Trainers Wanted to Be Success Stories

***I need a few trainers I can use as case studies

Basically I’ll help turn your fitness business into a money-making
and use your success story in my future marketing

You probably know that tomorrow I’m taking my coaching program off
the market
… and there’s a few reasons I’m doing this

But one is.. as you’ve probably seen I have a TON of case studies,
success stories and testimonials from trainers who have built their
businesses to the high six and even seven-figure with my help, and
often times in just a few months

Well, one thing you can NEVER have enough of is this type
of social proof, and while I already have a TON of it, I’m pretty
OCD and want even more… I set a goal a while back and I’m just
a few success stories away from reaching it.

Now, it’s true I’m closing down my coaching program, HOWEVER, in
the future I *might* open up another program, but this one is
gonna be closer to $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 instead of just a few
grand like it is now.

I knew to get the case studies to market
that type of program I’d have to coach for as little money as
possible until I built up a stockpile of success stories I was
happy with and would help sell the living daylights out of
my coaching at the super high price I plan on charging for it.

So that’s one of the main reasons I’ve been charging so little for
coaching until now
… I know most trainers can only afford a few grand,
but I wanted case studies of trainers who were barely making any
money, were able to scrape together just a few grand, hired me
and then a few months later they’re at the six-figure level and
they’re business is pumping

But since those kinds of trainers don’t have a ton of money to
burn, I HAD to make it as affordable as possible to get them in and
build the living hell out of their business so I could use their
overnight success stories in my marketing of future high-priced
programs if I do decide with work with trainers in private in the

That way, if I DO decide to open some kind of mentoring
program, I can justify charging top dollar for it, because of
all the proof I have that my coaching can take fitness pros
who are barely getting by and turn their businesses into
cash cows in as short of time as possible… making it easy
for me to get consulting clients in the 14k to 25k range,
which is what I plan on charging, if I actually ever do decide to
get back into private mentoring

So, bottom line, if you’d like to be one of these case studies
that I might use in future marketing if and when I open a super
high priced program, this is your last chance
, because tomorrow
(Friday) after midnight I will no longer be offering my coaching
for just a few grand to build case studies, as I already have a ton
of them, just a few more and I’ll have reached my goal

Like I said, I’m not sure if I’ll ever take on coaching clients
again after tomorrow night, but if I do it’ll be more in the 14k to 25k
range instead of for just a few thousand dollars

As of the time writing ( Thursday Sept 2nd)
there’s about one day left to become one of my success story/case
studies, just register by clicking the big “Add to Cart” button on the
following page

Click Here To Become a Case Study for Me

These are the kind of case studies I’m looking for by the way:

– Taking trainers who make 30k to 70k a year and getting them
to the six figure level fast

– Taking trainers who make 70k to 150k and getting them to
the 250k to million dollar level over the next 12 months

– Taking fitness pros who want to become successful information
marketers and helping them launch their entire fitness info product

– Taking the successful, yet overworked, fitness business owners and
helping him automate their entire business cutting their hours WAY
making their life easier, less stressful and more enjoyable
and giving them a much greater sense and reality of freedom in
all aspects of life and business

– Any combo of the above

And please don’t email in asking that I take you on for no money,
we get these kinds of emails almost everyday, my staff is trained
to not even respond to such requests… not trying to sound like
a D.I.C.K … but I’ll only work with trainers who are dead serious
about succeeding
in their business, and if someone can’t scrape
together just a few grand, they’re not serious and most likely
won’t take any action no matter how simple I make it for them…
there’s a reason they’re that broke, and inability to take action
is usually part of it

That said…

It’s your last chance to become one of my case studies,
feel free to check out a few of the other success stories I’ve created
( this is just a fraction of what I’ve got so far), it’s all right

Click Here To Become a Case Study for Me

Talk soon,

Big Chris

P.S. Tomorrow the door closes on my affordable coaching program
FOREVER, if I ever do coach trainers again it’ll be at least three
to seven times what I currently charge

So after tomorrow I will no longer be offering

the giant case study discount

Click Here To Become a Case Study for Me