Pete Brady Audio Interview on Direct Mail Strategies for Personal Trainers

I was lucky to get an audio interview with Pete Brady about how personal trainers and fitness professionals can use direct mail strategies to dramatically increase their income and leverage their time.

Pete is the founder of where he shows mortgage brokers how to earn over a million dollars a year in income using direct marketing strategies.

Now you may wonder what a coach for mortgage brokers can teach personal trainers… the answer is a lot.

Most personal trainers do the same things they see other personal trainers do to build their businesses. This is a mistake…

I’ve learned that to truly get ahead and dominate the fitness local market we need to look outside of what other personal trainers are doing (seeing how most aren’t successful anyway) and study what truly successful marketers are doing in other industries.

Listen to this interview, Pete will show you how to step by step set up an effective direct mail campaign that can literally explode your business practically overnight.

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