Special Thanksgiving Day Sale

Here’s How You Can Get All My Most Popular Products For A Fraction of the Price You’d Normally Pay

Hey there, hope you’re awesome

For the next 5 days, starting on Thanksgiving and Ending Monday 30th at Midnight PST, I’m having the biggest baddest sale I’ve ever had ( in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even had a sale or discounted my products)

But just for this Holiday weekend I’ve bundled up my top products for you and I’m giving them to you ALL for one low price… check it out…

The Market Annihilator – Which costs a minimum of $1997 per year and is my step-by-step program showing you how to get tons of new fitness training clients from the internet on an automated basis. ( you can learn more The Market Annihilator by clicking here ) Even though it’s sold out, I’ll get ya in (=

The Kick Back Lifestyle Club – Which costs $564 per year and is my program for systematizing, automating and delegating out your fitness business so you can work less and make more ( you can learn more about the Kick Back Lifestyle Club by clicking here )

The Fitness Profits Blueprint – Which costs $197 and shows you how to build a six-figure fitness training business from the ground up ( you can learn more about The Fitness Profits Blueprint by clicking here )

The Ultimate Version of The Group Training Exploder – Which costs $497 and gives you everything you need to build a six or seven-figure group training business ( This alone can multiple your profits by 5 WHILE allowing you to cut back your hours) ( you can learn more about The Group Training Exploder by clicking here )

A One Hour Phone Coaching Call to be done in 2010 – I don’t even offer a one hour coaching session anywhere – to get coaching from me the minimum investment is $3997 for one year – but for this sale I’ve decided to offer one 60 minute coaching call – I’m gonna take an in-depth look at your business and tell you EXACTLY what I would do if it was MY business – I’m gonna show you how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be… and show you the FASTEST way to get there.

And if you’re a current member in good standing of either the Market Annihilator or the Kick Back Lifestyle Club, I’ll stop your payments and update your membership to lifetime… same if you already own the Fitness Profits Blueprint or the Group Training Exploder, I’ll increase your memberships to the Market Annihilator as well as the Kick Back Lifestyle Club to Lifetime Status just for being a current customer.

If you were to purchase all this separately it would cost you $3255 and you wouldn’t be able to get the hour of coaching with me unless you spent another $3997 on an entire year of coaching which is the smallest coaching program I offer… which comes to a total of $7232

If you want to get these programs and you do it between now and Monday Nov. 30th at Midnight, you’re investment is only $2000 ( over $5000 in savings)

We’ll get your access to the Market Annihilator and Kick Back Lifestyle Club within two business days, and we’ll ship out your hard copies of The Fitness Profits Blueprint and the Group Training Exploder right away… and then in Jan 2010 you can get your one hour coaching call with me.

Here’s where you can get grab all your stuff for only $2,000 ( Get one to two clients from and it covers your entire investment, and the rest is pure profit )

If you have any questions, email Babs at marketannihilator@gmail.com

Also, after you’ve signed up to get all your stuff, email Babs and let her know you can’t wait to get everything, that way she’ll take VIP care of you

Remember, this sale is ONLY good for this holiday weekend