

If you want a large and loyal client base that pays you top dollar for your services, even though you very well might be the best trainer for thousands of miles in any direction… being the best trainer around is NOT ENOUGH… sure you’ll have good enough referral and retention numbers to own an above average training business… however it will be hard to create an
extraordinary business without having a strategic way of getting “eager to join” people into your funnel and be guided by you to the body of their dreams .. or their ideal level of strength… conditioning… for whatever specific reason they came in and hired you.

And YOU, being the awesome trainer you are, treat them as real people and not just a number like many bigger businesses and money hungry trainers do, and you’re EXTREMELY SERIOUS about helping them reach their goals

So don’t worry… if this is the kind of trainer you are… what I’m about to share with you, you’ll be spending your time training people and networking with clients and cool local business owners in multiple win/win/win/win situations ( situations where EVERYONE WINS)… instead of managing multiple complicated online marketing campaigns which more closely resemble the work of an office worker with a degree in technical computer stuff, then it does the life of a trainer, you’ll be able to spend your time being a trainer.

INDUSTRY PROBLEM: Gambling away money on some marketing, web service, search marketing or optimization service where a slick talkin’ $12 an hour sales rep tells you that they’re company can do X,Y and Z for you and get you lot’s of “Exposure” and really “Get Your Name Out There” …

… Or in order to save some money and avoid the outrageous costs that one of these marketing companies charge trainers… especially when you factor in that most of these services don’t do anything for you and often times you’re lucky if you get back even one client for every $10,000.00 you invest… the “smart” trainer might take it upon himself to figure out how to build the company websites and do all the other technical and marketing work … which is typically $12 an hour “sitting at a desk” type work… and is the kind of work that most trainers are horrible at doing, get extremely frustrated by.. and end up making a mess out of.

Fortunately there’s a solution for you, a solution that not only fixes the problems that most training business are experiencing, but also can fill your business with a fiercely loyal tribe of clients faster than any other system I’ve seen to date… and I’ve seen a TON of them..

It’s hands down the best way to get word of mouth spreading about your business like wildfire…


Right now, one popular training company where clients have this deep sense of pride of ownership is CrossFit.

CrossFit Has Created The Largest Loyal Tribe Base In The History of Our Industry

CrossFitters Rave to the WORLD about CrossFit… often bragging to friends, co-workers, acquaintances about their feats of strength, how hard they train… and how __________

And that’s what this program does, helps your clients create such a deep connection and admiration of your training program, that they take it on as part of their identity… where they want the world to associate all the good feelings they have with CrossFit, with THEM. Just like many CrossFitters take on



These problems that I see most trainers having massive amounts of trouble with, are….

1. Differentiating yourself from the countless competitors in your local area so you don’t end up competing on price… the “price cutting” strategy to get more clients now plagues a HUGE portion of our industry… especially with boot camps, where they’ve become such a commodity that usually the things that makes people choose one service over another is whoever has the lowest prices, because usually there is no way to differentiate between one bootcamp and another.

CrossFit created it’s own “Category”, with huge points of differentiation between them and anything else out there… and now they literally have an entire Culture of CrossFitters

Bobs Big Ol’ Bootcamp… Kick In The Butt Bootcamp… Sweet and Sexy Boot Camp… Super Duper Hardcore Bootcamp… Beach Town Bootcamp… Super Fitness Bootcamp…. ALL BOOTCAMPS… no points of differentiation.

Fortunately, with what I’m about to show you, you’ll no longer need to cut prices to gain an edge on the competition… because no matter how much competition you have… and no matter how low personal trainers and bootcamps are slashing their prices… making it near impossible just to make a living…well to you none of it will matter…


CrossFit is a good example of this.

Another common problem…

2. Not Doing What They’re Meant To Do – Most fitness professionals got into the business of being a trainer because they LOVE training people… and that’s what they chose to spend their days doing… helping others to lead healthier and happier lives through fitness… you’re a FITNESS TRAINER… And Fitness Trainers have the opportunity and ability to change a ton of people’s lives for the better, doing what they love… taking people through workouts.

… But often times what happens is GOOD trainers, the ones who are the most passionate about what they do and really care that their clients get top notch results, don’t make nearly as much money as trainers who are not nearly as good or could really care less about training people… they just happen to be bad ass at marketing… relying on stuff like Google SEO and Ninja Persuasion Copywriting Tactics … so the majority of people looking for a trainer end up hiring the trainers who are best at marketing and getting their messages and offers in the laps of more of your target audience and those searching the web for training services and solutions to fitness problems… instead of actually hiring a service based on it’s ability to get the best results.

So the trainers who are getting the most clients are the ones who are the best at marketing, and not the ones who are the best at training.

We are part of the most amazing profession, industry and community on earth… helping countless people all over the world to live healthier, happier, more attractive, more confident and often times even longer, lives.

So logic says, get better at marketing, and for a good reason too because it IS the most important thing in your business when it comes to getting new clients.

Because I make my living by teaching fitness trainers as many of the different highly effective ways they can get clients, it would be a disservice to the industry for me to hold back on the things that WORK, I just sleep better at night knowing their business and financial future is safe in my hands… and because I have an entire arsenal of systems, strategies, resources, information and tools… I like to make sure are up on the blog alone, there’s always an abundance of ways for even just the free readers of my blog who’ve never purchased one product, to be able to take their training business to exactly where they want it to be… enabling them to pretty much build their dream business on free information alone… it’ll take longer the free way vs. the paid way in many situations, but no matter what level a trainer is at, I wanna make sure I have whatever he needs to best serve him, his business and his vision.

HOWEVER… I DID NOT mean that trainers should neglect the quality of their training in exchange for plugging in hardcore marketing techniques that pull in new clients… and often I’ll add something that makes sure you invest in becoming a good trainer before you invest in marketing your business… but in many cases that’s what happened, and now there’s some lousy trainers out there literally cleaning up and dominating a local area because they know how to market online.

That sucks. I honestly never meant for any trainers who were not top-notch at training, to be able to out-market all the really good trainers who spend their time getting people in shape instead of learning and doing marketing work all day.

– Because real trainers got in this business to train, not market.

– They chose a career in fitness training, not marketing.

– They’re meant to push and motivate people through challenging workouts and bring the best out in people.

-They’re trainers because they love to train, if they wanted a job working as a marketer they would have gone to school for that, instead they choose to become an educated fitness professional.

-A REAL trainer is a trainer down deep in his soul.

But some trainers have come under the false impression that to get ahead in your training business you have to sit behind a computer all day long, doing the work of a “marketer” and not a “fitness trainer”…

And if you’re a trainer by nature down to your core, but end up spending the majority of your time doin’ desk work, you’re not serving your soul… and you’re gonna end up getting a little whacky and generally “off” course… and that’s probably because you are.

Sure, your bank account may be growing from the marketing… but your inner sense of happiness, passion and purpose will be off because you’ll be spending your days doin the wrong kind of work, and not the kind of work that truly nourishes your soul and is your gift that you share with the world.

Tribal Training gives you the best of both worlds…

You get to spend as much or little time as you want “in-the-trenches” training people…

AND you get all the benefits of having a workhorse of a marketing system in place that brings in new clients and revenue on a large volume and consistent basis… WITHOUT losing your soul as a trainer for the profits of a marketer.

It’s a self-perpetuating system where THE TRAINING BECOMES THE MARKETING… but it’s not like you think or like anything you’ve ever heard of

On top of you differentiating yourself and charging top dollar, and allowing you to spend your time truly being a fitness trainer while reaping all the rewards of being an obsessive compulsive dialed-in-to-a-tee marketer with multiple successful funnels in place…

… Tribal Training also fixes the age old problem of….

3. Most marketing sucks and is ineffective and expensive…Trainers put lots of time and money into marketing practices that often show very little… if ANYTHING… in terms of a positive return on your investment… spending $1000 to make $100 is NOT a good idea… yet you’d be surprised by just how many trainers endure this massively frustrating experience, especially during there first few months or years of marketing efforts while goin through that learning curve phase

Things like running ads in the paper and local magazines, doing radio and TV spots, running overpriced pay per click ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and direct mail can be EXTREMELY expensive, especially while going though that initial learning period… which for me personally seems to take FOREVER… don’t get me wrong, living and working like a marketer instead of like a trainer, within your very own training business, can be highly profitable…

And as your business grows, I recommend you have has many positive ROI client-getting funnels as possible

Now, the problem is that setting your typical marketing funnel up can be costly and timely, and often times it takes quite a bit of work just to break even, and you’ll often lose money at first






Corey’s Got You Covered…

Whether your just starting out your training career or are super advanced and have been around the block a few times and tried just about everything under the sun…. maybe even owning multiple locations… have a large team of trainers and 14 consistent and reliable funnels of new leads, multiple conversion systems in place with upsells, add-ons, cross-sells, and are doin’ just about everything right…

No matter if your niche is a deep one like MMA fighters … or a more general one like women’s fat loss for females between 20 and 50 and want to lose those last ten pounds…. to… well, you name it… your niche is your choice… as long as there’s people willing to pay to solve the fitness problems that the niche needs fixed

If you’re the trainer just starting out in your business, you can use Tribal Training … all by itself … as your ONE AND ONLY business building strategy to build your ENTIRE BUSINESS … even up to multiple six figures without relying on ANY OTHER FORMS OF MARKETING… just remember to keep client results as top priority.

Or for the advanced trainer, it can be plugged in as just one more client getting funnel ( it will probably become their main one in no time)

I’m dead serious when I say that Tribal Training ALONE is so POWERFUL… it can do more for your business than 5 to 10 of your typical client getting strategies combined … in fact, like I just mentioned, it’s so powerful you can use it all by itself to build an entire business if you want to, because it’s evergreen… meaning it will never die out or become less effective, and technology will only continue to make growing a fitness business using The Tribal Training Techniques easier and easier…

Yet it relies on ZERO technology… meaning it all comes down to just you, your program and your kick ass workouts…. You CAN use technology to maximize results of this system, for example right now there’s a lot of cool stuff on Facebook you can do to facilitate in the process, but it IS NOT NECESSARY

The Creator of The Tribal Training is a guy by the name of Corey Beasley… a guy who loves training, knew he was better than his competitors, and he had no interest in learning a bunch of hardcore tactics…

So what Corey’s done is take old-school grassroots style networking and is literally supercharging the and combine it with a tight-knit-community based training program

In fact, with the help of this system Corey created a training business that is constantly packed with clients… where along with his partner Aaron Guyett, they have over 225 paying clients… 40 of which are pro fighters, who Corey got in less than 90 days… using a systematic step-by-step Tribal Training Power Networking Method … an approach he created for himself… but within a few weeks it was apparent to just about every neighboring trainer, that Corey’s business was growing at a much faster rate than every gym around.

It eventually grew into over fifty fighters as personal training clients from over ten schools and managers, coaches, therapists, corporate sponsors, you name it… you’d be amazed at all the stuff these companies hook up Corey with for free

The Tribal Training system is so dialed in that any trainer can use it in just about any niche to expand their business and clientele base FAST

The key to this whole thing is all based on adding massive amount of value to a community or niche, on a massive scale, done systematically, efficiently and effectively.

The combination of Your Own Original Training Program, Tribe Building Techniques and Powerful “Under the Radar” Networking Strategies that results in hands down the most effective and profitable referral system for trainers I’ve ever seen

The Tribal Training System is extremely aggressive and strategic, and makes a whole bunch of people like you love your training programs, and want to be part of the growth of your business as much as they can… you should see how happy your clients are gonna look when they start bringing you all their friends and family to train with you

And unlike your typical expensive marketing practices… like pay per click ads, SEO, direct mail, print ads and so on… Tribal Training is extremely low cost (border-lining on free) to plug right into your business and builds win/win relationships and a solid foundation for the long haul and will continue to pave the way to a great many things for you… with Tribal Training, you can…

Build a Die-Hard Army of Extremely Loyal Clients, Raving Fans and Super-Fit Evangelists Spreading the Good Word About You and Your Training

The magic behind this system is that it gives you the ability to strategically attract a constant flow of new clients who come in pre-conditioned with a deep feeling of wanting to belong and be a part of tril [aaaaaa===============][community of clients who respect you and value your service, spreading the word to others about you, your training and their results within their sphere of influence

This program can attract clients in an organic way that makes people come to you practically begging to be one of your clients.

But remember, I gotta warn you…


And the flaw is this… if your training sucks this program WILL NOT WORK.

It’s not like most marketing where if you just market enough, you can overcome being a lousy trainer or not getting your clients results by just running more ads, getting more leads, and closing more people on long term agreements… that no matter how bad your training is you can still make money by just getting more new clients and more new clients

Well, this system is a little different… just like it has a powerful snowball effect of attracting a tight-knit tribe-like community of clients within your business… word of you, your training and your results will be spreading in an almost out of control-like fashion like the wildfires in the foothills of California on a hot windy day

If you’re training sucks…. Word will travel FAST in your market, niche and local area that there’s no way you’ll be able to hide the fact that you’re a shitty trainer anymore

So this system is not perfect

But it is POWERFUL

If your program kicks ass, people truly enjoy working out with you ( EVEN IF it IS a love/hate relationship) , you know what you’re doin’, you truly care about getting people results and it shows… it shows not only in everything YOU do but in your clients improvements in lean body mass to fat ratio, physical appearance and level of conditioning … then the results you get from this Tribe Building System will succeed far beyond what you can even possibly imagine

But if you don’t truly care deep inside about your clients results, and if you’re just another “me too” trainer walking around with a clipboard counting reps for people… and you can’t tell the difference between an Infrasprinatus and a Teratosaurus … and think that the term IT Band refers to a musical group made up of computer geeks

So please, ONLY invest in this program if you deliver kick ass workouts, results and customer service

I’m not saying don’t buy it only if your workouts totally suck, I’m saying don’t even buy it if your workouts are just average or so-so…

Basically, if you can be replaced by just about any trainer at a big box gym or if your average clients results fall under “typical” or “average” the industry…. if you’re a $29K a year rep counter, and don’t passionately care that you do everything within reason in your program to get each and every one of your clients the best results possible… then DO NOT INVEST IN THIS PROGRAM

This program is probably the most powerful system I’ve ever seen for just goin into a market, local area, niche or multiple niches and just friggin’ dominating

Even making it possible for a trainer with practically zero or little capital, no knowledge of traditional marketing methods and no technical skill, to go in and OWN YOUR NICHE…

Whether your niche is a general one like ‘Men and Women Over In (Your Local Area) Between Ages 25 and 55 Who Want to Tone Up, Lose Fat, Gain Confidence, Look More Physically Attractive and Feel Good’

Or it’s a deep niche… for example your niche can be semi-shallow like say “Females”, or you could niche it down a bit deeper to like “Female Athletes” or even further to say “Female Soccer Players”

Just make sure that if you’re still choosing which niche or niches to serve, that you go after niches that have money…

For example, my buddy Ryan Magin told me he was going after BMX riders, he ended up with a niche full of 15 year old boys with no money and no credit cards and no money… let’s say Ryan made the smart decision to switch niches

On the other end of the spectrum, my friend and creator of the World Wide Franchise “Adventure Boot Camp” John Spencer Ellis recently explained to me how your typical triathlete earns many times over the national average annual income … well over $100K a year I think… and are very OCD about workouts and make great clients. So there’s an example of a deep niche with lots of money and discipline.

All that is needed to make this program work is…

1. Have a kick ass service to offer – Meaning your training business gets people results, the workouts are fun, safe and effective, you’re a great motivator and your customer service is first rate with all clients being treated like VIP’s

2. Do the simple stuff Corey lays out for you to do. This program can help you build a die-hard, loyal and raving client base of friggin’ evangelists goin’ bananas for your methods and telling the world about you on a non-stop basis

So it all comes down to the QUALITY of your training programs and you taking action on the blueprint laid out for you laid in The Tribal Training Program

That’s all it takes… and the system will create a snowball effect of new clients joining your tribe that once started it will be almost impossible to stop, making this magical POWER NETWORKING and TRIBE BUILDING PROGRAM work wonders

In fact, I’m so blown away by what this strategy can do for any training business that delivers quality workouts and service, that I asked Corey to lay out every piece of the Tribal Training system for you step-by-step in detail making it easy as possible for you to build your own fiercely loyal tribe within 90 days or less.

No matter where you’re at in your training business… PROVIDED you deliver quality results, then Tribal Training is PERFECT for you… and now, together with Corey, I’ve put it all together for you in one brand new program loaded with all the “Done-for-you” tools you’ll ever need to put The Tribal Training System right into your business..

Here’s what you get with the incredible Tribal Training System…

The Tribal Network 60 Minute Game Plan Video Tutorial – 60 minute in depth video tutorial breaking down EXACTLY how the Tribal Training Network works so that you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to have your own large scale Tribal Network of die-hard loyal clients in 90 days or less

Tribal Network Niche Selector – This powerful questionnaire comes with nine simple questions to help you determine your niche and ability to create a tribal following, lasting win/win relationships and create a flood of referrals with as little ON-GOING effort as possible.

Tribal Network Gap Report – A lot of “eager to succeed” fitness pros with big dreams and plans inevitably have more ‘to do’s’ than you can get done, in fact if you’re anything like me the size of our “To Do” List is HUGE… The problem is, this kind of mental clutter can make it almost impossible to know where to start, what to do and in what order… and often times leaves you frustrated and confused exactly on the different markers you’ll need to hone in on to reach your goals… Your Tribal Network Gap Report will help you determine the exact metrics of your network

Jumpstart Your Network – Figuring out who to contact first can sometimes be overwhelming. This sheet helps you brainstorm and determine all of the people you need to meet, in order to dominate your local niche.

Creating your Tribal Training Network is a completely viral form of guerilla marketing that barely costs any money to run, creates long lasting relationships that feed you new business on not only a consistent and reliable basis, but as time goes on the client-getting results in a snowball type manner, gathering more and more momentum week in and week out.

Tribal Training Puts The Power Back Into The Hands of The Best Trainers… Instead of the Trainers who Have the Best Websites, SEO Guys and Internet Marketing Funnels

Your Tribal Network positions you in any community or niche as the “go-to” trainer with all the answers and the one who can help them get the results they want

That’s why I say you invest in your course only if you know your stuff when it comes to training, because if you’re positioned as the one with the answers… the secrets and shortcuts to get the maximum results in minimum time you better be able to back it up… if not, take a step back from focusing on Client-Getting and Business Building strategies, and focus on developing your training skills, developing better training programs, fine tune your customer service… and once you have the fundamentals down… THEN you can focus on building your business, and there’s no better place to start then with The Tribal Training Methods

But getting a bunch of clients extremely quickly and then being unable to deliver top notch service, is like building a kick ass house on a foundation of nothing more than sand… or getting all buffed using ONLY isolation exercises with machines

Tribal Training allows you to single out and focus on training the kind of people that YOU LOVE to work with

Tribal Training puts Power Networking on Steroids and Referral Generation on autopilot, so that you’ll automatically and consistently pull in a high number of referred clients each week

Plus, this is the one program that helps spread your brand and differentiate your business from the competition… so you can attract more of your ideal clients, can charge more money and avoid putting yourself in the position 9 out of 10 trainers are in right now… which is competing on price… and in that case the only way to differentiate is to be the one with the lowest rates… and it’s pretty hard to profit on $4 boot camps or $12 one-on-one private personal training sessions

Let me ask you a question…

How Much Would You Pay To Attract 40 of Your Ideal Clients in Just 90 Days?

At first I was gonna make this a super high-end product.

I mean, if it can help you get more clients in 3 months than most trainers get all year, then I should be able to easily charge a few thousand dollars for it.

In fact, $997.00 was the first price point I came up with, and even at that price the product is a steal.

But here’s the thing… I decided to make this product extremely affordable for you… here’s why…

  • The program is not some huge long complicated course that takes weeks to complete… you can actually start using the program the very same day you order it… it’s quick, simple and HIGHLY effective.
  • I knew that many of the trainers who are gonna purchase this product are the types of trainers who don’t have huge budgets to invest in their marketing… they want easy to implement, reliable and affordable ways to make more money in their fitness training business now.

So here’s what I’ve done for you…

I’ve made all of this available for you for just $47 for a VERY short time, then it’s going up to $97, an absolute steal for the “done-for-you” tools and information you’re getting.

I doubt I’ll have it at this price for very long. So if you want to get it for the super low introductory price of just $47 ( a saving of $50) …then click the ‘Add To Cart Button’ below right now…

If you go through the entire program and only try ONE THING, and that one thing helps you get just one client … you’ve already made your money back if not doubled or tripled it or more.

But just imagine how much you’ll make if you can get 30 or 40 new clients in just the next 90 days

The Tribal Training System will give you everything you’ll need to do just that… so for just $47 I’d say it’s the wisest investment you can make in your business.

And… I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely love the Tribal Training System I’ve backed it with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s Right… You Take NO RISK When You
Invest In Tribal Training


Plus, You’ll Receive These Three Bonuses Which Normally Sell For
Hundreds of Dollars, But Yours Free Just For Trying




Here’s how to order… it’s easy…

Have your Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express card handy and
click on the secure order link below.

Next, fill in the online form and submit your order.

As soon as your order is processed I’ll send you an email with access instructions for downloading everything. You’re going to absolutely love The Tribal Training System


Get up to 40 brand new “ideal” clients in YOUR niche within 90 days, and create a die-hard and fiercely loyal following of clients DEEPLY devoted to you and your training programs.

Chris McCombs







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At the end of the day, you might not make any money at all. It’s possible you could even lose money. It’s very important to me that you know this before you going in, because if you’re looking for the be-all end-all magic bullet, I hate to tell ya but this ain’t it.