Email Marketing For Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches, and Gym Owners

​Hey! For coaches and gym and biz owners, email marketing is one of the best ways to get clients (but NOT the way most people do it).

I remember blowing out a hernia (my third) doing a set of heavy box squats in 2010.

The day (or maybe the day after) the surgery I was sitting in bed with Black Sabbath cranking on the stereo and a bunch prescribed painkillers coursing my blood.

My list wasn't huge at the time. It was only about 9K personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners. Small compared the giant lists some people have.

But it was a list I had a fantastic relationship list and it earned me seven figures on my coaching programs and info-products. About 15% of the list were customers and clients.

Many bought every program I released (from the $47 ebooks to the five-figure a year coaching programs) and, as I do today, I enjoyed writing the emails.

So with a thunderstorm of Black Sabbath shaking my bedroom, and opioid-induced optimism working its magic, I penned an email to my list of 9K.

It was for a coaching offer.

When I checked my shopping cart a day or so later, I'd sold $130K in coaching (paid upfront).

That's how powerful email marketing can be.

That email took me about 30 or 40 minutes to craft. I was on painkillers for the first time in years (so I had a low tolerance).

$130K in coaching.

And when I launched Market Annihilator (a course that showed coaches how to get clients online) it $304K in billable sales in eight days. Every sale was made with email. I used a blog to build up to the launch. But the sales were made from emails).

Email marketing WORKS.

The thing is, most coaches think email marketing is dead these days.

They couldn't be more wrong.

True, there ARE some extra challenges today. For example, we have the Gmail promotions tab. And filters are smarter and more aggressive.

But for me and many coaches, experts, and biz owners...

Email is STILL the #1 we make sales.

And email marketing can SO much more than just make a sale.

Most coaches and biz owners see it as a tool to educate, build relationships, and make a few sales...

But that's only a small part of what email marketing can do for you.

(Further down in this ​page, I'll link to post where I share many of the little-known business-building objectives email marketing can help you accomplish.)

Now, the reason most coaches and entrepreneurs don't do very well with email these days is not because "email doesn't work."

It's because they're making some major mistakes.

The biggest of which is making their emails read like corporate brochures, boring with not only header images, but columns, logos, and pictures of meals, etc...

Nothing against doing *some* of that. But emails like that should be only a fraction of what you send.

Most should look like an email from a friend.

And—if your biz is personality-driven—with rare exceptions, the emails shouldn't come from the company.

It should come from "You", the owner or coach or trainer. The personality who can take your readers to the promised land.

The emails should come across as a personal one-on-one communication.

The tone should be conversational.

Like two friends at a dive bar sharing a beer...

Or two friends at a cute little coffee or tea shop, if that's more your style...

Or if you're like my longtime client BigMike Straumetis, who does $125 million a year in the cannabis industry and has 2.6 Million IG followers and diehard fans who love his cannabis-business lifestyle posts...

It should be like two friends passing a bong on a sofa in his mansion.

The point is...

It should come FROM one person, TO one person, and have the same kind of tone you'd use having a drink or lunch with your good friend.

A good friend who wants to learn something from you.

Either a good friend struggling with an issue YOU used to struggle with but have since solved.

OR a good friend who wants to accomplish what YOU have accomplished.

YOU figured out the secrets and shortcuts to overcome the problems and reach the goals.

It could include alleviating whatever fears and frustrations they have that YOU used to have (in whatever area of life it is you're helping them with).


You've achieved what they desire (a lean physique, a thriving business, a happy relationship, whatever it is) and now you're helping them.

Carrot and/or stick stuff. But personal.

Now, how would you talk to a close friend?

Would you goof around? If that's part of your personality, then do it in your emails too.

Would you tell stories? Ideally, you would, because stories are entertaining and are one of the best ways to teach, make your point, and sell.

Would you be yourself? Well, then be yourself in your emails.

Would you want that friend to feel you care? That you empathize?

Then convey that in your emails.

The point is, don't make your emails look and sound corporate and overly professional (UNLESS it makes sense for your audience).
In most cases, don't make it from US (the gym or business). That distances you from me.

Make if from YOU (the coach, gym owner, or biz owner). The personality behind the business.

Don't speak to a group.

Speak to only one person.

Your ideal customer or client.

Who you're sharing a beer, coffee, tea, or BigMike's green stuff with.

By the way, BigMike's a perfect example of how the kind positioning I'll be talking about in upcoming blog posts and emails (which I touch on HERE) can enable you to charge premium prices.

Joints from his cannabis brand, BigMike's Blends, cost $30 a pop.

But people are happy to pay because it's a premium product AND they're buying the BigMike lifestyle. The lifestyle I help him display to his millions of Instagram followers ( @BigMike ).

That we display every opportunity we get.

Millions of cannabis lovers want to be like Mike.

And buying his $30 joints is one way they feel they can achieve that.

And a lot of cannabis growers (from over 100 countries) buy his plant nutrients for the same reason. Growers want to align themselves with BigMike and are more than happy to pay good money to do so.

His content strategy (which employs what I talk about HERE) is designed to make his audience want to be like him.

It's designed to make his followers and customers feel he cares. Because he does. And because they want to KNOW that he does.

For me to buy from you again and again and again. They MUST feel your care.

Personal emails are the way to convey that. Not corporate brochure emails.

Now, two quick things before you go...

1. I'll be releasing of series of blog posts on how your content can build tribe of devout customers and clients who feel a deep connection with you. Who want to BE like you (those are the most valuable customers, by the way. It's why the Mr. Nice I talk about in this post is such a successful coach/consultant).

The kind of connection your content can make can do so much more for your business than even the results you help your clients achieve (I realize this flies in the face of what most coaches believe, but that doesn't make it any less true. People will stay around for so long based on results. With the proper content, communication, and control, they'll stick around for years).

So be sure to keep an eye out for those emails.

2. I've been getting a lot of emails from entrepreneurs and coaches asking how they can work with me. And I AM accepting clients again.

Though a lot those who inquire aren't clear on exactly what I do.

They've seen the results my clients get with their seven, eight, and nine-figure a year revenue and want to get similar results in their own business. 

But they feel there's a mysterious aspect to it.

And there is. But I make it super simple for my clients.

However, I need to say I'm not a good fit for most coaches and biz owners.

But the ones I am a good fit for, I help them build a cult of superfan clients who buy, ascend, stay, and refer.

I help them do the stuff that separates my fitness guru clients making seven and eight (and even nine) figures a year from the rest of industry, who may be great at getting people into shape but only make a fraction of what the big gurus and in-demand experts (like many of those on the lower third of THIS page) make.

I work with online and offline coaches in all niches—as well as entrepreneurs who are the face of their company—to turn their businesses into personality-driven empires.

To see if we'd be a good fit, you can choose to read one the following two pages.

The first one goes deep into what I do, the other just covers the basics but does include the list of qualifications you must meet if you want to hire me.

Take your pick...

A. Here's the long version (be prepared to get comfortable first because it's NOT a quick read):

Read the long version HERE

B. Next is the short version. Just make sure you meet the qualifications before you hire me. If you don't meet them (like if your goals aren't congruent with what I specialize in)—provided you're cool work with—I may be able to pair you with a biz/marketing coach who's a better fit for you. I know some great ones in numerous industries.

Read the short version HERE

And here's that link to the post with the list of things email can do for your biz (it's actually the same link as item A above) — Read it here.

Talk soon,
Big Chris McCombs

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