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Hey there it’s Big Chris (McCombs)

The Automated Sales Formula is my personal process for converting leads into high quality paying clients

52578_10151263116982442_943468653_oYou’re gonna discover…

– How to only deal with QUALIFIED prospects who can afford your training and are ready to sign up right away

– How to literally guarantee that ALMOST ANYONE who comes in for a trial workout WILL SIGN UP

– How to do away with prospects not showing up for trial workouts

– How to blow objections right outta the water

– How to guide prospects from the very first point of contact to becoming long term high dollar loyal clients

– How to immediately disqualify anyone who is NOT worth your time and ONLY work with the ones who are high quality and super cool

– How to get people to hand you their credit card information right over the phone

– How to guide people into signing up for your highest dollar programs

– How to get people into such an emotional state where they just have to hand you their money

– How to NOT come across as a pushy saleman (I can’t stand those guys)

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