Video Library

Here you’ll find a find a growing list of video tutorials on marketing, sales, systems and time management strategies for dominating your local market and making more money in less time.


How To Make More In Your Training Business While Working Less Hours – This link will take you to an opt-in page for an hour long video I created that shows you how to make a lot more money in your training business while working a lot less hours

How To Write a Good Headline – This video will show you how to create killer headlines for your personal training business that will do the job the headline is meant to do, get them to read the rest of your ad

Market, Media, Message – This video explains the three most important elements of a marketing campaign – Your market, your media and your message

Video Strategy for a Personal Training Website – Here’s the formula you want to follow when you’re creating a video for your personal training site. I’ve also included an example of a video following the formula that’s on one of my own sites

Examples of Good Websites – This video shows you examples of websites that are known to have high conversion rates

Time Management

Fitness Business Time Management  – Watch this video to see exactly what you can do to work less hours while growing your fitness business

Storyboarding Tutorial Video – Prioritize your most important task with the time management strategy of Storyboarding

Website Reviews

Watch these reveiws for changes you can make to your own site today to increase traffic and conversions

Personal Trainer Webiste Review # 1 for Kardena Pauzas Website Review

Yanik Silver Reviews My Site to see a critique that Yanik Silver did of one of my sites