Hey there, I hope you’re doin great…

This email might piss a few people off,
but that’s ok… there’s something HUGE in
it for you (= … and this will better the industry
and community for years to come

I’m gonna tell you how you can join the most
exclusive and sought after mastermind group
in the fitness world, and pay half price …

Masterminds ( and coaching ) are the BEST tools to
help you succeed in your training business… in fact
NOTHING can even come close to comparing to the
the speed of results you can generate when an entire
group of smart success minded fitness entrepreneurs
are here to help you reach your goals

And most everyone in the upper end of the training
industry knows that when it comes to building a
successful training business,… NOTHING…

And I mean NOTHING even comes CLOSE to comparing
to the KBL Mastermind.. in fact many members in the KBL
come from another once popular industry mastermind,
where the leader ruled with a giant ego and hardly anyone
got results…

The KBL that came over from this other mastermind have
almost all said publicly and personally, across the board, that
the thing was a “joke” compared what they get of the KBL

They each paid $10K to $15K to a guru who they felt
just took their money to help push his boot camp
franchise and could care less about them

If you were in that other group, I’m sure you know what
a failure it was, and hopefully it didn’t ruin your opionion
masterminds forever… that one just happened to be a bad one

TRUST ME… we’ve gotten a ton of email here from trainers
ripped off by that particular mastermind and bootcamp franchise


Hope you didn’t get scammed as well by these guys…
seems these days just about every trainer around has
been burned by these guys

But ya know what, EVEN with good masterminds, there’s
still a HUGE problem that can make them no ideal for
most trainers

… They can be SUPER expensive to run and join

Often costing between $10K and $25K for the year

Even though nothing can take a trainer from making $35K
a year to $250K a year like a mastermind, I can understsnd that
$10K is no small investment for many trainer


7-figure Sam and myself have figured out,  how
by making a few small tweaks… like not treating everyone to a
fancy dinner and not hosting the event expensive hotels and
and avoiding feeding everyone $50 a plate lunches and breakfasts

… we can cut costs WAY down and pass the savings onto YOU

You can get high end food and hotel rooms whenever you
want… and they do nothing to add to the success of your biz

By loosing these little novel and not-important luxuries, which
don’t do a damn thing to help grow your biz, Sam
and myself are able cut to the price for the KBL mastermind

And we’re doin’ some top secret things right now to make
the meetings and group as valuable as possible


TODAY the time is better than ever to join the KBL because
7-Fgure Sam and myself have joined forces, and we’re
making the group and meetings even better than they were before..

AND we’re charging HALF as much to join by dropping
the fluff like fancy meals and stuff

HOWEVER, the available spots left in the group are pretty in-demand
right now and goin fast, so they won’t last long, and even at $10K these
spots were in demand

But Sam and Myself are DETERMINED to stoke out the entire
industry and right some of the wrongs we’ve been seeing a few
of the Guru’s having been doin to our beloved community


To inquire about joining the KBL while it’s 1/2 what we
normally the charge, email Babs about speaking with Sam
about being considered for the KBL Mastermind

Here’s all you need to do if IF you’re interested…

Email Babs at marketannihilator@gmail.com  and tell her you’d
like to spend a few minutes on the phone with 7-Fig Sam to see
if the KBL Mastermind group is a good fit for you

Sam is taking calls THIS WEEK, and spots are goin fast


Wanna succeed in your training business and not just barely get
by like 99% of the industry?


Join the KBL Mastermind

To do so just email Babs at marketannihilator@gmail.com
and tell her you’d like to spend a few minutes on the phone
with 7-Fig Sam to see if the KBL Mastermind group is a good fit
for you

If you wanna succeed, then you are gonna need be SMART
about it

DO NOT JUST WING IT,… get help

I do understand that for a few trainer logistically making it
out to Cali 3-4 times a year might be tough, or they prefer
one on one help, for those trainers the coaching option
may be better than the Mastermind option…

Click Here To See My Mentoring Program

So if for any reason joining The KBL Jedi Mastermind
isn’t 100% ideal for you, like say you’re scared to death of
flying or something… The 2nd best option is my private mentoring
program you can learn about here

This is the mentoring program you wanna join

But if you don’t mind a bit of flying a few times a year and hanging
around and learning from a group of the coolest and most successful
trainers on the planet, then the mastermind is the way to go for you

To talk with 7-Figure Sam and see it the mastermind if
a good fit for you, just email Babs at marketannihilator@gmail.com
and tell her you’d like to spend a few minutes on the phone
with 7-Fig Sam to see if the KBL Mastermind group is a good fit
for you


Talk soon,

Big Chris