Free Gift

Hey there, hope you and you’re fitness business are doin’ great

I’m gonna give you a pretty sweet gift as my way of saying thank
you for being a subscriber to my blog and newsletter

You just helped me raise thousands of dollars for the International
Justice Mission
… my favorite charity, it’s super cool organization
that helps save little kids all around the world who are being
forced into sexual slavery and prostitution

IJC saves the kids and then works with local governments to
prosecute the scumbag pimps

It was so cool to see how many fitness pros came forwarded and
wanted to help, I swear, this  best industry in the world

So… as my way of saying thank you, you can choose one of the
programs listed that you’d like to get as my gift to you…
meaning it won’t cost you thing, and if you want to pay me back,
just pay it forward instead… go help get someone in shape for
free who can’t afford your training and ask nothing in return,
or something cool like that

Oh yeah, and it needs to be a product you’ve never purchased before
… and you need to request your gift no later than Oct 1st… cool?

Please follow these instructions carefully:

First, make sure you’re on my email list, if you’re not,  go here

real quick and leave your email addy ( I’ll send you lots of

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Next, choose one of the following as your gift…

– Automatic Sales Formula
– Time Management for Trainers
– Referral Marketing Blueprint
– Client Retention Blueprint
– No Cost Client Getting
– Low Cost Client Getting
– Fitness Media Profits

If you want to learn more about each of the above products before
making your choice, they’re all listed here:

( But please only email in and ask for one of the above seven
products, as not every product on that page is included in the
give away )

Once you’ve choosen your gift,just email Babs at and tell her which one you’d like
to get

Now, she is gonna be SLAMMED with emails, so please give her at
least a few days to get back to you

And be super cool to her, she works hard, is an important part
of my business and goes above and beyond the job of the typical
customer service specialist

And like I said, no need to pay me back, just pay it forward

Thanks again for being one of my subscribers, I want you to
know that I VALUE YOU

Talk soon,

Big Chris