How Personal Trainers Can Make Extra Money With Nutrition

lori2There’s three ways to make more money in your fitness business…

1. Get more leads

2. Convert more leads into paying clients

3. Add as much value to your client’s lives as possible… and get money in exchange for that value

Number 3 is the one most trainers neglect… leaving a TON of money on the table

But you don’t have to be one of them

If YOU’D like to earn additional income in your fitness business by adding value to your client’s lives, you could simply start by including supplements as an “add-on” to your sign-up process

Most people could use some protein, greens, fish oil and multi-vitamins.

Why not have them get it from you?

There’s lots of nutritional supplement solutions that you may wanna consider, including…

– Being a affiliate
– Prograde
– Biotrust
– Beach Body
– Advocare
– Isagenix

To name a few of the biggies trainers can do well with

You can have success with any of these programs

After years of trying to find a company that I felt would best fit the needs of the fitness professional, Isagenix is the one I’ve chosen to go with

I’m not gonna tell you that Isagenix, or any of the supplement lines I just mentioned, is the #1 supplement line in the whole world over every other supplement line… because you’ve had enough people try to convince you of stuff like that and I’m sure you’re sick of it

However, I do think Isagenix is damned good and will not only meet your client’s needs, but also help you make some nice extra dough in the process

They’re also very professional and have great support and customer service

Out of all the supplement lines I’ve considered, Isagenix is just the one that seemed like the best fit for me when it comes to promoting, and my friends John Spencer Ellis and Kelli Calabrese love it and know a lot of trainers who do real well with it… so they finally convinced me

And fair warning, it IS one of those network marketing things… and I have about as much patience for someone trying to push their MLM bullshit on me as I do someone trying to convert me to their religion

That said, when you just sell it online like I do, or when you just offer it to your clients, as well as other trainers if you want, you can avoid all those greasy and pushy MLM tactics, like approaching strangers, bugging your friends and family, hosting meetings at your house on Thursday nights and emailing people on Facebook asking “Can I get your opinion on something?”

If you’re a trainer, you’re in a natural position to make it part of your sign up process… no pushy shit required… when they sign up for training, simply offer the supplements as an add-on

It’s win/win

A win for them in terms of results, and a win for you in terms of the nice bump in income

Here’s how it works

1. You simply sign up and get a small monthly supply for yourself…

… I would just get some supplement or something you already use anyway, anything from vitamins, greens, protein or fish caps, to skin care products and stuff like that …

And then…

2. Help your clients to get better results by filling in the “holes” in their nutritional regimen with Isagenix’s line of solid nutrition products

Plus, if you get trainers on your team to offer it to their clients, you can make a percent of what they sell as well

It’s pretty cool

Here’s some videos to help you learn more…

Here’s video about their body challenge contest…

And here’s another video breaking down how you, as a trainer, can get paid with Isagenix… I think the dude’s pitch here is a little hoakey… and to be honest with you I’ve never been a fan of network marketing stuff


1.) I know trainers doing VERY well with this model

2.) If you’re a trainer, doing this just makes sense as an additional source of income, because people come to YOU for their health and fitness solutions, and the more you can fulfill all their needs in this area, the more value you are to them as a trainer

Often times part of the solution is nutritional supplementation … so you’re in a perfect position to not only help them with that piece of the puzzle, but to also make some legitimate extra income from it as well… it just makes sense

You can earn over 30% profit selling it to your clients, and then if you have a team of trainers you work with, you can earn money in a number of ways if they sell it as well

Here’s a video that explains how their compensation program works…

So if you’d like to make a few hundred dollars, or even few thousand dollars, in extra income each month, for simply offering your clients a nutritional supplement solution to help them get even better results than you’re currently helping them get, than go with Isagenix, the products are good and they make everything real easy on you

just follow the simple instructions after clicking the link below

Click Here To Get Started

Click Here To Get Started