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Enjoy our growing library of audio interviews with various experts on marketing, sales, business and time management for your health and fitness biz:

Clay Collins on Evil Blogging and StumbleUpon MarketingBlogging and StumbleUpon For Fitness Professionals – to listen click here

Clay is an evil markeing genius and in this interview he show you how to gets massive amounts of traffic to your blog and website, the guy is sick

Scott Tousignant on Using Twitter To Build Your Fitness BusinessMarketing on Twitter audio interview – to listen click here

Scott "Fit Bastard" Tousignant shows you how to market your business on Twitter, how to create a persona for your market and how to get traffic from blogs

Craig Ballantyne on Building Your Fitness Information Business EmpireFitness Info Products audio interview – to listen click here

Craig Ballantyne is one of the most successful fitness info marketers around. If you’ve ever wanted to package your workouts programs into a book or video series and make a lot of money from it, then you’ll definitely want to listen to this interview

Jonathan Fields on Life, Business, Marketing, Time Management and BloggingFitness Business Blogging Secrets audio interview- to listen click here

Jonathan Fields is one of the top bloggers on the web today and gets up to 10,000 visitors a day to his posts. To here many of his awesome stratgies you’ll definitely want to listen to the interveiw.

Steve Hochman and Insane Fitness Marketing TacticsHow To Make Six-Figures Within Sixty Days Without Any Web or Print Marketing – to listen click here

My buddy Steve Hochman has some friggin crazy tactics he uses to grow his business. You gotta listen to this interview to see what I’m talking about.

Rocco Castellano on Fitness PublicityHow To Get Publicity For a Personal Training Business audio interview – To listen click here

Love him or hate him, Rocco Castellano is an ex-mafia kid turned "fitness celebrity"… even though I don’t think he likes to be called that… in fact he’s know as the "anti-fitness" guru… but the bottom line is he’s turned himself into a celebrity. The guy is on MTV, the radio, tons of newspapers and is basically all over the damn place. Listen to his interview where he’ll explain to you how to do this same.

Rocco Castellano on How to Make a lot of Money from Fitness ConsultationsMake Money with Fitness Consultations audio interview – To listen click here

Rocco explains how you can make $100 – $500 per hour from simple fitness consultations… while most trainers are giving away thier time and get nothing in return, Rocco has made himself pretty damn wealthy with his unique consultation strategy

Dave Soucy on Building The Ideal Business For Your LifestyleBuild a Fitness Business Around Your Life "and NOT the other Way Around" audio interview – to listen click here

Dave Soucy tells you how he built a fitness business around the lifestyle he wanted, a business that gives him TONS of personal freedom

Barry Lovelace on How To Get More Personal Training ClientsGet More Personal Training Clients – audio interview – to listen click here

Check out this interview to learn how you can get more clients for your personal training business

Big Mike on Tear SheetsTear Sheets audio interview. To listen click here.

Big Mike is a personal friend of mine, one of the top direct response marketing experts around, runs a $21 million a year business and is a Dan Kennedy VIP Inner Circle Member.

An interesting thing about Mike is that he’s in a highly controversial and competitive industry so he asked me to leave his last name out of it. Not only does his competition watch him like a hawk but Mike just got back millions of dollars in assets the government seized from him…so let’s just say he likes to lay low. You are definitely in for a real treat.

In this audio Mike’s going to teach you about how to use tear sheets to get in under your prospects radar and position yourself as the expert they must call now to solve their problems.

Pete Brady on Direct MailDirect Mail Strategies for Personal Trainers audio interview. To listen click here

In this interview Pete shows personal trainers how to set up a successful direct mail campaign to bring in a flood of new revenue. Pete is a marketing coach who shows mortgage brokers how to bring in over a million a year in income using these same strategies.

James May on Persuasion – Health and Fitness Marketing and Persuasion Interview. To listen click here 

Here’s an interview I did with James May, President of Marketing Velocity. James is a master when it comes to the art of persuasion and is die hard direct marketer. If you’d like to get more clients and have more freedom, both financial and from a time stand point I highly suggest you listen to this interview.


Here you’ll find a find a growing list of video tutorials on marketing, sales, systems and time management strategies for dominating your local market and making more money in less time.


How To Make More In Your Training Business While Working Less Hours – This link will take you to an opt-in page for an hour long video I created that shows you how to make a lot more money in your training business while working a lot less hours

How To Write a Good Headline – This video will show you how to create killer headlines for your personal training business that will do the job the headline is meant to do, get them to read the rest of your ad

Market, Media, Message – This video explains the three most important elements of a marketing campaign – Your market, your media and your message

Video Strategy for a Personal Training Website – Here’s the formula you want to follow when you’re creating a video for your personal training site. I’ve also included an example of a video following the formula that’s on one of my own sites

Examples of Good Websites – This video shows you examples of websites that are known to have high conversion rates

Time Management

Fitness Business Time Management  – Watch this video to see exactly what you can do to work less hours while growing your fitness business

Storyboarding Tutorial Video – Prioritize your most important task with the time management strategy of Storyboarding

Website Reviews

Watch these reveiws for changes you can make to your own site today to increase traffic and conversions

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