Pay For The Audios

If you’d like, you can pay for the audios of the ‘Contests and Challenges’ but if you’re expecting pretty graphics and flashy bells and whistles, then this ain’t for you, this is more pure and raw… like Metallica back in 1984… after you order we will
send the program to you within a day or two tops to the email linked to your Pay Pal account, or you can email your receipt to and she’ll email you the audios… but remember, just like Metallica in 1984, this is raw and ugly,
I mean the sound is good, and quality is as good as it F-ing gets, but there are no flashy graphics or bells n’ whistles, just good ol’ ass kicking ( Except Metallica plays Metal, and THIS program is about how fitness pros can profit from contests and challenges … so there is SOME difference )

The program will be delivered in digital format, you can listen to on your computer and download and listen to on your ipod or mp3 player