Advanced Fat Loss Trainer

Hey there, it’s Big Chris…

I know this trainer named Emile Jarreau

He’s, also known as, “Mr. Fat Loss” …and “Joe the Trainer”… as well as, THE Go-To Guy when it comes to getting women into shape AND using his team of star female clients to build his business.

Emile’s business model, that he uses for his high-end private training facility in Long Beach, California and his boot camp… which is almost always packed… is all based around being known for being the #1 program around when it comes to Fat Loss…

Emile has literally created a tribe… let me explain…

Emile doesn’t sell boot camp workouts

He doesn’t sell personal training

He SELLS Fat Loss

Plain and simple… and lots of it

Through his Fat Loss system, Emile has created a tribe of raving fans (clients) who all pay him GOOD money, as well as bring more members into the tribe.

Here’s part of Emile’s tribe of paying clients that are on his program, and who are constantly pulling more girls into his program, and pay him top dollar to get them into shape.

Emile’s fat loss techniques and programs are now gaining mass popularity, not only in his local community of Long Beach Ca, but now his methods are being talked about and modeled all around the world.

But no one does it like Emile…  he is the visionary…. the genius, behind the most powerful fat loss training and nutrition program I’ve seen yet…

The M2 Advanced Fat Loss Training and Nutrition Program For Fitness Professionals

AKA… ‘M2 Advanced Fat Loss Trainer” for short

Up until now, Emile kept most of the secrets behind the success of his training and nutrition system pretty hush hush … sharing with only his partner and a few close friends

But when I visited Emile’s facility, and he broke everything down for me that he was doin’ , I was blown away and told him that you NEED to make a product about this, “its one of the most insane systems I’ve ever seen and trainers all over the world could make a killing by doing the same thing in their business.”

And Emile goes “well DUH!!!”

To make a long story short, Emile is now making his complete system available to other trainers

This program will not only build your business and help you get a bunch of  new clients by selling a “fat loss program” and not a “training program” or “boot camp”, but also get your clients UNPARALLELED results with his proven fat loss strategies

These Advanced Fat Loss Strategies are like nothing else around and the results clients get from this program, young and old, fit or fat… are BY FAR, some of the best I’ve seen


Emile is a BAD ASS  at marketing and selling his programs as “Fat Loss” Programs instead of training programs, and does it in a way I’ve never quite seen done before … and what you end up with is…

A TON of clients… lots of new ones too… *almost* all getting INCREDIBLE results with you and a training system

A system that is highly magnetic

A system that goes viral, spreading the “good news” about you and your fat loss program throughout your entire community …. pulling in clients on a non-stop basis

Emile’s put it all together ,for you, in one easy to digest program.

In the M2 Advanced Fat Loss Trainer you get…

The M2 Complete VIDEO Tutorial and “Done For You” Fat Loss System that you can, literally, just plug in and put to work for you in YOUR business.

You’ll receive all access and permission to plug the M2 Fat Loss systems, forms, sheets, programs, documents, training tools and all the other elements of the M2 Fat Loss System, right into your business, and model as much or as little of the M2 Fat Loss System in your OWN training business and with YOUR own training clients… including your current client base and all the new clients your gonna get from plugging this Fat Loss program into your training business.

You’ll also get 40 tutorial videos, audios and re-brandable PDF’s… that you can put your own logo on, give to your  clients… and you can literally just plug it all in to your existing business, re-branded under your OWN company name

As part of the M2 Fat Loss Trainer, you get all of the “done for you” stuff to help you run both the training and nutritional elements of the program

For example, with the Nutrition component

  • You’re able to get quick results with new clients that have ZERO understanding of what simple foods to eat so they can lose fat within the first 30 days.
  • Discover how to easily determine what adjustments to make with carbs and fats that will be critical the first week to re-set the natural fat burning furnace of the body.
  • Create a team of smokin’ hot clients, who you can easily put to work for you as being one of your client “magnets”… and the client “magnet” STILL pays you top dollar to be one of your clients, while the entire time they’re pulling in clients like a magnet from all over the place… it’s the ultimate set up

You’ll also get an entire Strength module including Emile’s exact Boot Camp Fat burning workout for the serious “MUST LOSE FAT NOW customer”

The program also comes with a Cardio Module including, little known strategies to ramp up fat loss WITHOUT marathon-style cardio sessions or spending hours on the treadmill

There is also a Flexibility Module with techniques that will keep your clients on track with their fat loss goals in a safe and effective manner

Discover the BEST combination of stretches to enhance lower body kinetic chain range of motion, so that muscles look sleek and defined.

Plus, you’ll have everything you need to run a highly profitable advanced fat loss program within your training business, Emile has made it to where you can literally plug this stuff in, the guy has been a trainer for over 20 years and has a list better looking clients than any trainer I’ve ever seen

The Advanced Fat Loss Trainer is the exact system Emile commands top dollar for, as he helps  people of all ages, shapes, sizes and ability levels get into the best shape of their lives… whether it’s the competitive figure model… the alpha soccer mom… or the average Joe down the street with a beer in one hand and a hammer in the other

Emile has rightfully earned his reputation as Mr. Fat Loss and he has the results to back it up

Now you can plug his exact system into YOUR business

In the ‘Advanced Fat Loss Trainer’ you get everything you need to run highly successful fat loss programs within your training business … and for a limited time this program is just $47… even though it’s easily worth 10 times that and it’s backed by a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Skyrocket your income by running highly successful and extremely profitable fat loss programs within your training business

These programs are already all “done for you” and will get your clients amazing results, maximize the number of referrals you get and allow you to, not only, tap “into” but literally CREATE an entirely new market in your local area based around fat loss… not just offering another boot camp or personal training service….

Emile has done all the work for you,  he has put it in his blood, sweat, and tears, hours, and years, into creating and designing these fat loss systems and making them all work together in one simple and easy to implement program

Chris McCombs

P.S. Remember, be sure to order today because’ ‘The Advanced Fat Loss Trainer Program’ is exactly what you need to not only get your clients into the best shape of their lives, but also for you to get more referrals and create a tribe of highly loyal clients in your local area

P.P.S. Keep in mind, this program is “done for you” all the materials are re-brandable and you can literally just plug them right into your business and let them do all the work for you

P.P.P.S. – And don’t forget, I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely love the ‘Advanced Fat Loss Trainer’ that I’ve backed it with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee