Here’s a List of Recommended Fitness Business Building Resources, Weapons and Tools

You may look at this list and say to yourself "Hey, these don’t look like the typical topics and resources that are on other fitness business websites!" That’s because they aren’t…iStock_000006006176XSmall.jpg

When everyone in an industry does the same thing that’s called market incest. To be a truly successful fitness entrepreneur you need to look outside of what other fitness professionals and business owners are doing and become knowledgeable in multiple areas.

Now I’m not saying you need to become an expert in all of these topics, but even if you’re planning to outsource the majority of your marketing and client generation you still need to have at least some knowledge in many these different areas so that you know what to look for when you hire someone and you can make sure the job’s getting done right.

These areas include copywriting, internet marketing, referral generation, and creating business systems and sales systems just to name a few. This arsenal will definitely help you blow away your competition.

The below resources will help you learn a lot of different skills you’ll need that aren’t being taught by the "fitness marketing gurus"

I do want you to know that these are affiliate links so I make a small commission if you purchase something from these websites. HOWEVER, I am only sending to quality resources that I believe in from people who’s products and services I have used and who I would recommend to my own grandmother.

Also, there’s another list of useful personal training tools I recommend on this site and NONE of the ones on that page are affiliate links, however most all the links below are. Here’s the link to that other page with non-affiliate resources: Personal Training Business Tools

Also, you’re gonna wanna check out the following page as well fitness business resources.

Fitness Business Resources

Fitness Business CoachingI work with a few select personal trainers one-on-one in my phone coaching program helping them to dramatically increase their income, click here to learn more

Pay Per Click Set Up – I’m willing to work with a few select individuals in setting up their Google Adwords Campaigns, click here to learn more

Free Fitness ContentIf you’d like free, unique, relevant and high quality articles for you fitness website to help you in the search engines AND add value to your visitors experience just click here

Personal Trainer University – Fitness business membership site loaded with proven strategies personal trainers and fitness professionals use to make six-figure incomes. Plus, there’s a community forum on there where many of the heavy hitters in the fitness world hang out and answer questions. Highly recommended, check it out here

How To Close 9 Out of 10 ClientsMy buddy Bedros made this dvd on closing personal training clients, it kicks ass and I highly reccomend it. ( By the way it’s not an affiliate link… I just couldn’t live with myself if you didn’t know about this AWESOME dvd)

Fitness RichesA great little e-book with some solid ways to make more money from your fitness business.

Ultimate Fitness Professionals Business Success System A Great Course That Teaches How To Earn More substantial Money As a Fitness Professional. Click For More

Personal Training Sales Secrets – Jim Labadie’s Fitness Professionals Sales Course explains how to get more clients for personal training businesses. Click Here For More

Ulitimate Fitness Professionals Referral Kit – Jim Labadie’s Fitness Referrals Kit shows personal trainers and fitness professionals how to get more referrals Click Here For More

Ultimate Consultation System – Rocco Castellano’s system for making hundreds of dollars per hour for giving fitness consultations – Click Here To Learn More


WordPress – For creating blogs AND websites that are easy to use and optimize for the search engines, I highly recommend using the free open source software WordPress with Semiologic plugged into it. Click here to learn more about WordPress

Semiologic Makes creating, managing and optimizing wordpress blogs real easy. I’m a computer dunce but with Semiologic I can create good looking and highly ranked in the search engines sites with almost the same ease I have with creating a Microsoft Word doc. Click here to learn more


The Copy DoctorIf you’re trying to compete on the internet today in your local fitness market and you’re not using proven sales copy techniques you are leaving your money on the table. Michel Fortin has generated many millions of dollars with his salesletters on the internet and will show you how to dramatically increase your website conversions. Click Here For More

Ultimate Copywriting Workshop – DVD and CD copywriting course taken from Yanik Silvers closed door internet copywriting workshop. Click Here For More

Copywriting Seminar in a Box – Video and audio course from Dan Kennedy’s sold out and limited access copywriting seminar. Click Here For More

ScribeJuice –  Web 2.0 is increasing in popularity, and fitness business owners better be on board with it if they want to succeed in such a competitive industry. Scribejuice helps you  create your own high converting sales copy by presenting exactly what your visitor wants to know when they want to know it. ScribeJuice Interactive allows you to tailor your websites and salesletters by crafting specific messages for each visitor. Click For More

Double Your Profits in 12 Months or Less– Master copywriter Clayton Makepeace shows you 177 sure-fire ways to attract swarms of new, paying clients so you can multiply our sales and profits Click Here To Learn More

General Marketing

Magnetic Marketing – Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing will help you dominate your local fitness market through direct mail, print ads and yellow page marketing. Click Here For More

Jay Abraham – Jay is the ‘Godfather’ of modern day direct response marketing, which is the kind of marketing that works. Click here to learn more about Jay

Time Management

4-Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferris is the master when it comes to showing people how to put their business on auto-pilot and make a lot of money while still having a life. Click For More


 The above list is definitely a good start when it comes to buliding a personal training business tool box. even if you’re not a trainer but are interested in health club promotions, mixed martial arts marketing or fitness coach marketing, these tools should help you get well on your way.